Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Disgusting Return To Parliament

If the failing Andrew Scheer wasn't such a wonky nerd, he would have known that he should have taken a couple of days off to recover from his trip to India.

Especially one that had so many people laughing at him.

Instead he couldn't wait to rush back to Question Period to attack Justin Trudeau, or try to Schmear him.

But Trudeau wasn't there, so the jet lagged Jolly Wolly went after Chrystia Freeland as only he could.

Can you believe that?

He's STILL trying to make people believe that he could have got a better NAFTA deal than Freeland or Trudeau.

Which of course couldn't be more ridiculous...

Considering that Scheer did all he could to undermine our negotiating team, or urge them to capitulate.

Considering that Trudeau is still the choice of most Canadians for taming the bestial Trump. 

In a Nanos Research poll conducted for Bloomberg, 39 percent of Canadians say Trudeau is the best for managing ties with the U.S. president. Another 22 percent say none of the leaders are best suited, while 21 percent chose Andrew Scheer, a conservative who is Trudeau’s top rival.

By a margin of almost two to one.

And considering that most Canadians support the new deal.

Across the country, 59% believe that it was a “good step” for Canada to decide to enter this agreement, based on what they have heard or read about it, while 41% feel it was a bad step. Majorities of 61% or higher in every region say good step, except for Quebec, where 47% say good step and 53% feel it was a bad step.

Including most Cons.

Across partisan lines, the deal was welcomed by half of NDP voters, 59% of Conservatives and 75% of Liberal voters.

But to understand how desperate Scheer is, all you have to do is check out the look on his face as he mocks the decent Freeland...

In the manner of a wrestling fan, rather than an opposition leader.

Instead of waiting for Trudeau to return, and challenging him to see who is tough and who isn't.

Because I know how that one would work out...

With that misogynist, that racist, that homophobe, that creamy coward, lying on the canvas screaming for his mommy.

You know, it's hard to quantify how much Scheer and his ghastly Cons have debased our parliament. Made it look dirty and disgusting.

But one thing is for sure.

It will not be clean or truly Canadian again, until the day that loser is finally fired...


  1. Its a deal that has many faucets. Two big wins the auto min wage in Mexico and the end of the dreaded lawsuits for preveneting assholes from selling crap in Canada.
    On the downside the pharam stuff. Dealing with Trump I would call comming out of this cage match with clothes on a victory the no one expected.

    For Weak Andy to play Monday Morning Quarterback when he could never play in the a real game is rich. Canadians will make Conservatives poor next election.

    1. Hi Steve...considering what might have happened the new NAFTA deal is as good or better than we had any right to expect. The wage improvements in the auto sector should help. Keep jobs in Canada, and the Pharma delay only affects a certain group of drugs and only adds two years onto the generic wait time. And anyone who thinks the Cons could have negotiated a better deal must be seriously deluded...

  2. So Trudeau didn't take Sheer's advice and give everything over to Trump. So sad.

    1. Hi rumleyfips....yes so sad. Scheer and his master Stephen Harper were practically screaming for capitulation along with some of their stooges in the media, so the idea that the Cons could have got a better deal is absolutely absurd. Those Con clowns would have been taken to the cleaners...

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Schmear certainly has a high opinion of himself. None of which are reflected in the polls. In his deluded, feeble mind he would outperform JT on every level when in reality he doesn't even come close.
    While Scheer is immersed in his delusions of grandeur he plays make believe PM when he should be offering Canadians a viable alternative to the Liberals with viable policies. Not the childish rants of "I would have done better", while conveniently leaving out how he'd do it.

    1. Hi JD...Schmear sure does appear to have a high opinion of himself. And to make matters worse he thinks we're fools who can be brainwashed into thinking that Trudeau is a failure if he uses the word "failure" enough. I've never seen anything like it, they are turning Ontario into a Planet of the Apes, making it up as they go along, and they are going to have to be taught a lesson they will never forget...

  4. Jackie Blue7:09 PM

    Live from Ottawa, it's... no, not Saturday Night, but another episode of Manly Men Doing Manly Things™. I notice Andy's at his loudest and most obnoxious when dealing with a competent and courageous WOMAN. Remember how his face turned flush when he had to answer questions from Bardish Chagger? Probably the only time you'll ever see him be a "Red Tory"! The more his nose grows, the more his Trump Stump starts to shrink. He's a brat throwing a tantrum for the substitute teacher. Clearly he needs a binky and to go sit in timeout.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes I could feel or smell the misogyny oozing out of Scheer when he went after Freeland who must be at least three times more intelligent and competent than he is.You might think that he would understand that most Canadians thought our government more than held its own despite the bully tactics of Trump and his foul gang. But his rabid hatred for Trudeau prevents him from seeing how absurd he looks and sounds. And hopefully that hubris will be what brings him down...

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Poor Andy, Hamish probably told him he needed to capitalize on and amplify the India generated media momentum by attacking Trudeau on trade as soon as he got back. Perhaps Hamish has gone to the darker than dark side by not informing Scheer that the more he attacks Trudeau on trade issues the more he drives the Con base into the waiting arms of mad Max. Perhaps he should adopt "tears of a clown" or "Max's clown" as his theme song but better still just state his true intent and at least go down in the history books as a politician with principles instead of a hapless stooge bought and paid for by Con oil and the holier than holy right.

    1. Hi RT...I don't know who is advising Scheer these days, but clearly they don't know what they are doing. Scheer's trip to India outraged some of his moron base and helped swell the ranks of Bernier's supporters. And as for the notion that Scheer could have negotiated a better deal for Canada it is simply delusional...