Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stephen Harper, Jimbo Flaherty, and the Fascist Pigs

It had to be one of the most bizarre sights I have ever seen in Question Period. And yet another sign that the Con regime is running out of steam, and Stephen Harper is losing his marbles.

For there was Jimbo Flaherty, on the day after his budget, sitting like a wax figure, or a garden gnome, while Great Ugly Leader answered all the questions directed at his muzzled Finance Minister.

And it does look a lot like the income splitting question is splitting the Con regime. 

Two of the most powerful men in the Conservative cabinet have openly contradicted each other on a key campaign promise — a split that speaks to the different ideologies and allegiances living within the Tory caucus. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty started the ball rolling early Wednesday by candidly questioning the wisdom of expanding income splitting for Canadian families.

Employment Minister Jason Kenney, however, insisted that the campaign promise would be kept, a sentiment echoed by Treasury Board President Tony Clement. "We made a platform commitment to introduce income splitting when we get to a balanced budget; we'll get to a balanced budget next year, that's very clear," Kenney said.

Or more accurately exposing deep divisions that already existed, in a party wracked by doubts about whether Harper is the best man to lead them into the next election.

But knowing that political thug like I do, I think there was another even more important reason for his bizarre decision to answer all the questions in Question Period, something he never does, even if it meant benching poor little Jimbo.

And making it look as if he was being punished for daring to point out that the income splitting plan is a really bad idea, that would only favour a small group of wealthy Canadians.

And it's this secret memo . 

The federal Conservatives have plotted a road map to a 2015 election campaign that counts on a massive donor- and voter-targeting effort, a communications onslaught, and a bid to “leverage” the popularity of Laureen Harper, the prime minister’s wife, according to documents obtained by the Star.

The one the Cons are now claiming was stolen rather than leaked. 

Conservative MPs are being given assurances by party brass that there is not a high-placed mole within the ranks of the governing Tories after a series of embarrassing leaks of internal documents to the media.

Mr. Soudas told MPs that it wasn’t a staffer responsible, saying instead it was a theft of the information by an outside person.

Because you know they would have us believe that the Con mob leaves its top secret memos in other people's computers, so anyone can steal them.

When in fact they have sent their lawyers after the Star to try to retrieve the document, no doubt so they can try to trace it, and kneecap the leaker responsible.

For having greatly embarrassed Great Leader by suggesting that he is now so weak and unpopular that only his wife can save him.

Because you know how he feels about strong women eh?

Which explains why he felt the need to answer every question in the House today, just to show he's STILL in charge.

Which is of course extremely ironic, considering that all the evidence suggests that Big Oil is now running his government. 

An obvious question poses itself: How far will the Harper government go to neutralize those who oppose the massive expansion of the tar sands? What's next? Covert Conservative operatives trashing the offices of enviro groups? Hacking into computers and destroying an organization's data? Sabotaging activists' vehicles? If this sounds far-fetched, ask yourself how, 10 years ago, you would have assessed the likelihood of the breathtaking violations of democracy that have already taken place in this country.

Given the pace at which the Harperium is neutralizing democratic rights in this country, wary citizens must now be on guard that the next election is not stolen, one way or the other, by a prime minister apparently committed to dismantling democracy and permanently changing the country.

And the stench of fascism is in the air. Along with the stench of something else really porky.

Because there's one other thing in that stolen leaked document that Stephen Harper probably didn't want us to know. Along with his plan to try to mug Justin Trudeau.

And it's this little nugget:

They also included a memo marked “secret” to Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposing to take measures to help incumbent MPs secure their party nominations well before the next election. It said 130 sitting MPs indicate they plan to run again, 11 will not, and 16 are “unsure.”

Which suggests that the PMO is planning to diddle the party nominations, after declaring that they would be free and open.

And more ominously that Harper may be planning an election much sooner than most people imagine.

At least that's what my mole moles tell me.

Which only makes the story of the Cons trying to retrieve that secret document, while claiming that they don't want to trace the leaker, even more absurd.

And for some reason reminds me of this video which was getting a lot of play today.

Where a camera falls out of a plane, lands in Con Canada, and a pig tries to eat it...

Because that's who they are eh?

They don't call them fascist pigs for nothing.

The writing is on the wall. The Con regime is tumbling to earth like that camera.

That piggy is going to market soon.

And so is this one...

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  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Dr Dawg's Blog had a nice segue in it:
    Thought you might like to take a peek at it. It, unfortunately, says it all about harpie and his crime cabal.

    1. hi anon...I saw that post and it was excellent. Like him I was once reluctant to use the word "fascist" lest I debase it or weaken it, but not anymore. Because when you see what they are doing it is clearly corporatism, which is what fascism was known as until Benito Mussolini gave it its modern name. I still find it hard to believe that something so ugly could happen could happen here, but to believe it's anything less is just denial...

  2. I can't figure out the "using the wife eh" plot. As far as I can tell she isn't all that popular with Canadians.

    1. hi rumleyfips...well the idea is to "humanize" him and compared to Harper she is more human. But then who wouldn't be? Will they be successful? I doubt it because after all he has done even a Mother theresa couldn't save him...

  3. Let us cast our memories back and remember when that democratically-elected creep, Adolf Hitler, got int power....

    1. hi mizdarlin...I was watching a documentary on the rise of Hitler the other day, and yes the parallels are striking. The mass propaganda, the creation of imaginary enemies, the appeal to narrow nationalism, and the appeal to the worst angels of our nature, it's all very familiar...

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Hopefully, Laureen can sing much better than her husband. BTW, if Laureen allows herself to be drafted into the Cons Party's re-election plans for 2015, it should be open season on the skeletons in her closet, right? Politics is a mugger's game, no? Just ask her husband. So let us hear from those of you out there who know something. :)

    And, oh yes, if that drummer gets convicted, we should suggest a new name for his band: Harper and the Jailbirds comes to mind.

    Just as Rob Ford had his Jesus moment after St. Jimbo teared up about him, perhaps Harper might have a Jesus moment too after the same St. Jimbo let the cat out of the bag on the income splitting plan. At least, we hope. ;)

    1. hi anon...I have never attacked Harper's wife in eight years of blogging, and as I said above she does seem a lot more human than he is, apart from her horribly bad choice for a husband. But if she does become just a front for that Harperite cult then I will have to criticize her as well. Her private life is a private life, but if she becomes just another Con tool, then she will have to take her lumps along with the rest of them. As for the income splitting story, the irony is that it really is a Jesus moment as I just explained in my latest post. Hallelujah, hallelujah, St Jimbo has been sent to save us... ;)

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I have always viewed Harper as a fascist dictator. Harper's very shady political past should have been enough, to scare the hell out of everybody. However, Conrad Black was a member of Harper's Northern Foundation and kept the lid on things, until Harper was elected. And, it was downhill for Canada ever since, that monster of a Harper got into office. I believe that is why Conrad Black was permitted by Harper, to come back into Canada.

    My worst fear is, if we don't get rid of Harper very soon? We are going to kiss Canada good-bye. I really hope, Laureen understands this, even though it is her husband that is killing our country.

    Laureen and Harper are supposed to have, a professional relationship. So, I don't know if Laureen is on pay or not? Other blog sites have also asked if Laureen was on salary or not? Would that then be, a conflict of interest, if that was so?

    1. hi anon...I have no idea what Laureen's relationship with Harper is, but if she has any sense of decency she will not allow herself to be used by the Cons in such a foul manner. But as I said above even if she does at this point I doubt it will make a difference...

  6. e.a.f.6:12 PM

    The picture showing Flaherty just sitting there with the two blond cheerleaders behind harper is a picture which has been there for at least a yr., in that Flaherty is usually just sitting in his seat looking straight ahead with the same look on his face. It is like he left the party a long time ago. The cheerleaders are usually up and cheering along with the others later, but flaherty, not so much. what we are finally seeing is something which has been going on for some time. Flaherty left the party a long time ago. We just need to know how he will actually divorce them. Don't expect him to run next time, Using the wife on the caimpaign trail, yes, they saw when they had harper and wife in Calgary, with the flooding, . What is her cut of the action., Might we suggest, even if she doesn't like her husband, she likes the life style he has provided her. She won't want to let that go. Life is so much easier when you have drivers, security, first in line, etc. Will it do harper any good, to use his wife in a caimpaign. Most likely not. if a Frank quality reporter were to start looking through all the closets of all the cons, it might be more entertaining than t.,v. and not meet the requirements of the canadian teabaggers.

    The income splitting is only good for those who fit the profile for extremists like harper. will he get away with it and win another election its possible unless the other parties get their acts together and remind the public of what harper and his cons have done. Trudeau does have one thing going for him. A wife with 3 cute kids. Much better picture than Harper, over the hill with teenagers, even if his wife is a blond. all Trudeau has to do is stand there with his family to get the votes he needs.

    Will the NDP win government, most likely not. 'although Mulcair has done a great job in the house, people won't make him P.M. unless the country really goes to hell in a hand basket. Then they will want some one like him, because they think he will be able to "defend" us. It up to the political parties to get their act together and lets not forget Ms. May and the asset she can be in an election. Even the PQ will be able to muster some support if it focuses on things such as the rail accident in Quebec. its as simple as running ads which show the town on fire and ask do they want more of this.

    1. hi e.a.f...The picture I used was from the other day, and I only wish I had recorded it on video, because the moment when Mulcair asked Harper whether he agreed with Flaherty that the income splitting plan was flawed was absolutely priceless. With Harper visibly uncomfortable, and Jimbo staring straight ahead and no doubt wishing he was somewhere else... ;)

    2. e.a.f.6:50 PM

      the question Mulcair asked isn't, in my opinion, what caused the look on Flaherty's face. that look has been there a very long time. its like Flaherty hasn't been with the gang for at least a year, that look is usually on his face. he doesn't applaud when others do, he doesn;t smile, he just sits there. there is more going on then we may know.

    3. Jimbo always looks like he just ate a sour pickle...perhaps he has.

  7. The mole was Dimmy Soudas' ex wife or the ex-husband of his g/f Eve Adams who is Peter Adams:

    repost: But considering she first went to Parliament as an 18-year-old page, has almost a decade of experience in various ministries at Queen’s Park, and has served on the country’s sixth largest city council since 2003, a leadership role seems inevitable. It doesn’t hurt her husband, Peter Adams, is a senior party strategist.


    I guess Laureen Teskey left her second husband Stephen Harper in 2007; that's the first year she refused to pose with Harper for their annual Dec. x-mas / Holiday card.

    I have them all posted here....