Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celebrating Ten Years of Progressive Bloggers

Progressive Bloggers, the blogging aggregator, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. Scott Tribe and others are getting together in Toronto today to mark the occasion.

And they have every right to celebrate, or give themselves a few high fives, for it is a magnificent achievement.

Those who post on Progressive Bloggers, or read those posts, or contribute comments owe them a lot.

And I know I do.

I remember how I had to summon up my courage to join them years ago when the blogosphere was more of a wilder place than it is today. A real jungle full of menacing Con trolls.

But they always made me feel at home, even though some of my hot headed posts in those early years must have made their moderators wince, and no doubt made them fear what wild things I might write the next day.

But their respectable very Canadian influence, and the influence of other bloggers helped tame me. Taught me to control my words. At least most of the time. Ahem.

Thanks to them I got a voice. I got to read the thoughts of other Canadians from all over this big country. I saw blogs come and go. I saw some of the best leave for this other great site after a bitter quarrel triggered by something I can no longer remember. I saw many great bloggers burn out, and sadly even die.

But others have come along to replace them, Progressive Bloggers is constantly renewed, and still a very Canadian space in the vastness of cyberspace. Still one of OUR places where the rich and the powerful can't buy the truth as we see it, as they do the MSM.

And in the darkness of the Harper years it has been a progressive beacon...

Because you can be sure that our Great Dictator and his depraved minions hate it with every bone in their bodies.

So in a country where far too many good things and good people are taken for granted, I just want to say to Scott and his merry band thank you for your tireless efforts to help this space alive and ours. It is noticed and appreciated.

May your beacon keep shining like a candle of hope in the darkness.

And here's to the next ten years !!!

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  1. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Hi're welcome. You and your colleagues deserve a big vote of thanks from all of us for your excellent work. I was hoping to give you a photoshopped birthday cake. But after scouring the internet for images of 10-year-old birthday cakes, they were all so horribly tacky I was forced to give up. For your 20th anniversary I'll bake the cake myself... ;)

    1. Nicely expressed, Simon, and I agree with everything you say here about Scott's Progressive Bloggers.

    2. hi Lorne....Thanks. I thought I needed to say something to thank Scott and his colleagues for all the work they have done to keep Progressive Bloggers up and going.It hasn't been easy and they have had some very difficult times. And of course we've never needed a place we can go to share our thoughts about our country, more than we do now....

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thanks Progressive Bloggers. If I didn't have these blogs to read every day I would be so depressed... and so uninformed.


  5. e.a.f.3:33 PM

    congrats to Progressive blogger adn all those who contribute with their bloggs. its what keeps our democracy going.

  6. A great aggregator if they allow you to join it.

    1. hi A Kisaragi Colour...Why do you say that? Have you had any trouble joining? As far as I know the aggregator is open to all progressives. And as far as I'm concerned the more the merrier...

    2. I have applied for 'The Maple Monarchists' to join twice. It was rejected both times due to the members not "see[ing] anything progressive in content or spirit". I reject this assessment and will reapply in the future.

      In the meantime I'm applying with another blog I write.