Monday, July 13, 2015

Pierre Poilievre, Mini Harper, and the Con Race to the Bottom

As I'm sure you remember, the last time we dropped in on Pierre Poilievre aka Pee Wee or Dickhead, he was posing with a pile of child care benefit cheques at a printing facility in Winnipeg.

Just to let millions of Canadians with children under eighteen know that the cheque was almost in the mail.

And that it pays to vote for the Harper Cons. Wink. Wink.

Which was such a sordid spectacle, it was practically pornographic.

Well guess what? It just got worse.

Yes it's true, now he's trying to make it look like he's NOT trying to buy votes with OUR money. 

He's STIMULATING the economy !!!! 

Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre is touting the Conservative government's enhanced child care benefit as boost for the economy while warning that Canadians should take heed of offshore financial chaos.

Even though he won't use the S-word.

When asked, if it could be considered economic stimulus, he seemed reluctant to directly characterize it that way. "This $3 billion injection into the mailboxes and bank accounts of Canadians comes at a perfect time to support not only our families, but our retailers, as they generate thousands of jobs for Canadians," he said.

Just like Stephen Harper and his hopelessly incompetent stooge Joe Oliver won't use the R-word...

For very good reasons. The child care buy-a-vote program won't do much if anything to stimulate the economy. And if the Cons admitted we're either heading for a recession, or already in one, it would finish off their chances of winning the next election.

But then of course ever since he fixed the Election Act to make it harder to vote, and easier to steal an election, Poilievre can get away with anything. 

Great Leader loves him so much they call him the Mini-Harper...

He's a rising star in the Harper Party.

It is a political coming of age. At 16, he was using his radio announcer’s voice to sell Reform Party memberships for Jason Kenney. Mr. Poilievre’s only real private-sector job was a post-university stint as partner in a company that did robocalls for politicians. He was a young staffer for Stockwell Day, and, after 18 months in Ottawa, ran for Parliament. Now he’s a senior figure.

And since we know that Stephen Harper corrupts everything he touches, and how he holds our democracy in contempt....

It's not surprising that Poilievre thinks he can buy votes, by appealing to the lower instincts of some Canadians...

But you know what? I don't think it's going work. I think most Canadians will gobble up those cheques and still vote to throw the Cons out.

I think most Canadians are tired of the corruption of the Con regime. Tired of the way they have raped our democracy and our values. Sick of the way they are wrecking our economy, cheerfully torching the planet, and trying to turn us into a grubby police state.

And I believe they're ready to say enough is enough.

Or as Jane says, I'm a Canadian....

So I think Mini Harper, along with all the other Cons and their depraved leader, is in for a horrible surprise.

Canadians cannot be bought, at least not THAT easily.

And he is going down...

And the best news? If that's the future of the Con party, we don't have anything to worry about.

A Dickhead is indeed a Dickhead.

And the future belongs to us...

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  1. What a sick culture, that a turd like him can have a career based on his racism and ignorance.

    1. hi thwap...yes you're right, Pierre Poilievre is a good example of how low we have fallen. He is a mini Harper, and he couldn't be more disgusting...

  2. It saddens me that even if Poilievre were to lose his own seat (a very unlikely prospect given that he garnered 55% of the vote in the last election) he would still be a privileged, prosperous man for rest of his life, instead of in jail where he belongs. As the set election date nears I can't help but wonder if Harper will call it off if it looks like he can't win. He can, in theory, postpone it until spring. He could even call it off in the final hours with the cooperation of the GG (cooperation he could easily get). The real interest for me now is, living with the conviction that Harper is a genuine psychopath, what length will he go to avoid defeat. Because after all these years I can't bring myself to believe that Harper will simply go gently into that goodnight.

    1. hi Kirby...unfortunately you're right. Even if he does lose his seat, which I'm happy to report polls suggest he might, Poilievre will land on his feet or have his fall cushioned by his cushy pension. As for the election who knows? I believe that he is capable of anything, and my greatest fear is that if by chance he is able to win a slim minority government, he will refuse to step down and throw this country into the most divisive constitutional crisis it has ever seen...


  3. An interesting stat..more than 50% of us live alone, or at least outside a relationship such as wife, husband or partner..Harper sure spends lots on telling people how much he'll spend on kids and families, which is now irrelevant to 50% of the population...guess all the Cons are looking at are the real estate stats in TO and Vancouver, where housing is so ridiculously expensive that they figure a promised pittance will do the trick...

    1. hi're quite right, Harper is ignoring millions of Canadians by only favouring families. But that is his strategy and always has been. Target two or three niche groups that his extensive polling has identified. And to hell with all the rest. To call him the Prime Minister of all Canadians is an absolute joke...

  4. Noah Patterson11:45 AM

    Have you seen Poilievre's latest commercial?

    When I saw this I immediately thought of Dickhead, so good work Simon!

  5. hi Noah...thanks for the link it was hilarious. And since that giant Dickhead was clearly spraying cheques all over the place, it must be Poilievre. Although you know now that I've started calling him Mini Harper, Mini Me strikes me as a concept I should develop further... ;)

    1. Noah Patterson12:33 PM

      Exactly! A giant dick running all over spraying gold on people, it's so obviously Poilievre.