Friday, February 07, 2014

Rob and Doug Ford's Ghastly Bigot Show

I'm sure you remember the last time Rob and Doug Ford got their own Ford Nation TV show.

And how it had to be cancelled after just ONE episode. 

Because the Ford brothers stank out the joint.

And crappy low budget Fox News North ran out of tape...

Well brace yourself, they're BAAAAACK !!!!

With their even lower budget YouTube show...

And since judging from that performance, I don't think this Con clown show is going to last much longer than the other one.

I think I better hurry up and respond to Robbie's request to be judged on his record, and just say this:

He is without a doubt the worst Mayor Toronto has ever known, a visionless oaf, a bumbling incompetent, a crass bully, an anti-gay bigot. 

Rob Ford has acknowledged for the first time that he skips the Pride parade out of personal preference, not strictly because of his schedule.

“I’m not going to go to the Pride parade,” Ford responded. “I’ve never gone to a Pride parade. So I’m not going to change the way I am.

A creepy so-con LIAR.

Ford is a social conservative who opposes same-sex marriage and who has made several controversial comments about gay and transgender people. But he said every previous year of his mayoralty that he was only missing the popular parade because it conflicts with his tradition of visiting a family cottage over Canada Day weekend.

And a ghastly homophobe just like his thuggish brother Doug. 

Mayor Rob Ford is not homophobic, even though he won't be attending Toronto's week-long World Pride Festival this summer, according to his brother Doug, who is a city councillor.

Who would claim that his bubbah is not a bigot, while smearing the gay community.

The councillor said he himself would not attend the Pride Parade because he objects to the nudity of participants. "Do I condone men running down the street buck naked? No I do not," said Ford. He repeated six times he does not want to see men "buck naked."

When in fact in years of attending Toronto's Pride Parade, in crowds of about one MILLION, I've only seen about three or four elderly naked men, milling around on a sidewalk, admiring themselves, and being ignored by everybody else.

The Pride Parade is not a street orgy, it's an extremely respectable joyful celebration of gay rights in an oppressive world...

And is attended and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of straight people and their kids.

And Doug Ford knows very well that Robbie is a bigot, because of what happened when he forced him to attend the raising of the gay flag at City Hall.

And this is what he looked like...

Because even that small gesture he could not carry out with class, so great is his hatred for LGBT people. In a city full of gay refugees fleeing the prejudice or the loneliness of other places in Canada.

Great eh?

And the good news? If the indifference of the public doesn't take that new YouTube clown show down.

Maybe the police will. 

Toronto police detectives working on the Mayor Rob Ford case have gone back to court seeking more search warrants for cellphone and other records.

The Project Brazen 2 investigation began in May after the Star and Gawker published a description of a video showing Ford smoking crack cocaine and making racially charged and homophobic comments.

Because if that police investigation is as glowing hot as I hear it is, the only show Robbie will soon be hosting is the weekly talent/drag show in the local penitentiary.

And of course if that crack video is ever released it will prove that the bubbah is a bigot. And you can be sure I'll be running it every half hour for DAYS.

Although, all things considered, I still think NOTHING can beat this video...

Because it's so well done, and has such a happy ending. 

And the best news? The resistance is up and running.

We held our first Dump Ford meeting the other night and more than thirty people attended. Which is huge for our small community, especially since we're still waiting for Olivia Chow to declare her candidacy.

But you can count on this.

The Con bubbah will be beaten.

And that yellow bigot is going down...

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Anonymous said...

...true to form for people (cons) who believe, just like Robber Ford believes and has publicly asserted--that "crackheads deserve a gun to the head, cuz what'll they do to us and ours?" and promote--as in legislate--other various ways and means to kill us off. (No safe injection sites that do save lives, no homeless problem--no support via Robbie!) So, enjoy the celebration Simon and enjoy the ride, the vipers lose eventually!!

Simon said...

hi anon...yes it is ironic that this ghastly Con beast should be so against drug treatment problems, when he so clearly needs their services. But of course, and too many people forget this, he is a millionaire's son, a spoiled rich boy who thinks he can buy anything. But you're right, he's clearly out of control and heading for his downfall...