Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stephen Harper's Sad and Pathetic Return to Canada

He's back in Canada after his disastrous trip to Mexico and rarely has he looked so diminished.

For while he is desperately trying to spin the trip into a triumph, nothing can conceal the humiliation of this slap in the face. 

Never mind that U.S. President Barack Obama preferred to have a few friends over for movies in the East Wing the previous evening and then fly down and back to Toluca the same day – limiting the long-overdue ‘Three Amigos’ summit to a scant few hours. 

Overlook for the moment that the President’s bilateral with Prime Minister Harper was reduced to a short walk in the park.

When all he got was a vague promise to improve trade between the three countries which is small potatoes indeed.

No Keystone pipeline.

And two cases of beer.

And the way Harper has been happily chirping about that only makes his humiliation even more obvious and pathetic...

Because judging from the few pictures of that very short encounter, if Obama had ordered Great Desperate Leader to polish his shoes, with his tongue, Harper would have done it.

And to make matters worse even his massive publicity machine paid for with OUR money has all but ground to a halt.

After running out of useable photo-ops in Mexico, and blowing the budget in Israel...

And as if that wasn't bad enough, The latest episode of his YouTube video show is now down to just over a thousand viewers.

Or about 50 viewers, when you subtract all the Cons in the PMO who have been ordered to watch it, over and over again.

And things are so desperate Harper himself is now the star AND the director of the Steve Show...

Or The Bomb, as it's known as in Ottawa.

But sadly the stress is showing. Harper's confidence is rattled. 

He can't remember his lines.

And the show is still a DISASTER... I thought I'd just have some fun, setting up that new version of an old tape, courtesy of Operation Maple.

Because if if I didn't laugh at those ghastly Cons I probably would have given up long ago.

But it does show you how canned and contrived Stephen Harper's act has been since he first came to power.

And this is true:

He is so much less than he once was. No amount of propaganda can save him.

And as I told you the other night.

The final close-up is coming....

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rumleyfips said...

So he got back. I thought he might have trouble getting through customs with his ass in his hands like that.

Anonymous said...

What about all the damage he's done, though! Sorry, I don't mean to be negative. For instance, would a new leader reopen those veteran service centers that were closed. Would the tar sands project that is killing Natives be abandoned? What about that secret global pact that Stephen Harper's Trade Minister is about to sign. The one that would allow corporations to sue the Canadian government for billions just for passing laws to protect our health and the environment? The Fair Elections Act which is anything but fair. If it's passed before the election, can it be revoked? I could go on and on but frankly, I'm tired. I honestly believe that somehow, somewhere, at a certain moment in time, a conspiracy was created and it's been downhill ever since. Oh, yes, what about the dismantling of our Health Care? To get back to this secret global pact the Trade Minister is signing, this could bankrupt Canada easily. It would certainly further impoverish Canadians. And what about jobs for young people and the working class of people and the aging people who can't find work anywhere. How about making it easier for people to collect their unemployment benefits? There are so many things that have happened under Stephen Harper to DEPRESS the Canadian people, to take the heart out of them. To destroy their spirit! Something else that terrified me was this new law hidden somewhere in an omnibus bill that stated that in the case of bankruptcy, a bank will be legally entitled to remove our money from our savings accounts without even notifying us. This is the sort of stuff Stephen Harper does to us. This is scary stuff! Yet, there are so many Canadians out there with their heads buried in the sand who know nothing of this. Oh, yes, what about all those science labs Harper closed? Would a new leader reopen those and bring back those scientists (if they want to come back, that is). Really, I'm sure I've forgotten many things but I'm too tired to think at the moment. So, I will leave you with these questions. You're doing a great job here, by the way. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. I'm reading one of your books at the moment. I laughed a lot last night and it did help me. I needed to laugh. Thanks for the chuckles. I certainly won't find them in this crazy upside world!

Boris said...

I'd be really interested to see the US assessment of Harper. Bet the NSA has been listening to his phone calls and reading his email too...

David said...

I'd love to see transcripts of any cellphone, land line, or text messages between Harper and Nigel Wright--especially between May 10-- May 15, 2013 (Harper's mantra is he didn't know about the Wright-Duffy deal until the morning of May 15, when Wright told him himself.)

Yet CTV's Robert Fife broke the story the day before (May 14) and his news report contained IDENTICAL statements from Duffy and the PMO.

The PMO didn't think it important to inform their boss to watch the CTV news that night???

Mike Duffy made secret deal with Harper's chief of staff during audit (May 14/2013)

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...yes he's back. I thought of phoning in a tip to customs so he could be searched thoroughly if you know what I mean. But unfortunately I didn't dare. As you know airports are now CSIS territory and I'd rather not attract even more attention from them...;)

Simon said...

hi anon...when you make a list of all the horrible things the Cons have done it really is appalling isn't it? You hardly know where to begin. Eight years of Con rule have done so much damage it's going to take years to repair it. And it is hard to believe that so many Canadians still don't get it. But we are making progress as incremental as it may be. He is greatly diminished, and hopefully the next year will just about finish him off.
And as Prince Philip himself once told me at my school, when you bash your head against a wall long enough it feels really good when you stop. I was the only boy who didn't laugh because I've always hated the monarchy. But in bleak times laughter is the best medicine...;)

Simon said...

hi Boris...yes. they say Obama spent the night before watching netflix with his buddies. But I bet they were reading Harper's secret messages, and laughing their asses off... ;)

Simon said...

hi David...yes the day we finally find out what's been going on behind the curtain will I'm sure shock the hell out of a lot of Canadians. But not you and me. I think we have figured out his cheap little act already, and nothing will surprise us...;)