Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Crazed Donald Trump Takes Aim At Canada. Again.

It had to be one of Donald Trump's most bizarre and deeply disturbing news conferences ever. 

It lasted for almost an hour and a half. Trump almost never stopped talking, jumping from one subject to another, and praising himself over and over again. 

When it was over I'm sure that millions of people all over the world were left staring at their TV screens with their mouths wide open. 

Wondering whether Trump had finally gone over the deep end. 

For this was crazy stuff

So was this:

President Trump complained on Wednesday that “evil people,” including women in search of fame and fortune, routinely fabricate sexual assault charges against powerful men, and argued that his own experience with such allegations makes him more skeptical of the accusations threatening to bring down Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, his nominee for the Supreme Court.

And unfortunately for Canada so was this:

Mr. Trump had harsh words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, confirming publicly that he had rejected a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Trudeau because of an impasse on trade issues. 

“His tariffs are too high, he doesn’t seem to want to move, and I’ve told him, ‘Forget about it,’” Mr. Trump said of the Canadian leader, saying he was considering slapping a tax on cars imported from Canada, which he called “the mother lode.”

His threat to devastate our auto industry, and his blustering assault on Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Chrystia Freeland.

“We’re very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada,” the president added, saying, “We don’t like their representative very much.”

And all I can say is, Freeland should take that as a tribute to her skill as a negotiator. Team Canada has stood up to the bully well, has made me proud to be a Canadian, and should not now be pressured into signing a bad deal.

And as for Justin Trudeau, for once I agree with Warren Kinsella.

Trump's attempt to diminish him can only make him more popular.

Trump is the one who will end up getting shrunk...

And looking like a tiny maniac, or an ugly little mushroom.

And after hearing him compare his deranged performance to an Elton John concert, this is how I summed up what happened yesterday... 

Trump is heading for the garbage can of history.

And enough is enough...


  1. What an insult to Elton John! Whether or not one likes his music or performance style, he has put his money where his mouth is for decades in support to people living with HIV-AIDS, the struggle against that disease and to LGBT+ rights and dignity in general. By the way, his husband is Canadian...

    Trump has insulted pretty much all close allies of the US, starting with Mexico, most of Europe and several other places.

    1. Hi lagatta...yes I'm sure Elton John would not like to be compared to any kind of performance by Donald Trump. Elton was performing in my neighbourhood the other day, and I must say after reading the glowing reviews I wished I had been there...

  2. Jackie Blue11:50 AM

    Warren Kinsella, vindictive backstabber himself who dredged up that Kokanee bullshit that the woman in question wanted nothing to do with 20 years later. Then stands by and watches as his Twitter mob (overlapping with Ezra's pack of Rebel stormtroopers) and the rapacious Con media, desperate for anything that will "stick" on Trudeau, hounds her to the ends of the earth. Not to mention how said trolls later ended up going after a sexual health activist named Julie Lalonde, who criticized Warren for making the reporter's story his own hit piece -- and who the mob then had the damn nerve to accuse of seducing Justin into an affair!

    I think these are all dirty old men with woman problems and a penchant to beat up on "the nice guy" like playground bullies. It's blatantly obvious why Trump doesn't like Freeland either. But of course, Putin the puppeteer has his own reasons for wanting Trudeau out of office and Freeland with a target on her back. Trump does what Putin wants by default; he's too stupid to understand much else besides "waaa, why won't the mean girl give me what I want" and "Justin's a sissy! How dare he have better hair than ME!"

    I have to say, beautiful little Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford was a far, far sweeter and much better behaved baby than the 72-year-old overgrown brat. Watch Trump make New Zealand the next target of his wrath because she stole the show. Although he thinks Jacinda is Sophie (because all women are interchangeable to him), and there was a picture floating around from Sophie's Instagram where she's feeding the baby, so if that shows up in his Twitter feed he'll get confused again and just hate on Canada even more.

    As a warning, be on the lookout for the possibility that he wages total war on "socialist shitholes" with lots of oil. (I know Canada is not "socialist," nor is it a "shithole," obviously, but it's considered a leftover Soviet satellite state by the U.S. right-wing because you don't make children with cancer take out high-interest loans or work 18 hours a day in the oil fields to pay for their care.) The phallically-challenged petrosexuals are running out of countries with brown and/or non-Christian people to blow up besides Venezuela and Iran, and Michael Moore's Canadian Bacon, thus far his only work of fiction, is looking more and more like it belongs in his documentary catalog every day... 😨

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, I won't be endorsing Warren Kinsella for anything anytime soon. But considering how anti-Trudeau he has become I thought his latest prediction might drive the other Trudeau haters crazy 😉
      And yes those dirty old men are still a problem, but their best days are behind them, and their future looks bleak...☠

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    As much as I dislike Warren Kinsella I think he’s right on this occasion. Trump’s attempt to bully Justin Trudeau and his team will only make him more popular. Andrew Scheer and his Cons won’t ever give Trudeau the credit he deserves. But Scheer has always sided with Trump so his opinions are irrelevant.

    1. Hi anon...Any Con who has tried to bully Justin Trudeau has ended up badly, and I don't doubt the same thing will happen if Trump tries to go after him. And as for Scheer and his Con traitors if they try to stab Trudeau in the back as they have before, they will suffer the same fate...

    2. Hi anon...anyone who has tried to bully Trudeau has always ended up badly, and if he tries it the same will happen to Trump. As for Scheer and his traitor Cons, they have tried stabbing Trudeau in the back before, and it got them nowhere...

  4. e.a.f.5:39 PM

    watched as much as I could bear but did catch the part about not liking our Negotiator. yes, I'm sure he doesn't like her. So much smarter than him, doesn't defer to him as a superior being, looks like a professional while not having hit the make up and hair salon before every appearance on camera. that is what he hates about Freeland, that she is competent, and does her job without any histrionics. He can't shake her, she just keeps doing her job. I'm so proud of her. don't know if Freeland is a Mom, but she does seem to know how to deal with toddlers who are having a tantrum.

    Trump's lies about Trudeau wanting a meeting, are just that, lies. Trump has to make him self look important and tough, its not working. You just have to see the dramatics right now on the Senate Hearings.


    If Trump wants to impose tariffs, let him. I'm sure those big 3 will be in to chat with him about how he is making things difficult for American car manufacturers, how he is increasing the cost of new cars for Americans and he had better knock it off before they stop financially supporting him.

    Their stock market may continue to go up, but it can crash very easily. For a country to grow, they actually need to produce goods and that is one thing they won't be doing if they can't sell things. Trump is setting up a financial crash.

    its just bad comedy.

    1. Jackie Blue6:33 PM

      Freeland is a mom, a proud mom of three. In fact her kids even made her a cute T-shirt that said "Mama is not Chop Liver" on the front and "Keep Calm and Negotiate NAFTA" on the back.

      The Cons should sell T-shirts for their idiot base, who've made it clear that they're taking the side of the Scheer Dotard party and the Yank Wankers instead of Canada and Team Trudeau: "I'm With Stupid."

    2. Hi e.a.f...I lost about an hour of my life watching Trump but I could not tear my eyes away, it was just so bizarre. Trump may have been trying to make up for the humiliation of being laughed at the day before, but he didn't do his cause much good with that rambling diatribe. And like you, I believe that no deal is better than a bad one...

  5. as usual weak Andy was in Question Period questing why we are upsetting Trump

    1. Hi Steve...thank goodness I wasn't able to watch Question Period, because Scheer's traitor act makes my blood boil. I happen to believe that whatever party you support, when our country is fighting a threat like Trump, all decent Canadians should support the government of the day....

  6. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Nice try, Simon, but I'm not clicking on that video link. I've already heard the plaintive cry of the Krazy Kumquat Klown far too many times.

  7. Hi anon...I can understand why you feel that way, my mother has banned Trump from our home in Scotland. But I found the tape quite hilarious, and I hope it will be introduced as evidence when Trump finally goes on trial...👮🏻