Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Harperland and the Lights in the Darkness

Oh boy. I realize it's not easy to remain cheerful and optimistic in this dark Harperland. Not even in my little Hobbit Town where it's always Christmas.

Not when this freezing winter seems to have gone on FOREVER

And not when I can't even even tell my friends to cheer up, without risking getting an icy snowball in the back of the head. Ouch !#@!!!!

But think of it this way eh?

At least we know the answer to this three-year-old question...

At least now there can be no doubt whatsoever that we are living in a totalitarian state.

And at least now we know that the Cons are DESPERATE. 

The federal Conservatives have plotted a road map to a 2015 election campaign that counts on a massive donor- and voter-targeting effort, a communications onslaught, and a bid to “leverage” the popularity of Laureen Harper, the prime minister’s wife, according to documents obtained by the Star.

Under “Tactical Plans/Strategies,” it says the party will “Connect with PM with people,” “Leverage Mrs. Harper” and launch a “With Mrs. Harper” video series among others to put a more human face on the government and grab eyeballs in the digital age.

For what else can you call a plan that would have Laureen Harper lead the charge? 

On a motorcycle.

While Stephen Harper follows closely behind...

But not TOO closely, because he's soooooo unpopular he must rely on his wife, and his faithful dog, to save him.

Or his faithful Dimitri...

You know, Soudas, the Con stooge who once helped usher in the age of muzzling the media...

And is now casting himself, along with Mrs Harper, as the party's saviour.

Soudas, who left the Canadian Olympic Committee to become executive director of the party in the late fall at the prime minister’s request, includes in the presentation an enthusiastic claim that his return marks “a new beginning” for the party, and that it was “Good to be back home.”

Even though all Dimitri is likely to contribute to the corrupt and demoralized Con regime is his bloated ego, that bloated presentation, and his experience in fending off SCANDAL. 

Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s chief spokesman denies he received any kickbacks for allegedly trying to influence the appointment process at the Montreal Port Authority.

“What do you see him being able to do, Soudas?” says the voice identified as Accurso. “He’s the boss of Quebec, the real boss of Quebec,” explains the voice identified as Poulin.

Because THAT experience will come in handy.

The pustulent Con scandals may be in remission at this time, or as frozen as we are these days. 

But they will return.

And so will Ol' Duff...

All of Dimitri's grandiose plans risk going up in flames with them. And the Cons know that because look who else they are bringing back.

Lawyer Guy Giorno, a former chief of staff to Stephen Harper whose law firm already represents Nigel Wright, now appears ready to become a legal adviser to the Conservative party to the tune of $14,000 a month, a draft agreement suggests.

Which not only tells you how how desperate they are, but also that there is a mole in the Con organization.

All this is even more true when it comes to the day’s third story, which details the terms of Guy Giorno’s new gig as the Conservatives’ legal advisor. He’s a good choice. He knows the legal thickets surrounding partisan activity well, and understands the difference between what the party might hope and what the rules actually say. 

But his firm is also advising Nigel Wright, and the leaked memo lays out the details of that thorny relationship, and none of it can be pleasant for Conservatives to read in the newspaper they like least. So it looks like the Conservatives have an energetic leaker on their hands.

Which should, even in the darkness of this never-ending winter, remind us that the Cons are a damaged and deeply divided political organization. 

One where more than a few feel Harper is dragging them all down, and are almost as anxious to get rid of him as we are.

Which of course makes Dimitri's plans to humanize Boss Harper, and have him reach out and touch Canadians even more absurd. When even many of his own Cons don't trust him or like him anymore.

And so many other Canadians hate him so much...

So good luck with that one eh?

Which at the end of the day leaves me with this thought for my progressive brothers and sisters, who I love and feel for so much.

Even at the risk of getting an icy snowball in the back of the head. Hey !#@!!!!

Cheer up, better and warmer days are ahead. Don't let the Cons get you down, for they are weaker than they appear.

And even in this icy time, winter is good for something.

And the resistance has never been STRONGER...

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astone said...

I so want to believe you Simon. I live in Winnipeg and try to engage as many people as I can in small political exchanges just to feel them out. You know, the checkers at Safeway. Customer service at Costco, you know just being friendly, the guy i just pulled out of a ditch. The tow truck driver who just pulled ME out of a ditch (did I mention I live in Winnipeg). None of them really give a shit and when I try to explain(in tiny words) just a little of how harper is ruining Canada they look at me a little bit askanse, as if I am crazy. Even some of my closest friends think I am overdoing it. Trust me there is no more ignorant electorate than the Canadian electorate. Keep on blogging Simon !!! You are the true voice of Canada!!!

Edstock said...

Astone — Oh how I wish you were wrong, but the know-nothing 'lumpen' Canuck voter reacts just like you describe. They are the challenge for the next eighteen months.

Simon said...

hi astone...Thanks for you kind words, but I prefer to think of myself as just one of the 20 million Canadian voices, who want the Cons out of there and a country where our precious values rule. I understand why you feel frustrated by the ignorance or indifference of so many of our fellow citizens. In my moments of quiet despair I feel the same way too. But what I think when I recover is that the reason they feel that way is because the opposition parties haven't been able to properly tell them why they should care, or outline an alternative and more exciting vision of Canada. As I've mentioned before I'm afraid they focus too much on the trees and fail to see the forest, or where all of this is leading us. But I see that as a challenge. I will try to come up with some ideas about how we can change that and I am open to any ideas from you and others.
In the meantime remember that you are not alone.We are more and better than them, and if we join forces we will defeat them...

P.S. Of course all of that will be easier when spring finally arrives... ;)

Simon said...

hi Edstock...there is a lumpen element out there, and the Cons cater to them all the time. And as you say they are the biggest challenge we face. But as I told astone I welcome that challenge. I think it's time progressives not only criticize the Cons for their ghastly ways, but also outline our vision of what a better Canada would look like. I confess that at the present just the thought of all that work makes me want to go and lie down. But we do have at least a year, the Cons are wounded, and with one big push I'm sure we can finish them off...