Friday, July 03, 2015

Pierre Poilievre and the Scandalous Con Plan to Buy the Election

As you may remember, when I last dropped in on Pierre Poilievre, I found him wandering around at a clothing sale in an Ottawa hockey arena.

Making a vanity video, desperately trying to buy votes with the Con's so-called Universal Child Care Benefit.

And even more desperately trying to do something, ANYTHING, to try to fix his terrible popularity problem. 

But since that was never going to work. They don't call him Pee Wee or Dickhead for nothing eh?

I see he's taken his desperate search for love to a whole new and low level. 

It is perhaps the photo op of all photo ops for the governing party. With less than four months to go until Canadians go to the polls, all the parties have ramped up their pre-campaign campaigning, and that trail took Minister of Social Development Pierre Poilievre to Winnipeg today to pose with some shiny new cheques for Canadian families.

And needless to say like most decent Canadians, Michael Harris isn't impressed.

Only Stephen Harper could be cynical enough to dream it up, and only Pierre Polyester sufficiently crass to carry it out.

Can there be any doubt about the reason that Poilievre travelled to the Winnipeg Production Centre to tour the print room? He was taking ownership of the bribe. There was all that money headed to millions of voters, 3.8 million families so far, and there was its source — the minister of free money. The two things were supposed to be indelibly impressed upon your consciousness for that come-to-Jesus moment in the voting booth. Cash and Poilievre.

It is a crass attempt to buy the election, or steal it, with OUR money. 

That unimaginable mountain of cash — all of it — comes from the same well that all desperate politicians go to; the poor, bedraggled taxpayer. When fully operational, this political equivalent of the Great Train Robbery will cost taxpayers about $8 billion a year. BS subtracted, the government is simply using taxpayer’s money to finance its re-election — on a massive scale. And it is doing it with a straight face.

And it couldn't be more blatant or disgusting.

But then of course as I'm sure you also remember.

When it comes to corrupting what's left of our democracy, Poilievre is a repeat offender...

Having cooked up the so-called Fair Elections Act, to disenfranchise four million voters, and make it easier to steal the next election. 

Like the Cons stole the last one.

And being recently spotted trying to fix the vote at the National Capital Commission.

The Conservative government is shaking up the board of the National Capital Commission ahead of a key decision on the future of a controversial memorial to the victims of communism. Five new board members were announced Wednesday and most have Conservative connections.

So the Cons can build that ghastly monument to Stephen Harper...

On whose bouncy knees, or at whose flabby tits, he learned everything he knows...

Even though most Canadians, including many Con supporters, think that monument should be scrapped.

So you can imagine what it's going to end up looking like when the Cons are defeated...

Rather like the present state of the Harper regime, that is now so shrunken and so desperate.

All the Cons are out there, honking away. 

And trying to buy the election. 

A federal infrastructure fund aimed at fixing up arenas and community centres was spent disproportionately in ridings represented by Conservative MPs, a Globe and Mail analysis shows, as the governing Tories prepare to roll out a nearly identical fund in the months before the fall election.

And the good news? I don't think all this porkitude is going to work. Like Harris I think it could backfire:

What will the base say about billions going out to people who don’t need it, when people who do — like veterans and seniors — remember Harper’s cuts to veterans centres and the Old Age Supplement? Where is the principle in that? How will the base feel about Harper’s monumental contradiction: boasting about balancing the budget, while blowing the fiscal doors off with campaign spending he would reflexively denounce in the other parties? 

The biggest risk of all? What if Canadians don’t like being bribed because they are not quite as cynical and selfish as the minister of free money and the Great Navigator imagine? What if they vote as though a country, not a government cheque, is at stake?

I think it will only make the Cons look even sleazier, if that's possible. 

And make even more Canadians want to get rid of them.

Which will make it easier for us to defeat them.

So Stephen Harper will get his day in court...

And if by chance he isn't jailed along with the rest of them.

Pee Wee Poilievre will get the monument he deserves...

They are the worst and most corrupt government this country has ever known.

They are actually trying to buy and/or steal an election.

And we can't get rid of them soon enough...

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  1. And how does Great Economist Leader feel now that Canada is in a recession?¢-dollar-analyst

    But Joey is in denial:

    1. hi David...I watched Joe Oliver on TV the other day, and I've have to say I question whether he is still fit to remain in office. He was shaking like a leaf, and looking completely out of it. I actually felt sorry for the old guy, but the idea that he's at least nominally in charge of the economy is a very scary thought....

    2. Noah Patterson3:00 PM

      I would never feel sorry for Oily Joe.
      Of course he's terrified, Canada is crashing into the second recession on the Con's watch and he's in charge of that failing economy. A recession in an election year will be death for The Party and Joe will be held directly responsible.
      As such, he is going to say anything and everything to hide the truth.

      Who I do feel bad for is the next minister of finance who will have a mess of epic proportions to deal with. Outgoing Con governments seem to leave the finances in worse order than they reported them, see Ontario at the end of the Harris/Eaves years and Alberta this past transition.

      The reality of Canada's finances is likely a horrorshow.


    Harperman Song Project

    1. hi David....thanks for the link. That project looks excellent and that song is really brilliant. I can't think of a better way to cheer up progressives and get the message across. And if I could sing I might contribute something myself... ;)

  3. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Didn't we just have an 'incident' in Winnipeg?

    1. Anonymous11:34 PM

      Not a terrorist incident, if recent reports are true.

  4. New report suggests Pierre Poilievre's TFSA statements are quite "misleading"

    1. hi David...can anyone be surprised. I haven't heard that little rat speak the truth ever. However, the good news, as I pointed out in the post, is that his hideous behaviour is not making him any friends in his own riding. So on election night I think I'm going to have to down my first bottle of champagne, as soon as I hear he's gone... ;)

  5. Harris on Sirius radio: How Canada’s ‘first marketing PM’ has left his mark

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Lots of very well to do people are going to get lots of money to help raise their children and lots of people who need help will get nothing. What a stupid government.


  8. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Disgusting that Pierre Poilievre would put an image of teen boys about to execute Syrian soldiers on his twitter account. The sleazy Cons are now "all ISIS all the time!"

  9. e.a.f.11:40 PM

    watching the cheques come off the printer in Manitoba while Sask. burn up from forest fires. sort of ............