Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Terrorist Hysteria

I have absolutely no doubt that when historians look back at this dark period in Canadian history, some will compare the reigning terrorist hysteria to the equally insane hysteria of the Salem witch trials.

A collective act of temporary madness fomented and encouraged by evil men like Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney, for their own sinister purposes.

For it is madness, and it is hysteria, and it is being aided and abetted by the some in the MSM.

For how else to explain that a story like this one should get such breathless coverage?

Or that Evan Solomon should devote most of his show these days to the terrorist menace...

When there are so many other things he could be covering, like the state of the economy, or the growing inequality, or climate change.

Or how else to explain the incredible media attention this tunnel in Toronto has been receiving?

Because although police are playing down the story, and the Twitter hordes have had fun with it...

It is the talk of the town, and the obsessive media coverage does contribute to a climate of fear and paranoia.

But strangely enough, after stirring up so much foul xenophobia and naked bigotry with his comments about the Jihadi and niqab menace, Stephen Harper has suddenly gone silent on the subject.

Preferring to pose as Great Mother Leader, the friend of children....

Rather than a Great Warrior Leader, who would save us from those who would behead us in our beds, or wear niqabs to a citizenship ceremony...

And one really has to wonder it has finally dawned on him that he has been overplaying his hand.

For his foul fear campaign doesn't seem to be moving his numbers, as poll after poll suggests, including this latest one. 

The federal Conservatives and Liberals are once again neck-and-neck in terms of support, an exclusive new Ipsos Reid poll for Global News reveals, with the Grits pulling just one point ahead of the ruling Tories.

Whatever it's worth.

And all he seems to have achieved by fanning the flames of intolerance, is helped revived the moribund Bloc Quebecois...

In Quebec, it’s a three-way race between the Liberals (31 per cent), the NDP (27 per cent) and the Bloc Quebecois (26 per cent). The Tories trail at 15 per cent, the poll says.

Which should the Bloc strength last until election day, something I doubt, could conceivably leave that party holding the balance of power.

Which I think we all agree would be be very embarrassing for the Harper gang. Especially if the opposition accuses the Cons during the campaign of planning to form a coalition with the Bloc to help them cling to power.

But not as embarrassing as what he fears the most: being accused of shooting his mouth off to try to provoke a terrorist attack.

For although both him and Jason Kenney are guilty of that, being caught in the act would be fatal...

Which I think explains why Stephen Harper has suddenly toned down his rhetoric, and why the opposition should be accusing him of endangering the lives of Canadians as often and as loudly as they can.

For nothing could undermine support for his Great War on Terror more than that could, and he has given us all the ammunition we need to portray him as either criminally irresponsible and/or a MANIAC.

Oh well, it's too bad the cops in Toronto filled in that tunnel eh?

Because considering what lies ahead for Stephen Harper. Or what we have planned for him.

It might have come in handy...

For he has played a dirty game.

And it will come back to haunt him...

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Morlock said...

Any thoughts on the final memorandum of argument submitted to the Court, Simon?

Anonymous said...

I have that feeling that some players in the Harper Realm built that tunnel. There are many questions about the Toronto Police's investigation.
1. Who actually discovered the tunnel?
2. Did the TO police stake out the site after it was discovered?
3. Did the TO police try and trace equipment such as the onsite generator?
4. The tunnel was 7 metres long and how far was it from the Rexall Centre?
5. How long did it take to build this little section?
6. Were they 1/100,000 of the way to Rexall Centre and how long would it take them to get there?
7. Where were the unused building materials? Surely they would have run out of materials from Rexall.
Most police tend to support the Conservatives because they frequently support paramilitary organizations. Were the TO police involved, because the Chief and his entourage have been involved in past unethical behaviour? The limited challenge on their G20 malfeasance likely encourages them to be more brazen.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is a solid member of the 1% that was not just a handshake with Herr Harper Herr Gates was giving Herr Harper marching orders to crush freedom in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Harper is the worst terrorist Canada has ever had to deal with since, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and WW2. I fear Harper far more than any Muslim. Harper deliberately put Canadians in danger for his own political benefit. Harper was not requested to give military support. The US said, they did no such thing and Harper lied about it.

Lets see the spin put on the tunnel. Perhaps it is a bunker for Harper, better than a closet? There have been many strange things going on in this country especially since, Harper's so called majority. Harper's FIPA deal with Communist China was so secret, Harper met China in Russia to plot his dastardly deed and all done behind our backs.

That Harper's team support him means, they have no self respect, honor, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. They are all just as sick as Harper is.

Anonymous said...

I can't even watch or listen to the news, it's just SOOO annoying now:
- 'Radicalization'
- 'ISIS this, ISIS that ...'
- 'monitoring so and so ...'

Not with a bang, but with a whimper, the Fascists have won.

What does our future look like with Hitler-lite in control?

Time will tell, but I know this: our children will be ashamed of us because we pretend we were beaten into submission, but ultimately, we are just cowards.

Anonymous said...

Having majored in history I'm pleased you brought up the idea of historical perspective. I've long thought that what we are seeing now is nothing more than the typical nativist, xenophobic crap that unfortunately has plagued our country for far too long. At the base of it, it's the same old fear-mongering nonsense. They just dress it up in a different way each time in a sad attempt to paint as something new and pressing that the government HAS to address for some odd reason. Very frustrating. it seems certain elements always need some sort of boogey man to keep the sheeple scared so they can retain power and pass all the dumb crap to limit people's freedoms. You're definitely on to something though....whether its the Salem witch hunt, those scary Douhkobors, the Ukrainians, the Japanese, African-Americans, the Irish, gays......the far right klowns always need an enemy to focus on...and will gladly manufacture one to serve their ends. The the list goes on. It's really quite pathetic.

David said...

Revamped website:

David said...

Anonymous said...

Gates is banking heavily on the GlobalCorporateCyberSecurity... he is The Patent Man.. fr geoengineering to pharmaceuticals to private health contracts for international aid and above all else he & his are vitally invested in the mining industries that supply the resources needed for the nanotech future he's banking on and things like trans-national surveillance tech & satellite communications and solar powar and vaccinations and telecommunications all make Mr Gates wealthier by the nanosecond. And things like 'information sharing for border security and co=operative defence with USA' means 'making it easier for 'stakeholders' such as Gates to get the data away fr CDNS that he needs to BANK his future. "in the 21st century the global economy will be the battlefield and INFORMATION will be the weapons" (RT 2009). that's good news for a guy like Bill Gates. He is a General in the Information army I'm sure #C51 affects him directly.

e.a.f. said...

"great economist/warrior leader and hide in the closet P.M." harper has fanned the flames of racism and it may get out of control and cost him. Canada has always had racism. Check with anyone whose family came from China in the late 1800 and any time in the 1900s. then there was the internments of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s and weren't permitted to return to the B.C. coast until 1951. Lets not forget about the treatment of First Nations.

What stevie and his cons forget is that many of us have families who remember the discrimination they faced after immigrating here in the 1950s and later. Some of them may see what is currently happening as a re-hash of what happened to them and vote against the cons.

Canada is not going to look good on the world stage with this type of shit spewing out of Harper's mouth. Some of the European countries are trying to work on getting their citizens to work and live co-operatively. perhaps Stevie didn't get the memo or the picture of a large group of Muslims, in Europe holding hands to provide a human shield for a Jewish church.

At one time Vancouver, B. C. had race riots in China town. I would suggest harper and his cons are trying another version of the same sort of thing.