Monday, January 19, 2015

Can Canadians Be Bought By The Grubby Stephen Harper?

He hasn't been seen for days, since he sent his shabby minions out to announce that he was proroguing the budget until April.

So he's probably banging away on his piano in his gloomy basement, trying to figure out how he can restore the surplus he blew before he had one.

So he can try to buy the votes of even MORE Canadians.

But at least now, thanks to Jason Kenney, we have some idea of how he plans to do that. 

By whipping out a massive chain saw and cutting government to the bloody bone. 

The Conservative government is warning for the first time that falling oil prices could trigger new spending cuts in order to deliver on a promised balanced budget. On the heels of the surprise decision to delay the federal budget until at least April, the government is putting Canadians on notice that it is prepared to cut spending further rather than abandon its goal of balancing the books.

“We’ll have to certainly look at potentially continued spending restraint. For example, we’ve had an operating spending freeze. The Finance Minister may have to look at extending that,” Mr. Kenney told CTV’s Question Period in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Even though economists say there is no need to rush a surplus, and that freeze Kenney is talking about wouldn't make-up for the money they have blown.

The 2014 budget said this freeze would save the government $550-million in 2014-15 and $1.1-billion in 2015-16. Mr. Kenney did not explain how extending the freeze might help the government achieve its balanced-budget promise. 

 “They spent the surplus before they had it and now they’re scrambling to figure out how to make one plus one equal three,” said NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen.

So those Con clowns are making it up as they go along, would kill thousands more good jobs in a country that doesn't have enough of them, just to get the stash of cash so they can bribe as many voters as possible.

And the question Michael Harris asks himself is one I sometimes ask myself: can Harper get the chickens he is going after to vote for Colonel Saunders? 

Stephen Harper’s job in 2015 is simple: get the chickens to vote for Colonel Saunders again. The task of the opposition is harder: awaken the Sleeping Beauty of the millions who didn’t vote last time.

For this is the trouble:

The trouble that is shaping up for Canada in 2015 is all about two things: poisoned information sources, led by the Harper government’s publicly financed mind-control, and 9 million citizens in the last election who found something better to do on May 2, 2011 than vote. There is actually a connection between bad information and a lethargic democracy.

This is the challenge:

There are a lot of theories floating around about why 9 million Canadians didn’t vote in the last election. I lean towards the view that the hellish cascade of agenda-driven, special interest, utterly poisoned communications has persuaded them that dropping out is better than engaging. They don’t know who to believe, they don’t trust anybody, and they don’t think they matter. And the less wealthy and more disenfranchised they are, the more likely they are to ‘fuggit.’

So is this...

And this as I've also been saying for a while, is the best way to fight back against those who would buy an election with OUR money.

The political rescue of this lost generation of voters, and with it, of Canada’s democracy, is beyond the petty bribes of politics as usual. The kiss that will awaken Sleeping Beauty is the promise of a land that is so much bigger than the single issue of the economy.

By making the next election more than just another electoral contest, and turning it into a sacred cause to save our Canada, so we can motivate as many Canadians to get out and vote.

And you know how I believe we can best do that; by getting involved, contributing and volunteering for our progressive parties. 

And above all, by building a Great Stop Harper movement from coast to coast to coast...

One person, or two friends, or five neighbours or fifty fellow workers, at a time.

For if we do that we WILL make it a larger and more noble cause. A cause as big as our country.

More Canadians will be motivated to vote.

And we will defeat this grubby leader...

Send the Con hogs back to where they belong.

And clean-up this foul Harperland.

Before they degrade us further...

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  1. Part of the problem is that I want to vote directly for a pm. Of course my mp is important, but .....anyway, at least change the FPTP.

    1. hi greg...we have to play with the hand we are given. Changing the FPTP system would be a good idea. But we will never have even a chance of doing that as long as the Cons are in power, to choose your MP accordingly...

  2. You can't fix "stupid" !

    1. hi Kathleen...that might be true, but we can try to convince some of the idiot voters in this country that they are making a big mistake, and we must...

  3. Sounds like harper thinks we are all prostitutes willing to sell out for a price.

    I guess he really is the biggest dick of all.

    1. hi ron...yes, as you can probably tell, the way Harper is blatantly bribing some voters makes me sick to my stomach. He really must think we are prostitutes he can buy with OUR money. The man is so grubby he thinks we are all like him, and is as you say the biggest dick of them all...

  4. Here is a quote from someone who also invaded foreign nations like Harper in Iraq Afghanistan Libya and now Syria. The demented leader also lied to his own populace like Harper cook the books mail room boy and like Harper claimed he was the only one that could lead the people to a successful future. History proved him wrong I don't like him at all nor liar liar pants on fire Harper. Are you ready for the quote?

    "What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." Adolf Hitler

    I do believe Steve follows that doctrine he was one of two nations that refused to sign the UN anti-Nazi resolution ya him and make believe Obama who has an alias, go figure.

    1. Hi mogs......I was reading this exact same quote the other day..........consider the source!

      Stephen Harper's favourite quote should be "cya........cover your ass" !

    2. hi mogs...Stephen Harper has been attacking our country and its values from the moment he came to office. And yes he is using the weapons of every fascist dictator, lies, confusion, and fear. If you like that quote from Hitler, how about this one from Goering:

      ''Naturally,the common people don't want war. that is understood. But the people can always be brought to the budding of the leaders. that is easy .all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.'' -Hermann Goering---during the Nuremberg trials.

      Sound familiar? Now let's make sure we defeat him before he destroys this country...

  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    High time for "Die Jungen" to get off their lethargic, self-entitled asses, put down the PS 4's and get out to vote.
    The "hep, young, with-it" Canadians all love to point their fingers at the older folks and blame them for everything but seldom lift a goddamn finger to make things right. If we all actually DID SOMETHING instead of just whine incessantly on these blogs, fucking assholes like harpie and his crime cabal could end up in prison where they belong within 2 years! Let's prove Thwap wrong! He says we can't get harpie out of office. Let's make him eat his words next election night! LGBTQ, Women, Vets, First Nations, poor people, elderly people, anybody needing to rely on our form of medical insurance are all at terrible risk because of the sick, vile rightwing fuckwads like harpie, bairdy (does anybody know if he dodged the shoes as well as "w"?), oiliver and the list goes on . . . They are all part of this country and we need to stand up for them and against the monster that has taken our country over. "Put up or shut up" as they say!

    1. hi anon...don't just blame the young, for they may not vote in great enough numbers, but at least they don't vote overwhelmingly for the Cons like the over 65 crowd does. And we won't get the to vote that way. When I'm not writing this blog, I am organizing in my neighbourhood, and working on a video campaign to encourage them to vote. I saw it happen in Scotland during the referendum, so I know we can do it here. We all need to stand up and fight for what we believe in, or we will lose our country....

  6. e.a.f.7:35 PM

    Lets see, if they are going to freeze the budget we can expect that there will be nothing new in the way of services and benefits for Veterans.
    If there is a freeze on the budget we can expect more RCMP officers to be murdered on the job. They obviously don't have adequate fire power and protective wear.
    If there is a freeze on the budget we can expect more children living below the poverty level in Canada.

    What the Cons will have money for is fighting foreign wars at the rate of $90K per bomb; travel abroad for Baird, Harper, et al; another billion for Con advertising.

    Don't expect any increases to the tax rate for profitable corporations and certainly don't expect harper and his religious herd to "claw" back the income splitting benefits for high income married couples with children. Now of course retired military, oh, right, they get benefits clawed back.

    1. hi e.a.f...they will not be able to squeeze enough money out of government departments to make up for all that money they've blown. Not when they already have cut so much that according to a recent report any more cuts will have a direct impact on services delivered. And I'd love to see them trying to justify that during an election campaign. The fact is they don't know what they are doing, and they're flying on a wing and a prayer...

    2. e.a.f.1:55 PM

      Oh Simon, trust me they can always "squeeze" more money out of government departments. They don't replace staff or leave or on sick leave. the withholding funding for contractors. They will try to force the unions to take pay cuts, cut benefits to federal workers and we haven't even started on cutting Veteran programs or First Nations programs. Have a look at any program which doesn't affect the mainstream population and you can expect cuts there. Oh a really nice saving is simply not send the provinces their cut for the health care system. The cons will always find a way to save money and paper it over with more ads.

  7. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Harper displays once again that reaping oil revenues and slashing the PS are the only talents he has. Not only has his bullying ways permeated throughout the PS via Tony Gazebo, I truly believe they are enjoying it.
    They are so wrapped up in winning the next election using our money and forgo the real work needed to make this country stronger. I thought Mulrooney was bad. Harper is despicable.

  8. Ya hep young with it self absorbed like jian ghomeshi that being said I don't want to delve into that.

    The younger generation has their fingers wrapped around a cell phone or tablet and ear phones attached to their ears 24/7 they do not know what nature is. Harper depends on them not to vote that is why from his conservative data base Tom Flanagan set up he targets older voters who know better than to vote con crooks.

    1. hi mogs...don't blame the young, they are the products of a world that was made for them by others. I didn't have a cellphone when I was a boy, and was quite happy. But now everybody has them, so what are you going to do? The fact is that young Canadians are incredibly progressive in so many ways, and if you can reach them, they will vote...

  9. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Wow, Canadians may be stupid enough to vote for Junior (Justin Trudeau). After all the Liberal Brand is....Tax and spend and look out for our friends.
    Canadians truly may get what they deserve.