Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Incredible Clown Convolutions of the Loser Tim Hudak

There's an old saying in Quebec, more Con or more stupid than that and you die.

But it clearly doesn't apply in Ontario eh?

Because if it did the loser Tim Hudak would be mummified by now. 

Instead of bouncing up and down like a Con clown.

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has backed down from a proposal to bring anti-union "right to work" legislation to the province, in a bid to take a volatile wedge issue off the table ahead of a possible spring election. 

Right to work, which would have abolished mandatory union dues, had caused an internal battle within the Tory party, with some PCs worried the U.S.-style plan would earn the ire of unions and cost them votes in working class ridings.

Because who is the real Hoo Hoo?

Three weeks ago he was spending all his time selling his "right to work" plan, claiming the big bad unions were ruining Ontario and costing us MILLIONS of jobs.

Then he backed down in a hurry, only to pick up the theme, or the cudgel, the day after losing a by-election because of his anti-union views.

And now he's backing down again? And claiming the reason he's doing that is because the big bad unions aren't the threat he said they were?

In a breakfast speech to a business audience in Toronto Friday, Mr. Hudak tried to soften his climb-down by suggesting he simply decided it would not be an effective enough policy for creating jobs. With only 15 per cent of workers in the province unionized, he said, right to work would not affect enough people to be worthwhile.

OMG. Is that brutish Con mentally unstable, or is he just REALLY dumb?

You know, that first Quebec saying may not apply, because if it did they'd be calling him King Hudakamun by now, and polishing his tin mummy.

But this one probably does: If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a bus.

Because if Hoo Hoo was a bus he really would look like this...

But of course he is a brutish Con, and he is still constipated with more kooky right-wing ideas than he can expel through every orifice.

Like his plans to attack public service workers, lower wages, prevent C students from getting a government loan, and humiliate the poor and the vulnerable. 

If Tim Hudak becomes premier of Ontario, he plans to cut welfare rates and force recipients to spend a portion of the payment on food, making it impossible to afford shelter, transportation or child care.

And the way he bounces up and down like a Con clown, who could trust him with ANYTHING?

But these two things are true:

If he has been forced to temporarily file his anti-union "right to work" plan where the sun don't shine, it's only because he knows the power of this movement...

And its power to DESTROY him.

And two, whatever Hoo Hoo says, or whatever he does.

Whether he is up or whether he is down.

He is always a Con clown.

Always a LOSER....

And Timmy, Timmy, you loser.

This is our song....

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Anonymous said...

Tim has a grandaddy who believes is busting union. Tim was brought up this way. The union saves us all! Save us from the likes of Tim Hudak.