Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Outrageous Roman Banquets

Well we know that he has a touch of Nero in him, and we know he loves to eat.

But who knew the Cons were throwing themselves Roman banquets, and sending the tab to the taxpayers?

The Prime Minister’s Office isn’t following the rules when it comes to hospitality expenses. Over the span of the past three years, taxpayers have been on the hook for $67,789.48 to cover weekly catered lunch meetings for PMO staffers and ministerial chiefs of staff — an apparent violation of Treasury Board policy.

And can you believe how much those Con hogs slopped and guzzled?

Records suggest meal preferences for Boston Pizza ($7,724.26 over three years), Mexican restaurant Southern Cross ($9,024.28 over three years), Lebanese restaurant, El Mazaj ($8,471.70 over three years), the House of Greek ($10,020.03 over three years), and Indian Express ($8,442.54 over three years).

Or the Harper brochette...

One restaurant, House of Greek, used to advertise its connection with the PMO, encouraging patrons to order the Prime Minister’s favourite dish, the brochette platter. It also displays a letter from October 2011 from the Prime Minister’s Office thanking “Rahim” for the “excellent service provided by House of Greek to the Office of The Prime Minister.”

Or the fact that they were breaking the rules AND too lazy to pick up the grub themselves.

Byrne said he didn’t think public servants would be allowed to expense such hospitality expenses and he noted there were several restaurants nearby for staffers to grab a bite. 

 “These staffers are surrounded by some great restaurants, take-outs and fast food establishments and they could bring their own bag lunches, so it does seem rich,” he said. “It’s a breach of the rules. It’s a free lunch."

And all this from a government that came to power promising that there would be no "free lunches."

But is now stuffing itself at the taxpayer's expense, in a country where so many poor children are going hungry.

Talk about the corruption of power.

Spread the word. Shame those Con hogs. Tell them we're cleaning them out of there.

And the free lunch will soon be OVER...

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rumleyfips said...

Now we know why Slithery Steve is porking it on. Pigs at the trough indeed.

Anonymous said...

The opposition parties should come out with a video/cartoon showing these fine folks enjoying their fine cuisines while senior citizens in their wheelchairs get their daily "exercise" climbing over snow banks to collect their mails.

Or they could show seniors eating cat food because they are unable to collect OAS until they are 67.

Or they could remind people that these fine folks (enjoying their fine food paid for by you) are not responsible for your hungry children.

The video could end with: Welcome to Harper's Conada, and again flash back to these fine Cons folks enjoying their fine cuisines, perhaps with a picture of Tony and his gazebo saying: Ain't life great when you are with the Con party?

Revolting that we could have a group of people who apparently have no shame at availing themselves of public perks while running around and pretending they are working for the public interest.

And Justin told us we should not be angry with these people, they are just our neighbors. What does Justin know that we don't?

Anonymous said...

Con responds to Simon
"get away from my sandwich!"

David said...

Is that Alberta beef?

House of Greek Ottawa Photo: beef brochette platter

(or does Harper prefer the brochette platter with chicken or pork or whitefish or lamb?)

Anonymous said...

All good ideas Anon. For all the right reasons, too! Justin, I think, by welcoming everyone to join in, is winning 'heart's and mind's'? Especially being our neighbours, we need to show them some kind of a better way, and help them if we can...community...