Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Stephen Harper Is Stealthily Changing Canada Into a Theocracy

The other day I wrote about how Stephen Harper is remaking the judiciary in his own ghastly image.

In his never-ending attempt to bend the Supreme Court to his will, and destroy the Charter of Rights.

Well today he took another step by appointing another uber right-wing judge. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Russ Brown, a conservative judge from Alberta, to the Supreme Court of Canada – the third appointment in 15 months to the country’s most powerful court without parliamentary involvement.

A man who once was a member of a group that couldn't be more reactionary or more opposed to our Canadian values.

The married father of two is a former member of the advisory board of a conservative legal group in Alberta, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Its website says its core views include a belief in “economic liberty,” including property rights as part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – which has never been accepted by the Supreme Court. 

It also says equality before the law means “special privileges for none,” which also runs counter to the Supreme Court’s view that the Charter’s equality clause is primarily for individuals from historically disadvantaged groups and its second part permits affirmative action for the disadvantaged.

A man who is clearly prepared to put religious rights before the human rights of women and LGBT Canadians.

Just like Harper himself would want to pleasure his rabid religious base...

So he can turn this broken country into a mongrel mix of a police state and a theocracy.

And what does Bradley Miller, the other judge who Harper is grooming for the Supreme Court have to say about this?

Well he thinks the Supreme Court has been very unfair to Jesus Harper. 

The newest judge on Ontario’s top court has an explanation for the Conservative government’s well-known losing streak at the Supreme Court of Canada: The court’s reasoning process is unfair, making it almost impossible for the federal government to defend its laws, such as those involving assisted suicide, prostitution and the war on drugs.

But then he too has very definite views on the rights of women and LGBT Canadians.

On gay marriage, Justice Miller’s main themes come together – that government has the right and duty to protect society from harm to its natural moral principles. 

And is also a religious fanatic.

“Natural is code for Catholic values with Brad,” in which sex between same-sex individuals is seen as unnatural, or sinful, University of Toronto law and philosophy professor David Dyzenhaus said.

And really what more can I say, that I haven't said so many times before?

It is Kafka...

“But I’m not guilty,” said K. “there’s been a mistake. How is it even possible for someone to be guilty? We’re all human beings here, one like the other.” “That is true” said the priest “but that is how the guilty speak”

Franz Kafka 
The Trial

And we are well on our way to becoming a fascist theocracy.

But at least now this should be clear even to the legions of the sleepwalking zombies in this country:

Because we let Harper remain in power for too long, he has done great damage to this country that will take at least 25 years to repair.

And if he is allowed to remain in power a day longer than necessary, he will pervert our values beyond recognition.

And he will destroy our Canada...

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David said...



Readers looking for a thoughtful analysis on Harper and the rise of libertarian religious tribalism in Canada should pick up Marci McDonald's The Armageddon Factor.

Another touchstone might be G.K. Chesterton, a radical Catholic, who regularly questioned the wealth and power of big government and business decades ago.

He would have advised us to get to the bottom of whether our prime minister is pretending to be just a wonkish politician while pursuing an extreme Republican evangelical agenda.

"The old hypocrite was a man whose aims were really worldly and practical, while he pretended that they were religious," the radical Catholic once observed. "The new hypocrite is one whose aims are really religious, while he pretends that they are worldly and practical."

Canada needs to have an open conversation about the virtues of democracy over theocracy.

David said...


A Globe and Mail/Nanos Research poll asked 1,000 Canadians last week how the election of each of the three main party leaders would affect the economy. And 47 per cent said a Mulcair victory would have a “positive” or “somewhat positive” impact. That was well ahead of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 31.7-per-cent positive result. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau garnered 41.4 per cent.

David said...

√Čric Grenier's Poll Tracker


David said...


The following are ThreeHundredEight.com's riding-level projections for the federal election tentatively scheduled for October 19, 2015. These numbers were last updated on July 27, 2015, and reflect the best estimates as of July 21, 2015, the last day of polls included in the model.

Pierre Poilievre is the Con MP for Nepean-Carleton

Current projection:

38.7 Liberal

32.9 Conservative

38.7 Liberal

21.7 NDP

Steve said...

The worst PM ever ever ever

Simon said...

hi David...yes The Armageddon Factor was the book that first exposed the theocon conspiracy in the Harper government. I don't know why so many Canadians are reluctant to accept that. But it is real and it is dangerous...

Simon said...

hi David...yes that's a very encouraging poll, because when both Mulcair and trudeau are ahead of Harper on the economy, you know the Cons are in real trouble...

Simon said...

hi Steve...just three EVERS? What's a matter are you feeling stingy today? ;)