Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

For years Stephen Harper was able to fool or brainwash many Canadians into believing that he was a Great Economist Leader.

Even as he put all our eggs into one oily basket, demolished what was left of our manufacturing sector, brought in armies of foreign workers to drive down wages, failed to create enough jobs, and ran one deficit after the other.

And he was hoping that helped by a billon dollars worth of porky ads paid for with OUR money, that phony reputation would win him another monstrous majority.

But yesterday that dream ended, when the day of reckoning finally arrived.

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz set off a political bombshell in the run-up to the fall election by confirming the country’s economy has been mired in below-zero growth all this year.

Poloz said Canada has been experiencing below-zero economic growth for the first six months of this year — the usual definition of a recession. But he steadfastly refused to use the “R” word, insisting that debating whether the country is in recession is “especially unhelpful.”

And for Great Economist Desperate Leader, who is also refusing to use the "R" word, the grim news couldn't be more devastating. 

Three months from an election, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz has delivered an economic assessment that can rile Stephen Harper’s political election plans: It raises the prospect that the country is in recession, and that the federal budget surplus has turned to deficit.

It’s not just that the economy is so surprisingly weak that Mr. Poloz announced another interest-rate cut, the second this year. But that move, and the report that accompanied it, spread the notion of a worrying, across-the-economy stall, and undermined some of the symbols that the Prime Minister uses to bolster his most prized political asset: his reputation as an economic manager.

As he watches his phony reputation go down the toilet along with the loonie...

Which must be really really painful, for a man who made deficit reduction such a big deal. 

A deficit, even one so small it’s economically insignificant, is a major symbolic blow. Mr. Harper’s government trumpeted April’s balanced budget as a major achievement. The Conservatives are running commercials ridiculing Mr. Trudeau for saying that (with economic growth) “the budget will balance itself.” Now, Liberals can counter that the budget isn’t balanced at all.

And it could be fatal.

Politically, all that has the potential to upset Conservative election plans. Governments don’t micro-control economies, but they do reap credit or blame. Usually, a little economic uncertainty is good for them: They want voters to ask which leader can steer the country through it, figuring most will pick Mr. Harper. But talk of a recession, and a surplus unravelling into deficit, can change that equation.

So what is Stephen Harper doing about this slow motion economic meltdown? Claiming that even though he led us into the Valley of Recession, only he can lead us out of it.

Blaming others for his mistakes.

And on his propaganda channel's latest video reminding Canadians that he's still determined to BRIBE some of them...

Because now he's so desperate he's out flogging his puny and porky child care cheques just like Pierre Poilievre.

Who was last seen trying to buy votes in North Bay...

And of course it couldn't be more pathetic...

And the Cons couldn't be more desperate.

For nothing will save them now.

The monstrous myth that Stephen Harper was a Great Economist Leader, or knew what he was doing, is over.

And the beast it became.

Will now help destroy him...

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Anonymous said...

As far as Harper's economist credentials are concerned, most Canadians don't realize that Harper didn't go to Harvard, Princeton or the London School of Economics. He attended the 'Cowtown College of Economics and Manure Management'. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that we're finally in an official recession, maybe some of my gray-haired naysaying neighbors will be forced to take an honest look at the bullshit they have enabled to take over our government for the last 10 years. I can't wait for our Medicare (for lack of a better term) to be privatized like it is in the states and see how they feel when the EMT's refuse to take them to a hospital because "they can't afford the ambulance".

That's what we have to look forward to here if this CONvict regime isn't brought down this year! I sure don't want to be assigned the detail that has to go pick up the dead bodies off the roadside that are part of the new cpc teaparty privatized medical insurance program like the one they want to enact in the states which is brilliant in its simplicity: "hurry up and die!" But wait: then again if enough of us old farts croak, heil harper can save a gazillion bucks on our medical care and maybe even bring the economy out of the recession


Hat tip to Thwap for the excellent grammar lessons. Cheers on ya, bub! :-)

Simon said...

hi anon....well he certainly graduated with top honours in manure management. As for the rest it's nothing more than rigid ideology masquerading as economics. He has never had an original idea, he couldn't come up with an industrial strategy in all his years in power. And as he has demonstrated since his high school days, he is far more interested in destroying than he is in creating anything. A failure in every way...

Simon said...

hi anon...well we don't want any seniors to die for their sins, but it is vitally important that we convince as many of them to not vote for the Cons. For as you point out what the Cons are doing will affect older Canadians more than most. The Cons are stealthily attacking our medicare system, just as it prepares to deal with an influx of seniors, and it terrifies me to think what could happen. So yes we have a double mission, get the seniors to change their traditional voting patterns, and get the young off their asses and into the voting booth...