Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breaking: Cons Helped Overthrow the Ukrainian Government

Lordy. And to think I didn't take Stephen Harper seriously when he claimed he was leading the fight to "liberate" Ukraine.

Who knew that he actually helped bring down a duly elected government?

For crass political purposes.

Or as others might say, was used as a hapless pawn. 

Canada’s embassy in Kyiv was used as a haven for several days by anti-government protesters during the uprising that toppled the regime of former president Viktor Yanukovych. 

The Harper government never fully acknowledged — during the upheaval or since — the depth and extent of the security breach, which has had far-reaching implications on how Canadians are perceived in the region.

And while diplomats wonder about the implications.

Some of Canada’s European allies, speaking on background because of the sensitivity of the subject, said the fact protesters were allowed to stay for so long and operate freely made it appear Canada was an active participant in regime change, and not just lending morale support.

I wonder whether those who used us as pawns were these guys...

Or these guys...

You know, the Right Sector neo-Nazis we are helping to train. 

And if so how do the Cons explain this one?

Soldiers and police have been locked in a standoff with a nationalist militia in western Ukraine after a gun and grenade battle that left at least two dead. Tensions have been rising between the government and the Right Sector militia that has helped it fight pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country.

Is that a debacle or what?

And of course the biggest question I have is this one:

Is it OK under the provisions of Bill C-51 to help overthrow a foreign government?

And if not when will the Cons be arrested?

The Harper regime, doing ANYTHING to try to win the ethnic vote.

Making a mockery out of our once proud peacekeeping tradition.

And disgracing their country in the eyes of the world...

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  1. Sara-Anne Peterson6:43 PM

    What a mess. The man has no judgement whatsoever.

    1. hi're absolutely right, they really don't know what they're doing. They seem to have no notion of the consequences of their actions, or care about what they are doing to Canada's reputation abroad. All they care about is pandering to the ethnic vote, and it couldn't be more appalling...

  2. Harper and his Cons also helped the US in the latest coup to over throw the government of Venezuela. The coup was not successful. Harper wants to play with the big boys and the little man with no real self worth is willing to betray his country in order to play with those big boys. Me thinks there's much about Harper we still don't know.
    If the opposition wins the election they'll learn about the stuff he's been up to and my guess is that it's really ugly.

    1. hi Pamela...yes I hope that if and when progressives take power they hold a public inquiry into the activities of that rogue regime. For I'm sure what they find out will be horrifying. I would love to read their e-mails during the time our embassy was occupied, for I'm sure all they are thinking about is how it might help or hurt their chances of winning the next election. Canada has produced some great diplomats in its relatively short history but those Con clowns are only shaming us in the eyes of the world...

  3. With our economy stalled due to Harper's Economic INACTION Plan (hunker down and maybe the price of oil will go up in a year or two), Harper has only 2 cards left to play, and is trying to change the channel:

    1) keep spreading fear, saying we need Bill C-51 to round up the terrorists, and

    2) suck up to Ukraine and Ukrainian Canadians.

    Like I said before, Harper does this because there are 1.2 million of them, and many of them vote.

    Contrast that to the 1.2 million aboriginal Canadians, who have a history of low voter turnout, But maybe this year Harper will be surprised at just how many aboriginal Canadians will be voting 8-)

    1. hi David...yes unfortunately what you are saying is true, and the Ukrainian-Canadian community is a large one. But I have confidence in the good sense of that community, and I'm sure they realize that Harper is just a poseur and is only in it for himself...

  4. Anonymous10:36 PM

    There has always been a suspicion that the snipers that targeted the Ukrainian police and some of the protestors belonged to the neo-Nazi group as no one was ever brought to justice. Also over the past year there has been a dozen "suicides" of journalists and politicians that have spoken out against the draft and war with eastern Ukraine. It seems the same gang are helping clean up any dissent with or without the knowledge of the Kiev government. Its really sad that Canada is involved in this tragedy other than to help the victims of war and with rebuilding once the killing has run its course. Like his defunct oily vision Stevie's timing is impeccable for being on the wrong side of any significant issue.

  5. hi anon...yes it's true,I've been reading up on the activities of the right-wing groups in that country, and it's really quite disturbing. And as I pointed out in my post, some of those neo-Nazis have been folded into the regular army and whatever Jason Kenney says we are training them. I've never really understood how Nazis are allowed to run around freely in any country after what they did. And if it was up to me I would lock them all in jail. For all the people that were murdered by them, including our own...

  6. This is one of the moments in which I wish I were an international lawyer. I would do everything I could to bring Harper up on charges for this. The World Court is hopelessly racist and will probably never charge a Western Capitalist leader with anything but it would be a nice thing to be able to try, and at least make things as uncomfortable as possible for our Criminal leader.

    1. hi Kirby...yes, it really is the limit isn't it? It's bad enough when the Con clowns go around blowing hot air out of every orifice. But when they start interfering in the internal affairs of another country, it's simply outrageous, and they really should be fired or jailed.
      But as you point out, the good news is that this too will be another weapon in our ever expanding arsenal, to use against him in the election campaign...