Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Day Justin Trudeau Struck Back At The Pervert Cons

For weeks Andrew Scheer has been using a dead child to try to smear Justin Trudeau, as only a political pervert could.

Claiming that the person who murdered the child nine years ago should not have been transferred from a medium security prison to a medium security healing lodge.

Refusing to accept that the Correctional Services of Canada decides a prisoner's fate not politicians, and all but calling Trudeau a criminal over and over again. 

And yesterday was more of the same.

Until at last the decent Trudeau had enough of the Con's sleazy behaviour, and let them know what he thought of them. 

"This is about a contrast between a party and a government that respects the rules, that respects the independence of our judicial system, that appreciates the professionalism of our correctional services, and a party of ambulance-chasing politicians who are, quite frankly, demonstrating a contempt for the principles of law and debate in this House that is inexcusable."

And I have to say it was music to my ears, or a sight for sore eyes, for two main reasons:

One, somebody has to stop the grubby Scheer from turning our Parliament into a toilet.

And two, him and his lowlife Cons don't know what they're talking about.

As Christy Blatchford points out, their idea of what women's prisons look like these days is all wrong, or out of another era.

In the righteous outrage over the recent transfer of McClintic to an Aboriginal healing lodge in Saskatchewan, there seems this underlying assumption that the 28-year-old had been doing “hard” time before and was now going to be having it easy.

In truth, since the former Prison for Women in Kingston was closed, most female prisoners in Canada don’t live in grim, television-style maximum security, but rather in pod- or apartment-like accommodation. 

At Grand Valley, for instance, McClintic was in the Pathways unit, a nine-woman cottage for Aboriginal offenders.

And as the Globe editorialists point out, the Cons talk tough on crime, but don't seem to understand how the system works. 

Moving inmates from higher to lower security, and finally to a supervised release in the community, is not so much a question of granting privileges as it is the best way of turning convicted criminals into law-abiding citizens.

Or refuse to accept that it was their other depraved leader Stephen Harper who made that difficult but essential job of rehabilitation even more difficult.

So how did the Conservatives make that job more difficult? By heedlessly bringing in about 60 mandatory minimum sentences during the Harper years that contributed to a growth in prison populations even as crime rates were falling. Research has shown that mandatory minimums do not deter crime or reduce violence, but they are very good at filling overcrowded prisons and straining limited resources.

For he too got a kick out of jailing people.

And one shudders to think what the creepy religious fanatic Andrew Scheer, the political pervert with a prison guard fetish, might do if he ever becomes Prime Minister...

For his values are more American than Canadian.

He is debasing our Parliament.

And for the damage he is doing to this country.

He himself deserves to be jailed...


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Yep, lets jump right in on crime, fire up the base, harvest the profiles of those suckered in as well as the profiles of their friends. Store the data away only to target them again and incite them to vote when election time rolls around; especially in the too close to call ridings. Our tax dollars at work, running a non stop propaganda campaign.
    Facts are the crime rate in Canada is decreasing. The US already has a tougher judicial system with an incarceration rate of 655 compared to Canada with 114 per 100,000 but US murder rates are 5.35 compared to 1.68 in Canada. Lets take a non problem, toughen up our laws, incarcerate more people, build more prisons, privatize them and take the money out of Medicare to pay for it! Its the Con way.
    I support using innovation and global best practice to further lower the crime rate and associated victim suffering but that's not what the Cons are about. Really Sad!

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      One global practice that Canada should emulate is Portugal's decriminalizing of all drugs.

      The drop in crime, addiction, and incarceration is remarkable.

    2. Absolutely. I wish more people would read up on the Portuguese approach. Portugal, like many southern European problems, has a very severe hard-drugs problem - even among "respectable" middle-class families. (I've observed this first-hand in Italy). The approach is NOT pro hard-drugs, it emphasises recovery.

      I'm very annoyed by the CAC government's plan to increase the legal age for cannabis to 21 here in Québec - remember, our drinking age is 18. Hence young people will resort to the time-honoured and very dangerous practice of getting blotto, continue to buy pot from dealers, or opt for more "effective" illegal drugs - or all of the above. Funny how they have some policies absolutely counter to their fellow rightwing populists in Ontario.

    3. Hi RT...Yes it really is pathetic. The Cons have always tried to jail more and more young Canadians even as the crime rate has been going down for years. Even in the U.S. many states have realized the folly of mandatory minimums, and many countries around the world have realized that one of the best ways to fight crime is to fight poverty and other social ills. But not our Cons. Harper was a jailer and so is his depraved stooge Andrew Scheer...

    4. Hi anon@3:16 PM...I agree with you, the so-called war on drugs has been a total failure, and Portugal's approach makes much more sense. Hopefully now that we are about to legalize marijuana we can do the same for other drugs, and treat drugs as a social problem or a medical one rather than a criminal one....

    5. Hi lagatta...I can't believe that Legault is planning to discriminate against young people so blatantly. The idea of raising the legal age for cannabis use to 21 is absolutely insane. Not just for the reasons you point out, but also because it will cause more young people to be sent to jail. The fact that there hasn't been a bigger uproar about that is extremely depressing and another example of how the young are being oppressed by the old, which is something that can only end badly...

  2. Jackie Blue2:40 PM

    Even his social media is immature. Drudge sirens? Or is that meant to be another dog-whistle calling on the vigilante "police hounds" to go for the jugular saying the Liberals are "soft on crime"? Or just a call to the whaaaaaambulance chasers?

    Andy's no McGruff, that's for sure. He's Harper's yipping poodle who hides behind the morons with the paw prints on their jackets. This has echoes of the lynch mobs that Trump riled up over Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts. Sooner or later the Cons will call for legalizing capital punishment, and point fingers at Trudeau and the godless Liberals that they would "suffer a witch to live." He keeps up this deranged rhetoric, that Trudeau doesn't care about dead children, he's going to get someone hurt or killed. Some "patriot" is liable to snap and the only response from the Cons will be a chorus of shrug emojis from Hamish's bot farm.

    If Canada had real investigative journalists, they'd be looking into whether the Cons were getting money from private prison contractors. We know Batshit Batters took an elf selfie with Jeff Sessions and that Scheer has refused to provide details of who his money men are. We also know they're swamp creatures of the Kochtopus, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least. #ScheerDepravity, defined as getting rich off other people's misery to own the Libs. Lock him up.

    1. Hi Jackie...I very much fear that Andrew Scheer would try to bring the death penalty back in he ever got a strong enough majority. He isn't just a creepy religious fanatic, he's a budding totalitarian. But yes, the way he stirs up hatred against Justin Trudeau is obscene and dangerous, which is why I say he does belong in prison. As for the prison industry, I've read some horrible stories about it recently, and if we had a decent media it should have been investigated long ago. But I'm afraid so many Canadians are so passive, they won't wake up until we're on the edge of fascism...

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Scheer continues to try to rile up the base. Meanwhile, he has no policies. Trudeau is right on this one.


    1. Hi UU...yes,I read that article by Benjamin Perrin and I totally agree with it. Scheer's ugly attempt to exploit a child's death isn't just disgusting it's dangerous. But then like all these Con thugs like Doug Ford and others he is only interested in undermining the justice system so he can pander to the mob and strip our rights away...

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM

    The Ottawa media especially television became as frenzied and hysterical on the Stafford Issue as the Conservatives. Some of these deep thinkers in Ottawa should stop and think: Do we really want politicians deciding where prisoners should serve their time?
    The level of the rhetoric on this issue from extremists in the once proud Conservative Party, brought that party close to saying, maybe what we need is a return to capital punishment. That would just solve the problem of coddling these prisoners wouldn’t it?

    J. W.

    1. Hi J.W....I agree, I have been horrified by the way the Con media has been whipping up the mob on the Stafford story, and has totally failed to point out the wider implications. And how Scheer's creepy crime fixation can only lead to totalitarianism. And as you point out, the return of the death penalty. We really do need to destroy those Con fascists before they destroy everything good about this country...

  5. Jackie Blue4:55 PM

    FYI: Good article from The Atlantic about the doctrine of "sadopopulism" that defines "modern" conservatism. Specifically mentions Trump and the GOP but could just as easily apply to Canada's own party of Adolf Harper, Scheer Depravity, and Deplorebel Media.

    "The Cruelty is the Point" by Adam Serwer

    "Sadopopulism" defined, in a lecture from professor Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny.

    OPC/CPC/UPC/PPC/CAQ/GOP motto: "The Cruelty is the Point."

    1. Hi Jackie...Thanks for the link to the Serwer story. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I have also been struck by how the cruelty of Trump seems to be part of his appeal. When you combine ignorance and brutality the next stop is fascism. And the Ford government in this country is definitely heading in that direction....

  6. Are the virtue of elected Judges next on the table. Please Canada do no fall for this cheap gutter politics.

    1. Hi Steve..The shabby Con media in our country is largely responsible for allowing cheap gutter politics to thrive. They need to stop trying to pander to the mob, and take a hard look at where all this prison talk might lead us. It's bullshit, it's barbaric, and it's not Canadian...

  7. e.a.f.5:57 PM

    Harper changed the laws so there were mandatory prison sentences not to make Canada safer, but in my opinion, to cause the prison population to grow, so Private Prison Corporations could enjoy a steady flow of cash. Unfortunately for Harper and the Private prison corporations harper was tossed from office prior to being able to enact his capitalist dream.

    Scheer has most likely not been in any prison and doesn't understand what they look like. His advocating for "hard time" prisons don't work. They don't rehabilitate. So what doe she want, people who come out worse than they went in or some one who might have a chance of getting on with life and not going back. O.K. don't answer that.

    When you have prisoners who are in for long periods of time, with no rehabilation, etc. what you are creating is a very dangerous work environment for correctional officers. Unhappy and dangerous prisons, do not make for good working conditions.

    The Conservatives are out of touch and live in a bubble. They do not belong in public affairs.