Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Week Stephen Harper's Cons Raped Our Democracy

Ever since he came to power he has been stealthily gnawing away at the fabric of our country.

Waiting until we are asleep, or distracted, to gobble up another little bleeding chunk of what was once Canada.

But what Stephen Harper has done in just the last week, is now threatening to kill our democracy.

For it was the week he went crazy, and started tearing away at its flesh like a rabid animal, or a MANIAC.

First he sent out his ghastly little stooge Pierre Poilievre to sell his Orwellian so-called Fair Elections Act. 

Which although coated in sticky icing, like lifting the election result blackout, is a bill to suppress the vote, and practically ensures that we will never have a fair election again. 

The act provides changes that will only help the Tories. It is tailored to help political fundraising as the Tories practise it. It weakens oversight of electoral misdeeds, which is good for a party that complains about being constrained by existing laws. And in the face of what may be an irreversible decline in voting, it has silenced the lone voice trying to spur more Canadians to vote. 

It's an insurance policy the Tory government hopes will allow it to continue governing without fear of an opposing popular uprising or watchdog wrist-slapping.

And that the Cons will have their way with us, and steal one election after the other. Like they tried to steal the last one.

Then he sent out his other sinister stooge Chris Alexander to flog his new Citizenship Act.

By claiming it's all about fighting terrorism, and streamlining the immigration process.

When in fact its dark heart is a plan to strip Canadians of their citizenship.

The proposed legislation would give the immigration minister the power to revoke a person's citizenship for acts against Canada.

The government would also have the ability to revoke citizenship from those who has been "convicted of terrorism, high treason, treason, or spying offences, depending on the sentence received." The immigration minister would have the final say in decisions to revoke citizenship, not the governor in council, as is the case now.

The bill is just another Con Trojan horse.

The federal government’s new citizenship bill is a Trojan horse. It is presented as an attempt to reduce fraud and rationalize the process of becoming a Canadian citizen, both of which are sensible aims.

But it would also give Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government unprecedented authority to strip Canadians — including thousands born in this country — of their citizenship.

Just like the Trojan horse cyberbullying bill, or the so-called Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act.

Which while claiming to protect children, is really intended to give the police more powers to spy on us.

And you don't have to be a dual citizen like I am, or a weatherman, to know where this ill wind is blowing.  In a country where the Con regime has labelled those who oppose its Dirty Oil policies as Enemies of the State.

In a country where we also found out this week that the Con regime is using Revenue Canada to try to intimidate, muzzle, or destroy some of its most determined environmental opponents. 

The Canada Revenue Agency is currently conducting extensive audits on some of Canada's most prominent environmental groups to determine if they comply with guidelines that restrict political advocacy, CBC News has learned. If the CRA rules that the groups exceeded those limits, their charitable status could be revoked, which would effectively shut them down.

So Big Oil can rape this country raw, and get away with it.

And just at a time when the Cons have announced that they plan to rush this anti-union bill through the House. 

A Republican-style bill that would weaken or destroy the labour movement, and leave us totally HELPLESS.

Like flies in a spider's web...

Because that's the only way to understand how Stephen Harper operates, or what he has done to our democracy.

Crawling around around in his foul darkness, stroking it with one leg, hiding the stinger under another. And then when he thinks we are sleeping, biting it over and over again until it's dead or DYING.

Because it should be clear to all Canadians by now that these are not the random acts of a maniac. They are the signs of a monstrous coordinated CONSPIRACY.

And let there be no mistake, if we allow him to get away with all of the above our democracy doesn't stand a chance.

But the problem is that no Canadian government has ever acted like this, the opposition in Parliament is helpless to stop them, especially since the Cons keep choking off debate.

And our politicians seem unable to paint a big picture of what the Cons are doing, but just keep playing the same old game with the same old rules while our country slips away.

So unless they can change their tactics, and mobilize the population more effectively, we are going to have to stir up things ourselves, in preparation for a summer of protest.

By among other things attending demonstrations like this one later today.

Or we will end up paralysed and helpless in that nightmare country I keep telling you about.

The one so many didn't think could happen here.

The one we won't recognize...

Yup. In Harperland today to resist is to exist.

And it is now or never.

Don't let him kill our democracy so easily.

See you in the streets...

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Anonymous said...

We have to get off of our fat Canadian asses and hit the streets. Only then might the alternate parties address our concerns and develop economic and social policies which will benefit the vast majority of Canadians.

Anonymous said...

If I could be there I would. 5000 miles away. Phoning and sending letters and email to every con I can think of. My nearest con - Brian Jean - quit. Next nearest is that jerk in the Yukon.

David said...

The pattern repeats and repeats... once you are on Harper's enemies list, he will use harassment and bully tactics to try to intimidate you.

One day, there's going to be a bestseller that exposes all the behind-the-scenes tactics the Cons have used--and continue to use-- in an attempt to shut down anyone who criticizes their policies.

There are about 100,000 charities in Canada. In the previous year of government auditing (an additional $8 million was budgeted for it) and of 880 charities audited, only one lost its license to act as a charity, and it wasn't even an environmental group! Is that good use of taxpayer money? Ditto for the millions the Cons spent to publicize NON-EXISTENT jobs skills training on TV during the Stanley Cup playoffs!

This is chilling...

Listen to this interview:

Prominent environmental charities in Canada being audited by CRA
Friday, February 7, 2014

e.a.f. said...

people voted for him so now they can live with the consequences. Now of course there are many of us who didn't but majority rules. By the time people figure it out, it will be too late, with all the new leg. being passed. We may wind up being a third world country and have to have a revolution like Egypt to get back what we had. by that time I'll be dead and gone. that will be a good think. if people do not protect their democracy, they will loose it.

If people paid as much attention to politics and what politicians are doing, as they do to sports, Canada would be much better off.

Beijing York said...

Regarding that draconian Citizenship and Immigration legislation, read this and weep:

It frightening how much legislation and policy is being spewed out in just one short week. It's like Harper wants to bury the opposition parties so they can barely respond with or without Sheer imposing ridiculous limits on reviewing these new, massive bills - especially with the budget coming forth next week.

Simon said...

hi anon...I agree with you, the progressive fight against the Cons is too small and limited. To fight a conspiracy like that one you can't just depend on political parties, you need to build a movement. And once you build a movement it can also pressure the progressive parties to start tackling the real problems of society, which we urgently need to do or we will find ourselves in a really bad place...

Simon said...

hi anon...I see you belong to the same movement I do. The Dump a Con Whoever They Are and Wherever They Live Movement. In my opinion they are unfit to lead us into the challenging times that lie ahead. They've run out of history, and hopefully soon they'll be run out of power...

Simon said...

hi David...the day the real story of what was going on behind the scenes is ever published, if it ever is, I am quite sure it will be absolutely shocking. I believe I have an inkling of what's behind the curtain and it is a monstrous conspiracy. The good news is that when the truth is revealed, the Cons will be driven from power for a generation. But in the meantime we're left with a government out of control, that is using agencies like Revenue Canada to go after its political enemies, and an opposition helpless to do anything about it. So it will get worse before it gets better...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....the real problem, the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge, is that the left is divided while the right is not. It's a matter of simple mathematics. And you know what they say about people who keep doing the same thing, and achieving the same bad result. It's not just stupidity, it's MADNESS...

Simon said...

hi know when I first heard about that hideous citizenship act the first thing I thought about was Omar Khadr. But then I said to myself surely it could not be retroactive? Now I see from Dr Dawg that indeed it is, and you can imagine how I feel. This is not a just a government without a moral compass, it's a government of sadists. And yes I was struck by the way the Cons seem to be rushing these democratic atrocities into law. They are clearly paving the way to a really bad place, and when you think how many little fascist gnomes it took to make all those sneaky amendments, we are clearly facing a massive conspiracy. I am so wanting to soar above all this grubbiness, and write human stories or fairy tales instead of political tracts,. But I look at it this way: the bigger they are the harder they fall, the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory. If I didn't think that, I would have to leave this country, and live in a place whose values I share...

e.a.f. said...

If they can make it retroactive they will. remember they have a majority so they can do whatever they want. My concern is when you look back at when the Cons started referring to environmentalists as terrorists and now see the legislation regarding the revoking of Canadian citizenship, even if you were born in Canada, you know what this is really about. many Canadians were born in europe, asia, and the u.s.a. OR THEIR parents were, giving them dual citizenship. Those people may have second thoughts about involving themselves in picket lines against the pipelines when the come out of Alberta into B.C. If they don't the cons can always have them arrested, tried, and the cabinet minister strip them of their citizenship. That is what this is really about. How to squash dissent. Putin has done a great job in that area. People run for office against his candidates. Of course the opposition looses. Then at the end of one documentary being shown on CBC you are informed two of one candidates key players were charged with some very strange crime, money laundering was one. he got 4 yrs suspended sentence. How many people will want to work for that opposition member again. in Canada all it will take is for one person to loose their citizenship, even if they were born in Canada and be deported to a country they have never been in, to cool out all protests. This is where we are going.

it is not enough for the current opposition parties to talk about it in the House. They need to get out into the communities and make it clear to all Canadians what the cons are up to. Coupled with the treatment of Vets, who knows we may get a miracle and get rid of stevie slime. This is all being done while the Os are on so not only are people watching them, the media is covering the Os. No room for politics, even if they were inclined.