Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Final Humiliation of Conrad Black

I was short, it was brutal, and it was long overdue. 

Former media baron and convicted fraudster Conrad Black has been stripped of the Order of Canada by Gov. Gen. David Johnston.Black, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will also be removed from the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

The Governor General’s office said in a release that both decisions were effective immediately.

But Conrad Black has finally hit rock bottom. 

Although I suppose you could argue that he got there a while back, when he invited Rob Ford on his absurd TV show...

And allowed him to get away with suggesting that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale was a pedophile.

For which he was roundly roasted and made to look like a fool by the CBC's Carol Off.

Off asked Black why he didn't challenge Ford's statement about Dale, especially when the show was taped three days before it aired on Monday evening. "I haven't made a study of every aspect of the mayor's controversy," said Black. "When that was going on I was on a trip around the world.

And some will no doubt argue that Black hit rock bottom even before that. When while still in the Big House he enthusiastically endorsed Herman Cain's run for the Republican presidential nomination.

After such a sequence of GOP fade-outs, it would be premature to conclude that the man the office seeks has been found, but a counter-chippy African-American with his background could be a dynamite candidate and an effective president (and could split the African-American vote with the incumbent). 

You know, this guy...

Who needless to say went nowhere, and like Black has now also hit rock bottom.

The erectile-dysfunction ad is one of more than 50 similar pitches for miracle cures and easy-money tricks that Cain has passed along to his e-mail followers over the past two years.

And is still embarrassing himself like that other Con loser Rob Ford. 

Mayor Rob Ford says he was “speechless” when he was issued a ticket by Vancouver Police for jaywalking Friday night. “I am in shock,” the mayor said moments after it happened. “I was just walking across the street about 200 feet from my hotel when I was approached by an officer and told I was jaywalking. I couldn’t believe it. I said to them 'Am I under arrest?' "

Because as you know, a Con is a Con is a Con.

But yes, as Tim Harper points out, Lord Hot Crossed Buns has finally joined one of Canada's most exclusive clubs. 

Black is now one of only six Order of Canada recipients stripped of the honour and forced to return the insignia. And what a photo op that would be when he hands it over. He joins a pack of fraudsters, a Métis leader who let loose with a string of anti-Semitic invective, and a one-legged kid who ran across the country, only to be convicted later of fraud, assault and drunk driving.

And all I can say is that honour is certainly well deserved.

For although I'm not a vengeful person, and have no desire to see that pompous blowhard humiliated further. Where on earth did he get the idea he could keep his Order of Canada when he isn't even a Canadian citizen?

And after calling his former country "a plain vanilla place."

Just because it snows a lot, and most of us would rather NOT do exciting things, like spiriting documents out of an office....

In defiance of a court order.

Because we don't want to go to the Big House eh?

But then Black did write his own epitaph on this whole matter.

 “It’s really a sideshow. I’m not preoccupied with the Order of Canada. All sorts of people who should have it don’t. And frankly all sorts of people who do have it shouldn’t.’’

And although I don't believe a word of that, considering the lengths he went to keep that tinny thing, for once he was right.

Justice has been done. One Con down so many more to go.

And after one absurd act after the other.

The sorry saga of Conrad Black is at long last over...

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Steve said...

Conrad allegedly destroyed Massey Ferguson and Dominon, alledgetly

Simon said...

hi Steve...I'm sure he did, but in our capitalist society that's not called "destroying" it's called maximizing profits for the rich. And in that world screwing the poor isn't a crime. As I said in my piece, I don't get any pleasure from the man's downfall, he's a character and definitely more interesting than most members of our boring and totally incompetent business class. But I've always felt his character was tragically flawed. For what can explain that a rich boy would get himself expelled from Upper Canada College for SELLING examination papers when he didn't need the money? It makes no sense. And even if I was dirt poor, I could NEVER even think about doing something like that...

Anonymous said...

Simon, thank you for all of the time that you take to compose your blog. I doubt if I have ever told you how much I appreciate it. You do good work, which from me is about the highest praise that anyone gets.

RossK said...


I sure do feel bad that Steve Fonyo, who, despite his later foibles, actually did something for people, is lumped into that group of six.


Simon said...

hi anon...thanks a lot for those kind words. I do take more time to compose my blog than many others do. I feel I owe it to my readers for having the nerve to suggest that they should read what I have to say about anything. Thank you again for your encouragement...

Simon said...

hi're right it does seem a bit unfair. Fonyo's story was a real tragedy, he accomplished such a heroic feat, but was brought down by alcohol. If only someone had been able to help him in time, he might still have his Order...

Anonymous said...

While I enjoy your blog and mostly agree with the sentiments you express within it, I will take exception to this statement: "The sorry saga of Conrad Black is at long last over...". Pompous windbags always find a way to humiliate themselves further (especially those of the 'Conservative persuasion').