Friday, July 17, 2015

Brad Wall and the Attack of the Oil Pimps

As I told you yesterday, those of us who live in Central Canada are under attack by the wild eyed oil pimp Brad Wall.

Who says if we don't accept his West-East pipeline, he'll cut off our equalization payments and leave us freezing in the dark.

And although it's going to feel like forty degrees tomorrow we are worried.

Because it seems that nothing will stop him !!! 

Nexen is apologizing for a pipeline break that leaked five million litres of bitumen, sand and water at its Long Lake oilsands facility in northern Alberta this week.

The detection system did not work in this case, so it isn't known how long the substance was leaking. A contractor walking along the pipeline discovered the spill.

And I mean NOTHING. 

Increasingly hot and dry climates, the result of global climate change, have led to a worsening of wildfires around the world, according to new research. In turn, wildfires are aggravating climate change by killing trees that could absorb carbon in the atmosphere.

But despite that scary vision of an oily or a fiery future, it seems that Wall's threats have forced the other Premiers to surrender. 

Canada’s premiers reached a deal on a Canadian Energy Strategy, hailing it as a “monumental” document that recognizes the importance of the country’s energy industry to the economy but does so in an environmentally sustainable way. 

However, the strategy waters down commitments to fight climate change, as the strongest pledge – a promise that all provinces would adopt absolute cuts to greenhouse gas emissions – has been stripped from an earlier draft.

So I think it's time to remind everyone who lives here, that Wall is just campaigning for an election coming up in a few months. That he is as Rachel Notley herself said just "showboating."

And it is just another absurd photo-op like some of the ones from his last election...

And I think it's also time to remind the good people of Saskatchewan to tell their Great Leader that we don't need his grubby petro dollars.

That we will determine our own future, thank you very much. Alienation works both ways. 

And will they please keep their absurd oil pimp at home, before his greed kills us all.

Or we die laughing...

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  1. The second runner up in the Simon Pegg lookalike contest is a real piece of work. Sort of like Saskatchewan's answer to Tony Abbott only without all the class.

    1. hi Mound...yes it really is the limit isn't, and he really is a piece of work. I must admit I haven't followed his career to closely, thank goodness. But he does have a nerve telling provinces they should have no say in whether pipelines should be allowed or not. I understand you people in BC have the same problem. Ahem. And let's hope we can all hold those greedy oil pimps at bay...

  2. All in all Brad's just another brick in the wall.


    1. hi David...yes he is just a brick in the wall or the well of Big Oil, but I don't think I've ever seen one as arrogant as him since the bad old days of Ralph Klein. Where did that grubby oil pimp ever get the idea that he can push Ontario and Quebec around? He must have been drinking too much Canola...

  3. Nexen is a Chinese company.

    The China-FIPA recently signed by Canada allows Chinese investors and corporations to sue Canada if they don't like our laws.

    1. hi Hugh...yes who can forget that great deal, or the way our interests were sold so cheaply to China. Maybe they'll claim that making them clean up that mess might affect their profits, and sue us instead...

  4. Anonymous10:14 PM

    It was a safer modern double walled pipeline that burst open. The feds write the requirements that look good on paper but likely it was sub standard components that went into the construction. If it looks good on paper there is no need for government verification as they can always find some poor worker or perhaps a terrorist to blame when things go wrong. Lac-Megantic is a classic, imagine the response if it was a terrorist act but it wasn't so lets blame a few workers and ignore the fact that under impact this crude oil behaved entirely different than crude from the middle east. There is a logical physical explanation for the difference in properties but its not terrorism and runs against the governments oily vision so move along nothing to see here trust us we've got your back!

    1. hi anon...I think you summed up the situation very well. And bear in mind that if I'm correct, much of this West East pipeline would consist of reversing the flow of some older pipelines. So if a brand new double walled pipeline can burst so easily, and apparently without being detected, what might happen out here. The oil pimps and their collaborators have a lot of explaining to do...