Friday, February 07, 2014

The Putin Olympics and the Nazi Games of 2014

Well the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics are just hours away, and I'll probably watch them. If only to see the fascist dwarf Vladimir Putin claim them as his own.

So soon after his corrupt regime made it clear, once again, why the games never should have been held there. 

Because you can't get more brutish than that. Smearing gay people, whipping up even more hatred against them. 

Looking the other way while neo-nazi thugs beat, torture, and humiliate them.

Welcome to Putin's Russia and HIS Olympic Games.

Where if the Cossacks, or the terrorists, or the neo-nazis, or the Russian mob don't get you.

The drinking water might.

"It will be fixed in 40 minutes," the sympathetic man at the reception desk told me. "But when it comes back on, please do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous." 

Welcome to Sochi 2014, the dystopian-like Games where a simple shower poses a threat to your face, fire alarms ring constantly and several hotels remain unfinished.

And where once you've seen the no-fishing in the toilet sign...

You have to be really brave to sit on one eh?

But not as brave as those who dare defy the fascist dwarf.

Only to find this on their car in the morning.

Welcome to Putin's Russia, welcome to HIS games.

I wonder if the reviews of the opening ceremonies will be as good for him as they were for Adolph Hitler? 

Adolf Hitler was receiving the plaudits of a league far removed from politics, a league of peaceful sport to which he had become the proud host. There can be no doubt that he was proud at this moment of the climax of two years' patient preparation and endeavor. For once pride in an achievement showed in his bearing.

These Olympic Games have had an opening notable even beyond expectations, high as these were. They seem likely to accomplish what the rulers of Germany have frankly desired from them, that is, to give the world a new viewpoint from which to regard the Third Reich: It is promising that this viewpoint will be taken from an Olympic hill of peace.

Two years before Kristallnacht. 

Because let there be no doubt, these ARE the Nazi games of 2014.

Yup. Cheer on our athletes. 

Let them at least act like Canadians.

Hope for a sight of the rainbow colours to embarrass the fascist dwarf.

But never forget his victims...

Or those who fight on...

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Anonymous said...

Manly man looks foolishly foolish. Why can't he let his people go instead of imbarassing his country. And it's good for the economy. I'm not into all criticisms of the Russians however, like there weren't problems here some that lingure to date like an enormous debt.

Simon said...

hi anon...when I was a boy I always felt a special kinship with Russia. It's a big and snowy country like Canada, I like the way they played or used to play hockey. And of course I admired them for having broken the backs of the Nazis during the Second World War. But unfortunately the corruption of the oligarchs, and the growing influence of the Orthodox Church have made it a very reactionary place. I blame Putin and Russia deserves better...