Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who Says the Cons Aren't Trying to Buy the Election?

As I mentioned in my last post, Stephen Harper and his criminal Con gang now seem to have a triple-edged strategy.

They are going to try to cripple the opposition by extending the campaign. They are going to use the financial advantage that gives them by bombarding us with their porky ads.

Even if it costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

And of course they are going to use our money to try to buy the election.

But even by their grubby standards this is outrageous.

Can you believe it? As if the day before wasn't bad enough....

And they call themselves "fiscally responsible"

That's proven leadership?

And the bottom line?

The Cons are trying to steal an election AND buy it with OUR money. 

And a surplus they don't have...

This election campaign is already the most corrupt this country has ever seen. 

A criminal assault on our democracy.

And we can't defeat them soon enough.

Or send their depraved leader to the place he belongs...

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember a story a few months ago re: Harper wanting to announce Military Conscription for all Canadian 18 yr. olds ( male and female ) . It was to have been a leaked document from high level CBC journalists . As the story goes , Harper's advisors told him that to make the announcement now would cost him the Election . This seems to fit Great leader's profile , in addition to being Great Economic Leader, Harper also wants to be Great Military Leader. There is no stop to his inflated ego. Now would be great time to see if this story can be revived . Harper would like moe boots on the ground in not only fighting Isis . As well as The Ukraine , Can anyone spell WORLD WAR !!! . This leader is that crazy .

David said...

Harper is looking more and more like Emperor Palpatine with each interview.

Go to:

then click on Harper photo to enlarge.

Photo: Emperor Palpatine

Stephen Harper steals speech from Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine Eyes

His hair is helmet grey
His gut big surprise
His hands can fold to pray
He's got the Palpatine eyes
He'll turn his muzak on you
You won't have to think twice
He's pure as Tar Sands snow
He got the Palpatine eyes

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine Finally Has A First Name And It's Weird

It's Sheev. Sheev Palpatine. Doesn't he actually sort of look like a Sheev?

(Sheev = Steve)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the hackers, are threatening to release what they claim to be the real reason for John Baird departure. Wonder if it is related to the conscription thing? I recall there were some previous rumors along this line, isn't that right, Simon?

Anonymous said...

Question: Why hasn't any CBC news official publicly refuted the story about Harper's plan to conscript 18-year-olds?

Harper may start drafting Canadian youth if re-elected
Did John Baird resign over proposed conscription bill?

Anonymous said...


Midsummer Politics
The first debate is next week and the campaign could officially start any day now. Our At Issue panel gathers to discuss it all in a special midsummer edition.

Simon said...

hi David....yes he is looking ghastly isn't he? And thanks for reminding me about that Palpatine video. It thinks it's about time I ran it again... ;)

lagatta à montréal said...

Not only would conscription cost Harper the election, it would also be the best shot in the arm for Québec independence in decades. I can't see First Nations going along with it either.

Now, many Québécois and Indigenous people have fought bravely under the Canadian flag, but conscription is different. It is the state telling people that their very bodies and lives belong to it.

Anonymous said...

Well folks looks like the fat is in the fire as we head to the longest election campaign in memory and by far the most expensive but why worry about money as our dear leader doesn't and never has during the last decade.Now folks simply goggle 'Why not Harper'and you will find twenty-five of the main reasons why Harper is bad for Canada.Of course there are probably hundreds of other reasons to heave Steve but these 25 reasons should be enough for any voter to study and vote accordingly.