Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Crimes of the Con Regime and the Country We Could Be

As the fireworks burst over my neighbourhood last night, and I watched the Cirque du Soleil's amazing performance at the opening ceremony of the Pan Am games, I was reminded of the country we could be.

A still young country that could dazzle the world in a peaceful beautiful way. A decent country, like the one we once were, full of hope and promise.

Not the country we have become after so many years of being degraded in every possible way by Stephen Harper and his filthy Con regime.

A rogue nation which is getting ready to be spanked by the United Nations, that we helped create, for its appalling human rights record. 

Remember that feeling of nervous dread you used to get right before a teacher handed back a test you knew you’d bombed? It’s an old feeling that’s rushing back as Canada prepares to come under review at the United Nations Human Rights Committee – only this time, the whole world is watching.

A record so ghastly you know the U.N.'s verdict can only shame us further in the eyes of the world.

When we connect the dots and look at the picture of the sum total of changes, it’s clear that this past decade has badly eroded Canada’s human rights reputation in the eyes of the world...

... Canada has become a human rights violator, rather than a human rights defender, underscoring the opinion of many of our peers – Canada has gone from peacebroker to petro-bully who doesn’t play nice with others.

And just the thought that some now see us as bullies is enough to make me sick to my stomach, or despair at how low we have fallen.

Or at how low this depraved beast has dragged us...

Because for me, how the rest of the world sees us matters. If it didn't I wouldn't be writing this blog. For only the promise of something better, and the dream of a country I can be proud of again, keeps me going.

And the good news? While checking out the so-called Celebration Zone yesterday afternoon, and practicing my Spanish with some visitors from Latin America...

I was amazed to discover that they all thought Canada is a more decent and peaceful country than most. And that somehow they haven't noticed what we've become.

Which made me so happy I immediately felt like whizzing through the air on this free zip line...

Because it made me feel that it won't be as hard to repair the damage as I had thought. 

And the best news? 

When I saw the Cirque du Soleil and all those young Canadians working so hard and so brilliantly to bring our aboriginal heritage to life, celebrate our country.

And dazzle the world...

I was so proud of them, and it made me feel that we can do ANYTHING.

That there is a new and better Canada coming.

That we will defeat that rotting, corrupt Con regime that doesn't represent us or our values.

And that the country I have dreamed about for so long, will soon be ours again...

You know, Serena Ryder wrote the theme song for these games of the Americas, and I really like it...

There is no obstacle,

We are unstoppable

Together we are one.

And together we will win...

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  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Can't wait for this 20 years of Con darkness to end!
    At present, Great Closet Leader thinks First Nations, unions, environmentalists, Supreme Court judges, veterans, etc. are obstacles

    1. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Whoops! 10 years of Con darkness but it feels like 20 years!

    2. hi anon...I know how you feel, it has been a horrible nightmare. But hopefully once that one ends, we'll never have one as bad as that one again....

    3. hi anon 7:01...tell me about it. It does seem to have gone on FOREVER. But you know what they say about banging your head against a wall. When it's over it feels great...;)

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Harper also thinks he is unstoppable because he is a Party of One, as Michael Harris has documented so well.

    1. hi anon...yes you're right and so is Harris, it is a party of one. And because it is, and he is so incompetent, he will take them all down with him...

  3. Anonymous6:03 AM

    And harper's power comes from what he thinks is Canadian apathy. Let's show him we're like bears sleepy slow but unpredictable and swat his head in next vote.

    1. Anonymous11:22 PM

      Oh let's do! Let's be bears, pissed off that Dickhead Harper has delayed our long winter's nap, and go to the polls (after carefully checking where we vote & how we can) and give him and his minions such a mightly cuff upside their heads that they won't be back for decades.
      Then we can eat some food, take our winter rest knowing all is right again in Canada.
      Don't worry, the rest of the Canadian critters can keep it going till we're back in spring :)
      The Beaver will build, the Bees will dream of work, the Moose will keep us populated, the Wold will teach, the Buffalo will keep us free, the Mountain Lion will hunt, the Loon will sing each day away, the Salmon will feed us, the Raven will keep track, the Owl will know what is done in the dark, and the Trickster Coyote will keep us on our toes.

      Let's all be Bears for a while, take Canada back, then be the people we always were.

      And for Pete's sake, let the bears sleep! When Spring comes there will be enough for every Canadian, and some left for other people around the world like it used to be.


      Thanks, Simon. It's me Elizabeth. You spoke such kind words about the passing of my brother. I follow you every day, think of you as a lighthouse. Take care, enjoy Summer, and rest up for the fight of our lives!

    2. hi anon 6:03...yes that's a very good idea. Let's pretend we're still hibernating, and then all rush out and bite him... ;)

    3. hi Elixabeth...thank you for that wonderful comment. I have always loved the aboriginal stories and legends of this land. Let's implore the Trickster Coyote to lead him off a cliff, and have the wise old Raven peck him beyond recognition. ;)

      AS for the sad passing of your brother, I hope that the pain is passing and that all the good memories are giving you strength. And yes, let's use the summer to prepare for the fight ahead !!!

  4. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Seems that the delusional Cons were involved in writing the story of the Franklin discovery to their benefit. Paul Watson a respected journalist for the Toronto Star recently resigned so that he can publish a more accurate story as he claims both the government and the editors of the Star are involved in the coverup. The story should be interesting if it ever sees the light of day and he doesn't get labelled as a terrorist for spreading anti government propaganda first.. Hopefully its the start of a trend where even the biased newspapers start to abandon the stinking Con ship.

  5. Simon, we probably live in close proximity. I watched the fireworks over my neighbourhood also. Watching Cirque du Soleil was incredible. You hit a nerve with this posting, because I too started thinking about the kind of country we can have. Every country has a soul. Canada's soul was open, progressive, self-confident, worldly,intelligent, caring and compassionate, welcoming, fair, trusted and free. Pierre Trudeau was not only a very interesting man, but he was highly intelligent. More then anything though he loved his country and he proved it by the democratic institutions and progressive infrastructures he created. The root of all of what he built, was based on his focus of rights and freedoms,his wanting to create the just society and he did. He was an idealist and we were the benefactors of his realizing those ideals. His vision of Canada, is the vision I hold. Watching the destruction of this beautiful country that Harper is incurring almost daily is very painful. He is literally taking the democratic infrastructures of the country by the throat and throttling it, In a sense he is violating our soul, where Trudeau was confident, Harper is profoundly insecure..Where Trudeau's highest value was freedom. Harpers values power. and tyranny. Where Trudeau believed in nation building and in fact did just that, Harper does not believe even in Canada as a nation and is presently dismantling our democracy and trying to destroy every vestige of Trudeaus Canada. Trudeau was a sophisticated man, Harper is a hick, I could go on and on with comparisons, but you get the idea,When you've had the very best as PM, it is impossible to accept the very worst, which is the PM we now have, Emotionally we have had 10 yrs of grinding mediocrity, desolation, scepticism, disgust, fear,anger, shock, shame and humiliation, Many Canadians still have Trudeaus vision in their souls and Canadians are still a progressive bunch. .. Anon's 10 yrs of darkness is an apt description. It is as if we have had a 10 yr dark age. Under Harper Canada is becoming a cultural wasteland. It's not too late though. It is our government and our country, not Harpers. in Oct. we will reclaim it. and get rid of this shallow, secretive controlling man. I always liked Emily Carr's quote about Canada and Canadians. She said "It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw, not because she is Canada but because she is something sublime that you were born into, some great rugged power that you are part of". A country like no other, worth fighting for. Sorry for the lengthy comment, but I meant it when I said you hit a nerve.