Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Bloody Harvest of War

As I'm sure you remember, during the early years of the war in Afghanistan there was no greater chicken hawk than Stephen Harper.

Until he realized it wasn't winning him enough votes, and he decided to cut and run.

But while he has been able to run away from a lot of things, like the state of the economy.

He can't run away from his precious war, because we're still reaping its bloody harvest.

And as we know, while Harper was only too happy to use war for crass political purposes, he was just not ready to deal with the consequences. 

Although him and his new Defence Minister Erin O'Toole are prepared to attack anybody who dares complain about that...

As for the War in Afghanistan it's not doing too good either. 

The Taliban are back, and about to be rewarded with seats in the Afghan government.

And as for Kandahar, the place where we expended so much Canadian blood.

Well it's also still a hell hole 

So what did Stephen Harper learn from this nightmarish episode? And the answer is absolutely nothing.

For there he was today at the swearing in of the new chief of defence staff, using the occasion to attack the opposition for not properly supporting his new war in Iraq.

No doubt reminding the new chief that he's now working for him...

And most outrageously claiming that the only reason other countries take us seriously is because of our military power.

And what do I say?

Answer: what I always say.

Oh what a ghastly chicken hawk.

And oh what a lovely war...

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David said...

And since O'Toole took over from Fantino, how many of the 9 veterans offices have been reopened? ZERO.
Why haven't they been reopened? Because both stooges take their marching orders from Great Closet Leader.

Vote to stop the cuts

Veterans speak out against loss of front line services

So Vince and Ron can get the help they need for PTSD

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a veteran found dead and all on his own in Newfoundland just the other day? There is no heart there. He and his stooge fit in beautifully with judgemental fundamentalists.

Simon said...

hi David...the bottom line in this story is that Stephen harper was only too eager to go to war, but he was just not ready to live with the consequences. And as a result many soldiers are suffering needlessly. I lost a good friend in that useless debacle, so I can never forgive those chicken hawks who couldn't provide our troops with the right equipment, but still insisted in sending them into the Home of the Taliban, and now can't provide the wounded with proper treatment. However, I am encouraged by the veterans who are resisting,and the unions who are helping them, and hopefully they will put a dent into the Cons during the election campaign...

Simon said...

hi anon...I haven't heard about that, but what I do know is that there have been too many suicides, and too many of them could have been avoided if proper treatment was available. As I said above, if you are going to go to war you must be prepared for the consequences...

Unknown said...