Friday, July 31, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Insanity of Harperland

I'm glad I'm leaving Canada for a while because I really need to get away from this ghastly political monster.

Who is now so desperate, he is turning his depraved Harperland into a mad house.

For there he was in a Bloomberg interview claiming that he was a Great Economist Leader, the steady hand on the wheel.

And that letting anyone else steer Canada through these perilous times could only lead to disaster.

With an election call coming as early as Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is staking his claim as the best hope for Canada’s economy as opponents attack his stewardship.

“All of the opposition parties represent a different approach from the government,” Harper said. “They represent an approach of reckless spending, spiraling deficits and high taxation.”

When in fact he is the one who is leading us to disaster with his failed policies of austerity and insane fixation with the deficit.

He is the one who is recklessly spending a surplus he doesn't have, to try to buy votes.

In the biggest hog fest this country has ever seen...

His economic record is the worst of any Prime Minister in the last seventy years.

Not only does a recent poll suggest Harper's reputation as a competent manager of the economy has plummeted, a new analysis shows Harper with the worst economic record of any Canadian Prime Minister since the end of the Second World War. 

The results? On 13 of the 16 indicators, Harper ranks dead last or second last. In fact, Harper does not rank higher than sixth on any single indicator.

And not only is he tanking the economy. He's now preparing to sell us out with a deal that would effectively kill two of the country's best known institutions. 

A leaked document from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks indicates the CBC, Canada Post and other Crown corporations could be required to operate solely for profit under the deal’s terms.

Including the one he's slowly been murdering for years...

But still he would claim that only he can save us. And that's why Canadians should re-elect him.

Or follow him into the abyss of his own creation...

And what makes all of this even more disturbing, is that some in the MSM are suggesting that deranged strategy might actually work. 

The Conservatives may have hoped to ride great economic statistics to a fourth win, but here’s an irony: Their prospects might be brightening a bit because the economy is darkening.

When voters think things are so bad that they couldn’t get worse, they want change. When they think things are so good that nothing could go wrong, they are open to sampling fresh talent and ideas. 

But when people aren’t sure what lies ahead, when they imagine that government might need to do something or that doing the wrong thing could make a soft patch turn into a hard landing, people size up their options more carefully.

So although his attempt to scare Canadians into voting for him, by invoking the Great Terrorist Menace, and no doubt praying for a terrorist attack, has so far failed miserably.

And has only made him look and sound like a mad emperor, or the Sith Lord Palpatine...

Now he is trying to use the fear and uncertainty his failed economic policies have created, to try to convince Canadians to give him another bloody majority.

Which is in my opinion the very definition of insanity. And why I need to get away so badly.

Return to the land that has just crushed its Cons, and reduced them to a solitary MP. 

Breathe in the fresh air of the highlands, instead of the stench of Harperland.

Hit the road on my bike, or just go a little wild, like my buddy Danny MacAskill...

It should be quite a journey. But I will be able to post occasionally.

And you can be sure that wherever I go, I'll always be dreaming of the day when we are finally free, and this insane nightmare is finally over.

Hold the fort while I'm gone everybody.

And I'll be back soon...

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  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Jesus Harper has 'tanked' Canada. The mailroom economist - party of One has flailed and failed the country... from coast to coast to coast. The 10 plus year Reform - Con occupationand suppression of democracy is soon to end. The Harper is toast as are all his barking seals. The tantrum reign will soon be over. It can not come soon enough.


    1. Hi're right the mad prophet has led us to disaster on every possible front. But yes, finally we will have a chance to get rid of him and his foul regime. I ask for no more than that, and dream of the day when the Cons go down in flames...

  2. "Harper Pins Election Hopes on Stewardship of Canadian Economy "
    Oh please make it true.

    I just noticed another oil company laying off staff in Calgary in the paper this morning.

    I think you're right, Harper and his closest advisors seem delusional.
    Have a good trip, I hope it's a holiday.

    1. Hi jrkrideau....when it comes to the economy the Cons are down to smoke and mirrors. And yes they are both desperate and delusional. And thanks, I have a little work to do in Edinburgh, but after that it's mostly holiday. A chance to clear my head, and rest up for the battle ahead...

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    To date "free" trade agreements including the one with China have a clause which gives investors the right to sue foreign governments ( Canada) for enacting or supporting laws that they view as discriminatory. This includes supporting public institutions such as the CBC, supporting industry supply stabilization such as quota systems,or enacting new legislation to improve public health, safety or the environment. This clause in the NAFTA agreement has cost Canada billions in law suits and has prevented enactment of legislation to benefit Canadians. Rather than learn from the past and seek better trade deals for the future the Cons are willing to sell out Canadians for what likely amounts to attracting large multinational business investments mostly in the oil and defense industries. These agreements negate provincial rights and the TPP agreement is shaping up to be a major wedge issue in the Quebec agricultural sector but should be for all Canadians as it negates sovereign control over legislation that best supports Canadians. Yes to free trade but not at all costs. Just another example of how the Cons just don't care about the average Canadian.

    1. Hi RT....yes all these mysterious trade deals all have one thing in common.They are all undermining our sovereignty and giving foreign corporations more power over our lives. And what makes it worse is that Harper is in such a hurry to sign them he will no doubt sell us down the river. But one more reason to get rid of him....

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Thanks for sharing the guy with the bike, Simon! Have a lovely rest and take good care of yourself!

    1. Hi anon....your welcome I'm glad you liked it. And thanks it will be a good rest, and don't worry I won't be trying too many of Danny's moves.... ;)

  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    If Harper's deluded enough to think sane Canadians will fall for his "great economic manager" bullshit then he truly is insane. No amount of money or lies will change the fact that he was never ready to run this great country and we WILL have our "Christmas in October" when he's booted out of office.
    Have a great trip Simon.

    1. hi JD...I agree and I don't think Harper believes that either. Take a look at that photo at the top of the post. Does that look like a winner? And yes I'm up for Christmas in October. There may be a shortage of turkeys at that time, but there will be plenty of Cons. ;) And thanks, I should be back blogging by Monday...

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Hey Simon: Remember the Postmedia/Mainstreet poll one week ago that claimed that the Cons had overtaken the NDP with a support of 38% after the arrival of the UCCB cheques?

    Well, there were two polls reported this morning. EKOS still had the NDP leading while the Cons were at 30%: Forum meanwhile had the Cons tied with the NDP at 33% :

    Thus both EKOS and Forum today failed to confirm the sudden jump in support for the Cons to around 38% after the arrival of the cheques. Thus we are almost sure now that that Mainstreet number of 38% was only for eligible parents closely following the arrival of those cheques, not the true public support for the Cons.

    And you were right about Eric Grenier/CBC already averaging that Mainstreet poll to show a significant rise in support for the Cons. Disappointing that Grenier apparently failed to do due diligence and had apparently mindlessly averaged support for a small group of voters (eligible parents closely following UCCB payments) with true public support as gauged by other polls. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

    1. hi anon...or should I say my polling expert? Yup, it looks like Postmedia distorted the Mainstream results for crass political purposes. I also see that according to EKOS the Bloc numbers are subsiding like that other poll suggested. I think the greatest challenge we face is to make sure we don't split the vote. But more on that when I return....

    2. I asked Eric Grenier about this. He responded in an email:

      "This is wrong, the Mainstreet poll was among all eligible voters. The UCCB topic was just one question posed to a sub-sample of the entire group."

  7. 6 charts show Stephen Harper has the worst economic record of any Prime Minister since World War II

  8. check this out everyone -- if it's true, we are going towards a more sane trade deal with Europe at least -- and when we get a new government shortly, the same should be applied to the TTP idiotic deal ....

    1. Hi Jolly Roger....well that's encouraging, and I hear the TPP is in trouble too so that's even better news. I fear that Harper is so desperate he is capable of signing anything, and selling us out to the lowest bidder...

  9. Wow. Not a good sign for Harper when his braintrust displays GeorgeLucas-ian levels of intellect. He is so going down, and Peter Mackay not running,... John Baird bowing out,... Anyone there with half a brain has seen fit to split while the ship still lists.

    1. Hi Scott.... I have to believe you're right, and that the loser Harper is going down. For to believe otherwise would be to lose all faith in the people of this country. I know the Harper years have made many grubby and greedy, but surely even they can't be bought that easily....

  10. Ha, say hello to David Cameron, PM over there! But I don't know if the Tory bastard dares to go up to Scotland, despite his fine Highland name.

    Gilles is standing in his old riding, Laurier Ste-Marie, but I doubt he'll win.

  11. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Sunday, August 2, 2015, 11 a.m.: governor general of Canada (a.k.a. heil harper's other henchman) dissolves parliament.
    If Canada is so democratic, how come we still have this british fossil throwback dictating to us what happens with our own government?
    heil harper's comments about the campaigns being funded by the respective parties will only be believed by the most dense and idiotic of the Canadian electorate. All of the cons' monies come from us, the Canadian taxpayers. We're just too stupid most of the time to understand how that works.
    Here we go again......