Sunday, July 05, 2015

Could Progressives Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?

Well I've got to hand it to Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. Our two cowboys at the Calgary Stampede.

They're timing couldn't be more perfect, or depending on your point of view, more unfortunate.

For on the very same day they vowed they wouldn't attack Stephen Harper like he attacks them.

He attacked BOTH of them like a rabid animal. 

Justin Trudeau is no longer alone in Stephen Harper's crosshairs. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is now there too. The prime minister launched a blistering attack on his two main competitors in a speech to party faithful at his annual Calgary Stampede barbecue on Saturday in advance of this fall's federal election.

Accusing them of being terrorist stooges, who are completely out of it.

Friends, these guys just don't get it. We're living in a dangerous world."

"Friends, we've come too far to take risks with reckless policies. That's why I'm confident that this October Canadians will choose security over risk."

Who would while stealing our money, deliver us into the arms of the ISIS crazies. So they can behead us in our beds, drown us in a cage.

Or as Harper's twisted little servant Pierre Poislievre was quick to point out, to back up his depraved master's insane speech...

Have their devil spawn shoot us in the head.

When in fact, nobody is more out of it, or more cutoff from reality...

Or more desperate than Stephen Harper. 

Whose only hope of winning the next election is to try to scare people into voting for him. 

As only he can...

So maybe the NDP and the Liberals are right. 

Maybe holding back from attacking him like he attacks them, only makes Harper look more crazy and dangerous. And makes even more Canadians want to get rid of him and his foul regime.

On the other hand, attack ads do work. The Cons have used them to destroy one progressive challenger after the other...

It takes time to frame an opponent, so the sooner you start the better. 

And if you start too late it can make you look desperate. Which in a tight race could make the difference between defeating the Cons, or snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So if Tom and Justin don't mind I think I'll keep on attacking the Cons in my humble way...

One person can't do much, but a million people doing the same thing, agitating and organizing on social media, can make a difference.

The idea of not attacking them as hard as we can after what they have done to Canada is simply unthinkable.

And nothing will ever shake my belief, that the more we attack them, or mock them.

The easier we will defeat them...

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Gyor said...

If you look at what Mulcair said he has said he won't do personal attacks, but he is willing to do ads that contrast his policies with Harper's. He just draws the line at ads like Harper's toxic ISIS ads.

Anonymous said...


Don't follow Harper's lead in republishing Isis propaganda images. There's no need.

mizdarlin said...

There is the other side f the equation..if you can remember that far back (if you were even born then...) Kim Campbell making snide remarks about Jean Chretien's half-frozen face (due to a stroke..) Canadians were outraged by this and she lost by a mile...
Personally I think Canadians have the opposite problem of the Yanks..they are far too complacent, so the threat of 'terrorism' while it might motivate Harper's slavering whackjob base, is not gonna make most Canadians vote out of fear..
As far as the Libs and the NDP attacking each other, it's pretty mild stuff compared to the ConJob that Emperor Steve is throwing out there..and compare and contrast is inevitable...

rumleyfips said...

Don't worry Simon:

I have seen the secret Lib attack ad.

A hiring committee of 4 sits around a table : an old whit guy, a blind guy with a guide dog, a pale guy with a turban and , with a grudging admission that women vote, a female fisherperson in a Sou'wester.

The first job application is from Del Deanmastro. But he's n jail says the first; he's a crook says the second; he's a Con says the third. The old white guy says " Harper wants him ". They all take out big rubber stamps and ink HIRED on the form. They then continue with Duffy, Porter, Wallin and Carson. ( There are lots more for future commercials ).

The voice of Lorne Greene intones " Harper he sure knows how to pick em.

Is this what you had in mind ?

Anonymous said...

Mulcair and trudeau "taking the high road" against heil harper is going to cost them this election too.
They either better figure out how to play this game or resign themselves to the dark, little, musty broom closet of history for a hell of a long time. If the con(victs) "win" this election too, Canada will be in the grasp of the cons for the next 50 years and we will REALLY not recognize what it has become at that point. Our grandchildren's history books will read something along the lines of how Canada is a nuclear superpower in the making and has been ever since the war of 1812 and how we saved the americans from al qaeda and isis in one fell swoop.
You can't make this stuff up. It will have become official government doctrine by then along with brown shirts and blouses for the harperjugend who will be taught nothing but the finest of information at that time.
"It can't happen here"? Take a hard look at what's happening right now and what's at stake, Canada, and WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Steve said...

Simon I feel the Greeks are voting on the future of humanity, Just my vibe but'",trojan-horse-at-gates-in-greece-how.html thinkaboot it.

jrkrideau said...

I like it. When can you have it ready for television?

David said...

I agree.

Mogs Moglio said...

Simon here is one to tank Harper's campaign "I am da greatest economist the world has ever seen." -Stephen Harper. OK Steve explain this please:

Harpers vision for Canada revealed through his actions deceit and lies:

Harper is running scared he can only peddle fear and the lies about Canada's economy that the Bank of America Merrill Lynch say is already "in recession" yet Harper and Joe Oliver continue the fabricated falsehoods...

"Harper has the worst economic record of any P.M. since 1935. Here are national average annual GDP growth rates, over the terms of Prime Ministers, since 1935:

R. B. Bennett, 1930-1935. Average economic growth rate: -2.34 per cent.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1935-1948: 6.24 per cent.

Louis St. Laurent, 1948-1957: 5.20 per cent.

John Diefenbaker, 1957-1963: 3.78 per cent.

Lester Pearson, 1963-1968: 5.43 per cent.

Pierre Trudeau, 1968-1979: 4.28 per cent.

Pierre Trudeau, 1980-1984: 2.16 per cent.

Brian Mulroney, 1984-1993: 2.51 per cent.

Jean Chretien, 1993-2003: 3.32 per cent

Paul Martin, 2003-2006: 2.71 per cent.

Stephen Harper, 2006-present: 1.77 per cent.

- See more at:

R.B. Bennett had the misfortune of being PM during 'The Great Depression' brought about courtesy of the monopolistic private gang of banksters known collectively as 'The Federal Reserve' they decided to dry up credit for American businessmen successfully destroying economies around the world and making out like royal bandits in the aftermath Just like the 2008 mortgage fraud the bankers are bigger and richer now and yet they perpetrated the fraud Harper has no such excuse Harper is the fraud...

On a side note it is a tradition for the City of Calgary to offer visiting dignitaries or politicians a 'white' cowboy hat note in the Ottawa Citizen article pictured Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau in white hats Harper the lone stand-out in a black Stetson ya know the ones the bad guys always wear in movies while the good guys wear white ones. [I see you have pictures of that too] Also black felt hats are notorious for adding to heat stroke Harper is so rabid though his doctor would not know the difference. I think this has something to do with his sub-conscious and deep down Harper knows he is the black-hearted evil vampire of Canada as he sucks out Canada's lifeblood and offers it to foreigners on a golden platter for free.

Harper will leave us with nothing penniless and broke in a once great nation slaves to foreigners who owe us no allegiance and will turn us into refugees. Wake up Canada that is your bleak future if you dare vote Red Harper-con again. The Communists were supposed to redistribute the wealth to the poor the Chinese communist party merely stole it.

Harper redistributes Canada's wealth and resources to the worlds 1% elite and trans/multinational corporations. If elected again he will privatize all government services unemploy public servants and hold a fire sale for the 1%ers and corporations who will own Healthcare, Education, Natural Resources, Water, Fisheries, Wildlife, Trees, Veterans Affairs, Coast Guard, Off Shore Rights you name it he will sell it to get his precious surplus he will probably even sell Parliament, The Harper Government is already bought and paid for.

And the economy is definitively stagnating under Harper's watch I believe is in reality part of his foul dream to destroy Canada.

Anonymous said...

Canada needs to take a lesson from the Greeks. They just historically voted in a 61% margin to stop letting their government and the e.u. from fucking over their country with all the austerity and goldman sacks money grabs by their own goddamn government. MAZELTOV GREECE! Now it's our turn!!!

David said...

The info on PM's economic record is good, but methinks you are just a bit over the top with some of your predictions. Stay calm. 8-D

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin...I have seen the Kim Campbell ad on Chretien and it is indeed as low as you can go. But I blame Harper for taking a page out of Karl Rove's handbook and making the most vicious attack ads standard issue. And you're right, the Con attack ads backfired as soon as he took aim at Trudeau, and it has resulted in this latest gentler version, which because it is gentler or more passive-aggressive is probably more effective. Although there are signs that instead of driving Liberals to the Cons, it may actually be allowing Liberals to feel better about voting for the NDP. But as for the Liberals and the NDP attacking each other, I wish they would stick to telling us why their platform is better than the other, and forget about cheap shots. That kind of stuff does nothing for me, and just makes both of them look bad. They should stick to the high road when it comes to dealing with each other, and save the cheap shots for the Cons...

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...I think you're definitely on the right track with that one. I'm going to have to tell my big brother who works in advertising to hire you.:) But may I suggest a slight improvement? When Del Mastro's name comes up can we insert a shot of him sitting in a prison cell saying that if he doesn't get the job it would be OUTRAGEOUS !!!!!!

Simon said...

hi anon...As I said in my post I am conflicted. On the one hand I can understand those who believe that since we are better than the Cons, we should not lower themselves to that leave. But on the other hand I agree with you, the stakes are just too high to go soft on the Cons, after what they've done to Canada. This isn't a normal election, it's one that could decide the very future of Canada. And since attack ads work, and the Cons have given us so much too attack, it seems criminal to waste that material. Also remember that much of the campaign, will be going on in the dying days of the summer when Canadians are particularly interested in enjoying every ray of sunshine. And politics is about as welcome as a five pound black fly hovering and waiting to bite you. And since many of our fellow citizens don't follow politics closely, or at all. Or as some might say just plain ignorant. Or dumb as spoons. Attack ads are the only way to attract their attention. Powerful enough to break through their skulls, or through the insane din and distractions of modern society. Simple enough for them to understand. And scary enough to make them
realize what might happen to this country, and THEM, if the Cons are not defeated.
So yes, stick to the high road, but every few days or so let the Cons have it...

Simon said...

hi Steve...well as I write to you the Greeks have stood up to the banksters, And I'm still celebrating,,,,

Simon said...

hi Mogs....yes, as I pointed out in my post, it's blatantly obvious that he just using the terrorist scare because he can't brag about the economy any longer. And yes goodness knows where this rigid ideologue would take us, probably to a place like Britain where the Cons are on a rampage attacking poor people. And just today their Dracula-like finance minister announced $20 billion worth of welfare cuts. In short a nightmare or a jungle. But the good news its not going to happen here because we are
going to defeat him.
I'm already working on my attack ad that is really simple. It would have to be in the state of summer I'm in.

He spent a BILLION dollars trying to make us believe that he knew what he was doing and he DIDN'T.

What will Stephen Harper Lie about NEXT?

After that one goes vitral I shall send over an emissary with a white flag, and demand that he resign immediately... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...that's funny that just what I said in the post I just finished. Great minds do think alike ;) And yes hooray for Greece !!!