Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Incredible Dumbitude of the Loser Tim Hudak

I haven't written about Tim Hudak for a while because quite frankly I thought his Cons would have got rid of him by now. Since he is the best thing the Ontario Liberals and the NDP have going for them.

And he is a real LOSER.

But I see he has been calling himself a "winner" after the by-elections in Thornhill and Niagara Falls.

Even though his party's loss in Niagara Falls, the riding next door to his own, was a HUMILIATING defeat.

And this makes him sound like a MORON. 

PC Leader Tim Hudak has “big labour” in his crosshairs after losing a byelection in Niagara Falls to a union leader carrying the NDP banner. Hudak, who hails from the Niagara Region, blasted public sector unions who turned out in force to support the NDP, and the Working Families Coalition in particular, a union-funded group that has run several ad campaigns criticizing the Ontario Tories.

Can you believe it? Claiming the voters in that riding were so stupid they could be duped by the unions. When in fact voters were rejecting his Big Business agenda which is more American than Canadian. 

There is no reason for Ontario to emasculate its workforce to compete with the dregs of the U.S. economy. Yet that's what Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak would do if he got a majority government. He wants to turn Ontario into a province with a so-called right-to-work law, like many of the poorest U.S. states, under the guise of freedom of association.

And even many in his own party reject his anti-union views. 

Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak is retreating from a controversial anti-union proposal, after a seething internal party battle over the legislation erupted into public view.

Which barely a week ago had him pedalling furiously backwards, only to lose the election because of those views, and then start pedalling furiously forward again.


But then nobody has ever accused Hoo Hoo of being the brightest bulb in the universe.

He is after all a member in good standing of the Con trifecta that Stephen Harper once vowed would take over the Ontario.

You know these three stooges...

And you know how THAT plan is going eh?

But Hudak is right about something.

The union movement IS his determined enemy, and along with other decent people in the province it will help take him to the cleaners in the next election.

Or the garage...

As it will help defeat both Harper and Ford, if the police don't arrest both of them first.

And this is true too:

Tim Hudak is and always will be a reactionary.

An American-style tea bagger in the pay of Big Business. 

He will always be the low life Con who put out this filthy tract...

His homophobia knows no limits.

His dumbitude is only matched by his humungous ego.

And he will always be a LOSER...

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Anonymous said...

god help ontario if that shithead degenerate evers takes the reins.