Friday, February 27, 2015

The Rise of Tom Mulcair and the Missing Progressive Vision

I've always thought it was unfair that Tom Mulcair should work so hard and reap such little benefit.

Because the way he grills Stephen Harper in Question Period, like a prosecutor does a criminal, is one of the highlights of my day.

Especially since it drives Harper crazy, and makes him say crazy things like what he said yesterday. 

Even though Mulcair's son is a police officer.

So I'm glad to see that all that effort may finally be paying some dividends. 

It’s well short of a wave, but the NDP seems to be the only thing moving in an otherwise frozen polling landscape. Whether this new Orange Hiccup will develop into anything more impressive remains to be seen but the New Democrats have risen from the depths of the high teens to 22 points.

Because it's only fair, and these days Justin Trudeau hasn't been pounding Harper as hard as I would like...

Or dream about. 

And because at this point all I care about is flattening that monstrous tyrant and his foul Con regime. And I don't care who does that Tom or Justin.

As for what else is in this latest poll, it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know. 

But it does tend to confirm what other polls have suggested: the Con juggernaut has been halted, and is running out of steam...

Which is really good news, and explains why Stephen Harper has been looking so desperate.

It suggests that more men than women support the Cons, which explains why Harper has been spending so much time posing as a kinder, gentler leader...

Good luck with that one. Canadian women are clearly smarter than Canadian men. !!#@#%!!

But the graph that depresses me the most is this one:

Because I really find it hard to believe that the filthy Con regime that is making it up as it shuffles along, should have a clearer plan for the future than any of the progressive parties.

It's a failure of the imagination, a failure to turn the individual campaigns to remove the Cons into a larger struggle, a common crusade to save our country.

For if the progressive parties can't inspire voters with a shining vision of a better, more Canadian country who will do it I wonder? And how will we motivate more people to vote in the numbers we need to crush the Cons?

And the good news? It's still not too late to do that, not too late to build a movement.

Talk to your friends and neighbours, organize, join a political party, or a political group. Put up STOP HARPER signs in your windows. Let other Canadians know what this struggle is all about.

The choice between Harper's Canada and OUR Canada...

And if we do that we can still turn the next election campaign into a mighty movement for change.

Inspire more Canadians, especially younger ones, to turn out and vote.

Put our country before our parties.

And place the tyrant where he belongs...

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Anonymous said...

What's up with the Bill Gates - Stephen Harper thing? Two assholes trying to shine each others halos?

Marmalade said...

I'm thinking that the Federal member from my riding is not getting much sleep these days! The writing is on the wall.......he's out come election time!

Simon said...

hi anon...gates is just trying to look like a good billionaire, and Harper is trying to look like a nice guy. So it's a match made in heaven. Or hell... ;)

Simon said...

hi have a Con as an MP? Gawd. At least the riding always votes progressive, Liberal or NDP. So I have the illusion of security...