Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Return to Parliament

As I'm sure you know, Stephen Harper has been under a lot of stress recently. 

The economy is tanking, he blew the surplus before he had one, only the dumb and the crazy believe that he is still a Great Economist Leader.

And that's driving him CRAAAAAAZY.

So when the time came for him to return to Parliament yesterday, his faithful fanatics in the PMO prepared this little Twitter video to cheer him up.

But sadly for him, and them, his day couldn't have been more DISASTROUS.

For first there was his former Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro holding court outside his sentencing hearing...

Making him look bad, and making a mockery out of his Great War on Crime.

Then just when he was recovering from that blow, and no doubt claiming that he hardly knew the Deaner, along came the Parliamentary Budget Officer with some good and bad news. 

Parliament's budget watchdog projects the federal government could see its $3-billion contingency fund dissipate and run a $400-million deficit in 2015-16 if oil prices stay at an average of $48 a barrel. But Jean-Denis Frechette says, with some minor adjustments, the government would still be in a position to balance the books in its upcoming budget.

He can still balance the budget, but only if he rips off the rainy day fund. Which can only make him and his Cons look like criminally irresponsible buffoons who are making it up as they go along. 

And are now totally desperate and capable of ANYTHING.

Or in the case of Oily Joe Oliver totally confused...

But still the bad news kept coming. For next came a report exposing the Con income-splitting plan as nothing but a sham. 

Families with income more than $233,000 a year stand to gain most under the Conservative government’s controversial income-splitting tax break, a new study of the costly program has found.

A juicy present for the rich, but for the others nothing but a coin toss.

While two-thirds of the richest families will get at least $1,000 by splitting spousal income, with the lower-income spouse being assigned up to $50,000 of the other spouse’s higher income for income tax purposes, that chance that a middle class family will receive a benefit of even $1 is “as good as a coin toss,” says a 40-page report on the analysis.

If you can find a loony to toss, because it's also heading south...

None of which is going to please those who believed his porky ads...

And is sure to make even less of them believe in the myth of the Great Economist Leader.

But it was when he tried to pose as a Great Warrior Leader, that he hit the lowest part of his day. Or plunged the furthest.

For when he was asked to explain why Canadian troops in Iraq have been ordered to do what even the Americans are NOT doing. 

U.S. soldiers are not allowed to direct airstrikes on ISIS positions in Iraq, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, a practice that their Canadian military allies have been engaged in despite it being seen by some as a combat manoeuvre.

Or why he lied to Parliament about what is obviously a combat mission.

He did reply like this...

By posing as a tough guy, which only made him look ridiculous...

As well as desperate and possibly DANGEROUS.

Because one really has to wonder whether by ordering our soldiers to engage the enemy, and shooting off his mouth, he is trying to provoke a terrorist attack on Canada. So he can win a truly bloody majority.

Because that would be CRAZY.

And of course this must have been the final blow. 

Just six weeks after the controversial Burger King takeover, Tim Hortons started handing out pink slips at its longtime corporate headquarters in Oakville and at regional offices across Canada.

Because it's his favourite coffee shop. It joins so many other victims of his economic policies.

New Democrat MP Peggy Nash, the party’s industry critic, said: “Our hearts go out to the employees at Tim Hortons, who now join the workers at Target, Zellers, Bombardier, Mexx, Jacobs, Bowring, Smartset and Sony in being let down by this government (to protect jobs).”

And what will he do after we fire him?

Because he is no Great Economist Leader.

He is crazy and dangerous.

And we can't fire him soon enough...

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  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Yup, that was my first thought too. He must be trying to provoke a terrorist attack on Canadian soil for why else would he be ordering Canadian soldiers to direct the bombing when the Americans who are leading the mission are not doing this?

    Too bad our military there had not been trained to dive for the closest closet when the bullets start flying. Instead, they have to shoot back while the person who sent them there ran for the closet even though it was only a lone gunman with an old hunting rifle. And claimed that he was only doing what he was trained to do.

    And God help our soldiers if they come back wounded physically or mentally. Try asking the veterans how Dear Leader treats them.

    Beats me why these military types vote for this guy, eh?

    1. hi anon....I've tried to give the man the benefit of the doubt, because it is a serious charge to level against a Prime Minister. But I can come to no other conclusion. Harper is trying to provoke an attack, and is sending the troops to the front in the hope that at least one of them will be killed, and he can use the emotion of the moment to further his cause. It's absolutely outrageous and for that alone he should be removed from office...

  2. Kinda like Stevie and the CONs . . . no respect for others' lives . . .

    1. hi Edstock...thanks for the link. I must admit I loved the movie Badlands, especially Sissy Spacek and the music. But yeah, the real story wasn't so glamorous, and Stevie and his criminal gang are a real nightmare...

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I totally agree Simon, he is trying to provoke an attack at home so he can try to portray himself as some courageous leader when in fact he's a hide in the closet wimp. I pray that more innocent people aren't murdered because of Harper's irresponsible and dangerous games he's playing. I also pray that Canadians wake up and realize the extent of closet leader's depravity in trying to win the next election. Be it spring or fall, let's send Harper packing so we can reclaim our once proud, peace loving nation.

    1. hi anon....yes I have no doubt that he is trying to make us stick out like a sore thumb, and mouthing off like a maniac, to increase the chance that we will be attacked. He saw what a boost he got in the polls after the two soldiers were killed, and he wants another one. He really is a monster, and yes we do need to reclaim our one proud peace loving nation...

  4. Harper says " fighting is good for my business" What else could explain us going full cowboy in Iraq.

    1. hi Steve...Harper being a psychopath cares about nobody but himself. He is using fear and war to try to win the election, and for that alone he deserves to be defeated...

  5. With Israel attacking Hezbollah (who support Assad) in Syria.

    And with Israel's greatest friend ,Canada attacking ISIL (against Assad) in Iraq soon the dream of Greater Israel will be achieved, many Jews will turn to Jesus, Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled and the messiah will return. Or so Steven Harper believes as does this surprising Canadian Charity.

    1. hi hinofan...let's just hope the Israelis and Hezbollah don't start another war in the region, because that would just about set the whole place on fire. And like Harper Netanyahu is even more dangerous than usual because he too is facing an election. As for that Christian group, they are the Dominionists, and one of the main reasons Harper is always going on and on about Israel. The Middle East really is a devil's cauldron, and the source of so much hatred and madness...

  6. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Obama did not request Harper to take part in this war with ISIS? Harper blatantly lied and has now, really endangered Canada to terrorist attacks. Harper had no damned right to drag Canada into this war. He forced his way in so, he could try and redeem himself. Harper is an absmal failure in every aspect. Harper is a pariah, that no-one wants.

    And, we know damned well if any of our troops are maimed for life, Harper will not take care of them. Harper has pi$$ed away $700.000 of our tax dollars, fighting the Veterans.

    1. hi anon...Harper volunteered himself and the lives of our troops, and when he wasn't getting enough bang for his bucks clearly ordered our special forces to head for the front. It's scandalous, he's endangering us all, and he must be removed from power as soon as is humanly possible....

  7. -- How's about we will see a superwoppy false flag sting operation to scare the masses - by stevey and his butt lickers

    1. hi jolly this point I honestly believe the Cos are capable of ANYTHING. They are concealing a video of the Ottawa gunman, they are trying to make a young and troubled teenager in Quebec sound like a real terrorist, they are trying to scare Canadians as much as they possibly can. And if there was any justice they should all be arrested....

  8. Been picking up bits about Margaret Thatcher and her government from the past. Any familiarities about what has been happening on the Hill?

    1. hi Kathleen.... Margaret Thatcher is the ghastly icon of all the ghastly Cons. John Baird even named a cat after her, and caused mass panic once by tweeting that Thatcher had died, when sadly the real one was still alive. In the north of England and in Scotland, her hideous legacy is still remembered, and she is universally despised....

  9. "...only the dumb and the crazy..." Um ya I'll not only go along with that I wanna upvote it a few trillion times that our debt really is that Herr Harper Hides. Now that being said Simon Mr bomb the shit out of other countries Harper we have no quarrel with is a closet hideaway scardy cat. And sends young men and women off to war lies about that and if these young veterans come home with injuries Harper wants to throw them in the nearest dumpster. Shit when is his ugly base gonna wake up?

  10. SHAME: Harper spend $700,000 fighting injured veterans’ justified lawsuit

    Feds spend $700, 000 on vets court case
    By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press


    During question period, Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried to cast the ongoing court battle as the legacy of a flawed policy that was foisted on Parliament nine years ago by Paul Martin's Liberal government.

    "The government is defending a decision of the previous government, supported by all parties in the House of Commons," Harper said, referring to the new veterans charter, which the Conservatives have championed since coming to office in 2006.

    "Since the previous government imposed the new veterans charter, it has enhanced veterans services and programs by some $5 billion — opposed by the Liberals and NDP."


  11. Anonymous9:18 PM

    The only thing Harper has accomplished is involving us in a war that no one wanted to get involved in. As one of has said it was an illegal war to begin with. Now things are way out of control! Thanks Harper for earning us threats of terror.