Sunday, February 09, 2014

Harperland: The Silence and the Resistance

As I said in my last post, we have lived so long in his depraved darkness we have become numbed to his democratic atrocities.

Or paralyzed like some small animal caught in the murderous stare of a cobra.

For what else can explain that we should find ourselves living in a country where the Chief Electoral Officer feels he can't talk about democracy?

The government's proposed overhaul of the Elections Act includes elements that constitute an affront to democracy, according to Canada's Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Mayrand said "my reading of the act is that I can no longer speak about democracy in this country."

Where a so-called Fair Elections Act is actually a plan to make it easier to steal them, and discourage people from voting.

If [voter] turnout continues to decline at the pace it has been declining over the last 40 years… we'll have questions about the legitimacy of our government and how representative they are," Mayrand said.

In a country where a sinister Con regime and its deranged leader have muzzled the Chief Electoral Officer, like they have muzzled so many others.

And are now using agencies like Revenue Canada to try to paralyze or destroy those who oppose their planet-burning Big Oil policies.

A regime that would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to brainwash us with OUR money.

The Conservative government spent $69 million on advertising campaigns in 2012, bring Ottawa’s five-year total to more than $473 million.

Including millions of dollars to commemorate the War of 1812. 

But doesn't have enough money to treat our veterans decently.

Which makes Michael Harris wonder about the silence of the Con backbenchers.

When will it sink in (as it did with Brent Rathgeber) that Stephen Harper has no goodies for these backbenchers, no respect, no coattails to ride -- and compromised conservative credentials? The prime minister is a dictatorial cult figure who has adopted the same goals and the worst instincts of the people he once insisted were undermining democracy. At a social level, he is deconstructing Canada while delivering the nation's treasure to corporations.

And the depravity of their leader.

With Harper, words mean nothing -- wording is everything. All manipulators, public or private, assume you'll never read the fine print. Just remember the dirty tricks he played with wording on native funding agreements and the Atlantic Accord. He is a political narcissist with an enemy's list, a vicious infighter who will bite off your ear in a clinch, a politician who wants a pack of zombie bobble-heads -- not a caucus of thinking men and women.

And leaves me wondering about the silence of so many other Canadians. Who would shrug off the actions of that foul regime as if they were NORMAL.

When if it happened in any other country there would probably be riots in the streets.

Oh well, as I said the other night, I think the problem is that the Cons were like some kind of alien bug that the body doesn't recognize. We'd never seen anything like them before, so we didn't know how to fight them, until it was almost too late.

The opposition parties fought the Cons on many fronts from the Senate to ATM fees, but they failed to properly frame the larger battle. They didn't see the forest for the trees. They didn't paint a big enough picture of what that Harperite cult is trying to do to this country.

And they failed to reach out beyond the halls of Parliament, and mobilize the population to fight that monstrous conspiracy to change Canada beyond recognition.

And the good news? The situation is changing.

The alien bug has finally been recognized. More and more Canadians are starting to wakeup from the Big Sleep.

So this evening when Lord Harper gave a speech at the Toronto Convention Centre.

A contingent of "Enemies of the State" turned up outside to let him know how they feel about him and his filthy regime.

A senior member of the local Dump Harper (and Ford) Committee shot the pictures, two of the island boys from the Hockey and Revolution Collective delivered them to me when I returned from work.

And I made this little video...

No, it wasn't a huge crowd. Only about sixty people. But it was a joyous mix of young and old. My friends said passersby were cheering, and cars were honking their horns.

And they were noisy. So Stephen Harper must have heard them, and know what's coming his way this summer.

Finally, finally, enough is ENOUGH.

Anything but silence.

And resistance at last...

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  1. I was at that little thing. After the drumming. We need much more. And it has to be sustained and it has to cost the government resources.

    1. It is pretty hard to miss what Harper really is. The Canadian Neo-Nazis, donated to Harper's Alliance in 2002. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front skinheads as, security for Preston Manning. Harper has now taken to destroying books as well. Harper is the one and only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

      So, you tell me how people missed all of that? Harper bringing over thousands of foreigners to take our Canadian resource jobs. The corporations want cheap foreign labor to exploit. With Harper's destruction of Canada? I doubt there will be, a next election.

    2. hi thwap...I wish I could have joined you, but I had to work. Although I did go by there on my way and I saw that the place was crawling with police officers, and police dogs. Stephen Harper does know how unpopular he is. BTW did you see yourself in that video? Unfortunately the sound was screwed up so I had to use drumming sounds from another Idle No More rally. But it was great to see Harper have a reception committee and hopefully this summer we can make those demos bigger and even louder. Good for you for going...

    3. Hi Simon,

      No. I'm not in your video. I might have been standing beside you though. When you filmed the guy with the guy with the "Fascism Check-list." I was standing there and someone was either filming or taking a still photograph of him and some cops told the person behind the camera to move to the outside of the sidewalk.

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    "The opposition parties... .failed to properly FRAME..the larger battle..." Even the Con clown writers know how to begin every answer in the HoC, all day, every day, with--"the premise of your question is false" or "nothing could be further from the truth" or a hundred other variations of framing the subject their way. Why do we let them set the frame? They out-right lie and we try to reason with them? C'mon, the premise of everything they say is false. They're grifters. False assertions. False statistics. False comparisons. Thread-bare webs of utter deceit and total incompetance and the beats go on. Why?

    1. Because they are afraid. The Cons can hurt you.

    2. hi anon...I don't know whether the MSM is deliberately blind to the Big Picture, or whether they don't want to rock the boat, or whether they still see politics as some kind of game. But they have let us down badly and the judgement of history will be harsh...

    3. hi Steve...I don't think the reporters are afraid of the Cons, I think they're afraid of their bosses. Because even newspapers that spend all their time attacking the Cons, endorse them over and over again when election times come. As I said they will face the judgement of history...

    4. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Simon, it's more than QP. It's debate, talking-points, committee meetings, panels--the few they will agree to appear on--I learned last night from P&P a Con media rule, that a cabinet minister does NOT appear with opposition members, and they refuse to allow ANY Con to appear, more often than not. It's a disgraceful, dishonourable, tactical pattern they've developed. How many of them won't speak to press or debate before elections? Criminal, cowardly monsters. They've cultivated Murdoch Monsterism and that is exactly what they do. (I loved it when Moore tried to monster Mr. Trudeau before the boxing match : ) and we saw how that worked out for them!)

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    If I could add, Mr. Mulcair is now calling them "serial cheaters"! That's the idea. (Have you ever known a cheater who didn't lie?) STOP engaging with cons, go right over their heads--and talk directly to, inform, the citizenry!

    1. hi anon...I couldn't agree more with you. The action in Parliament is all very good, but it doesn't go anywhere, few people watch question period, and we need to reinvent the way we do politics. Because what we're doing now isn't working. Hopefully I can come up with some ideas to get a good discussion going...

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Somebody has to start getting to the newcomers because they usually only see what's on "the news" of harpie's actions and the way the right-wingnut m.s.m. in Canada lays it out, they try to always make him look like a hero or benevolent semi-deity, so the newbies assume it's correct info based on the propaganda machines in place from their former homelands programming. Somehow, somebody with a good grasp on the harpie crime cabal's actions has to start making inroads with these new people here because harpie relies on their vote very heavily based on their ignorance levels of his real motives. Also, somebody has to start banging the drum on harpie's wonderful treatment of the Canadian vets. If we can keep this in the spotlight, it will enrage enough real Canadians that they just might remember at election time who really is on their side and who is not.
    Register as a con and then vote NDP. That way you make it to the polls uninhibited and then you can do some actual good.
    And onece we get harpie out of there, we can work on getting rid of mulcair and get an actual leader more like Jack Layton to run that party instead of a harpie-lite wannabe.

    1. hi're right, the Cons are banking heavily on the support of new Canadians. The Cons make it sound that they personally were responsible for letting them in, and as we all know Jason Kennedy never stops courting community leaders who have a huge influence in their respective communities. The Canadian vets story is also a good one, not just because it's such a betray but also because it can help win seniors over to the progressive side.And your exactly right about the process. First we evict the Cons and then we put the heat on Mulcair and company to stop being so wishy washy and come up with some bold ideas to deal with the many challenges we face as a society. I'm easy on the opposition parties right now. But the day they win I will be a terror... ;)

  5. Harper has somehow taken tacit control of the RCMP, The Bank of Canada, The CBC, The CRA, when you disable a countries shock absorbers prepare for a crash.

    All you need to know about the Fair Election Act is that it transfers enforcement from a body responsible to Parliament to a person responsible to a Cabinet Minister. Yes Mr Harper will order his ministers to harm himself.

    1. hi steve...yes they have a small army plotting away, making tiny changes to just about everything and hoping we don't notice. The old story of the frog in the pot of rapidly heating water has never been so apt. It is the story of the Harper years. How a political thug fooled so many for so long...

  6. e.a.f.11:31 PM

    of course the fair election act will be anything but. it will simply make it easier for the cons to get re elected. /what did people actually expect.

    Been watching the Os on CBC. Its been interesting., In between I turn to CBC news channel where they have been running documentaries about Putin and politics. If you watch them, you will see where Harper is going, very clearly. Harper has always had an agenda. sometimes it reminds me of Hitler, sometimes of Putin, but at no time was it a good thing. the documentaries on Putin and politics are so clear, I wouldn't be surprised if some CBC staffer got "mugged" while in Russia. If anyone wants a good look at the future, have a look at Russia and Putin.

    American elites are using voter suppression laws to control things, In Canada they have been using legislation. if the opposition parties don't get their act together soon, we will have the Cons in government until some of aging baby boomers are dead of old age.

    Between the unfair elections act and the new Immigration Act, just watch Harper.

    1. hi e.a.f.. only the Cons could come up with an Orwellian name like the Fair Elections Act when of course it's guaranteed to make elections even less fair. And yes he is our own little Putin. A stealthier version, but just as dangerous...