Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stephen Harper's Most Sad and Disappointing Christmas

Well it finally snowed where I live, as if to remind me that I'm still living in Canada, even in the ghastly darkness of Harperland.

The deathly place where the frozen bodies of the hopeless are stacked up like cord wood, or those kayaks.

But it's also beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And although I can't remember a grimmer holiday season, with the world never looking more depressing and dangerous, and all the horrible stories in the news.

At least I'm comforted by the warm thought that this must be Stephen Harper's worst Christmas EVER !!!!

Or at least his most disappointing. 

Just a couple of months ago he must have thought he had lucked out, and that the terrorist scare and the Great War on ISIS had come out of nowhere to save him, and maybe win him another mandate.

Only to be blindsided by another unforeseen event, the collapsing price of oil. And see all his dreams go up in smoke, along with his phony reputation as a Great Economist Leader.

And what must make him even more desperate, as Tom Walkom points out, is that he just can't help himself... 

He simply can't change. 

Stephen Harper is consistently consistent. The prime minister has been known to change his mind. But such events are rare. A practitioner of Brian Mulroney’s famous credo that “ya dance with the one that brung ya,” Harper is careful to assuage his party’s brand of small-c conservatives — even though they represent only a fraction of the electorate at large.

He is driven to pleasure his rabid religious base. 

The Conservative government is facing renewed questions about an alleged anti-Muslim bias following revelations it wants to cherry-pick which Syrian refugees will be accepted into Canada.

Even if it means favouring the lives of Christians over all the others.

He can't even pretend to care about climate change, or the planet, or all that live on it.

As the Star reported this week, Canada has chosen to opt out of a recent international decision to restrict trade in 76 endangered species. 

In 2012, his government axed a host of environmental regulations designed to protect Canadian fish. Now it is opting out of measures designed to protect tropical ebony trees. Strange, perhaps. But consistent.

He hates women, and veterans, and scientists, and all who dare oppose him. He can't control his dark side. 

Harper has a dark side. In 2001, he helped pen a bitter letter calling on Alberta to create a “firewall” that would protect the province from Ottawa’s depredations. After his Conservatives lost the 2004 election, he disappeared from public view for nine weeks — apparently because he was in a snit. 

Former adviser Tom Flanagan later wrote that Harper suffers from bouts of depression.

So now that it's all going wrong, he must be a real mess, having a really miserable holiday season.

And really hating that HarpCon Christmas tree...

Because he must know that the miserable state of the economy has just about killed his hopes of calling an early election, so all those scandals WILL come back to haunt him.

He must know that this message which is EVERYWHERE...

Is starting to look like a bad joke, as his petro state goes down the toilet and his diving Harper Peso makes us all poorer.

And it must all be driving him CRAZY.

Which of course is having the opposite effect in the quiet little place where I like to hang out with with my friendly elves...

Where the thought that this could be Stephen Harper's last Christmas in power has our spirits soaring.

And the booze flowing.

And the mood is somewhat similar to the one in this neighbourhood...

Wasn't that great? And can you imagine what Canada is going to look and sound like the day the filthy Cons and their depraved leader are defeated?

Santa, Santa, I promise to be good.

Please bring me a new and really Canadian government.

And have a great weekend everybody !!!

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  1. Even Premier Davis of Newfoundland is quoted as saying that the PM is "not to be trusted"! Funny, when I was in NL watching the PC Convention and thinking that Davis himself was not to be trusted! What a farce!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes I saw what Premier Davis had to say, and I'm very impressed. No wonder I love that province so much...

  2. Look @ what Michael Harris has to say from this article:

    "Harper has been losing friends for a decade — now he’s losing his base"


    Michael I hope beyond hope you are correct.

    1. hi mogs....he has lost some of his base, but he is singularly focused on getting it back, so we'll have to see what happens. Anyone who could vote for Harper even once cannot be trusted...

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    We can expect many groups to be encouraging their members to vote ABC in the next election: the unions, Veterans, scientists, doctors, environmentalists, Quebecers, and now, perhaps Newfoundlanders, again.

    Even Harper must know that he is toast unless he cheats (some would say, again) or the Liberals and NDP stupidly fight and split each others votes. Thus I was laughing whenTim Harper (TO Star) recently proclaimed that Harper has wind in his sails: what was Tim smoking?

    I am expecting layoffs to begin soon in the oil patch as the descent in oil price is nowhere finished. As the CEO (?) of Canadian Natural Resources had pointed out recently, WTI (WestTexas Intermediate) was trading at around $35 per barrel for a few days in the 2008/09 financial meltdown. WTI futures closed around $47 last week so there is still room for it to fall further. Western Canada Select (Alberta's bitumen oil) is aleady trading around $42 per barrel. At this price, I would suspect very few Albertan oil companies are making any money.

    And remember that Dear Leader had once upon a time proposed a "firewall" around his landlocked province. If he had any vision, he would have supported PET's NEP and built more pipelines instead of letting those eastern bastards freeze in the dark, while selling Albertan oil at a double discount to Americans and while insisting on international prices for their own Canadians.

    How long before the eastern bastards will be asked to support the Albertan oil industry again, the way they had to pay higher than international oil prices for almost a decade and a half during the Diefenbaker years when Alberta was suffering due to the collapse in oil prices? The IMF, if I recall correctly, estimated that Canadians are already subsidizing their oil industry to the tune of $34 B annually.

    Which leads me to my pet question: why would any Ontarian/"eastern bastard" vote for a government which is screwing them to subsidize the oil industry in Alberta?

    And especially now that he is showing contempt for Wynne by refusing to meet with her while meeting Tory, Prentice, even Davis, and foreign leaders/diplomats.

    1. "...what was Tim smoking?" makes one wonder and as for cheating we know Harper cheats and lies on a regular basis and hates normal Canadians. I hope the entire East votes ABC...

    2. hi anon...I sincerely hope that progressives will put their country before their parties and do what needs to be done to create an ABC movement. If it can only be done once now is the time. As for your question about why the "eastern bastards" should support the Alberta Cons I have no idea why so many have been fooled for so long. The petro state policies of the Harper regime have done enormous harm to that region, and it's time the Cons paid for what they have done....

  4. So CETA would result in job losses in Newfoundland. And the Govt would compensate them with public taxpayer's money. Isn't CETA great! The issue with Mr. Davis is about how much was promised.

    1. hi Hugh...yes isn't CETA great indeed? And most of us don't really know what's in it, or even less understand the implications. But judging from Newfoundland's case Canadians everywhere can expect to get screwed. And that's just one of many bad deals Harper has made in the last year. The man is a complete sellout...

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Harper is the worst most corrupt PM, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper is the one and only PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

    Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists and then, sells Canada to Communist China with his FIPPA deal. Now China is financing Putin. Russia is nicely sharing our High Arctic with China. I don't doubt, China and Russia are laughing all the way to the bank, at Harper's stupidity.

  6. "Even if it means favouring the lives of Christians over all the others."

    What a waste of energy, cuz don't Christians live forever in the arms of Jesus?

    1. hi kootcoot....Well it seems that some things are best not left in the arms of the good lord. But considering that the Christians are less than 10 per cent of the refugees, and that need is usually placed before religion, it really is appalling. I can hardly wait to see what our Religious Ambassador has to say about that...

  7. I'm curious as to who Harper will pick to throw softball questions at him for his annual year-end TV interview.
    Last year Harper was interviewed by Global TV's Jacques Bourbeau.

    Well, it certainly WON'T be:

    a) Robert Fife

    b) Craig Oliver

    c) Tim Harper

    d) Michael Harris (author: "Party of One")

    e) Tom Clark

    f) Terry Milewski

    g) Evan Solomon

    h) Thomas Mulcair


    i) Jian Ghomeshi (but you would have high TV ratings if Ghomeshi got the gig!)

    Maybe Ezra Levant? Or for TOTAL CONTROL, Harper could interview himself!

    1. hi David...yes it will be interesting to see who gets the call. However I wouldn't be surprised if it is Mansbridge. With the CBC in such a state and unable to hold the higher ground, I think Harper might enjoy rolling in their misery....

  8. David your last line above is a crack up ROFL I think that would suit the dictator Harper interviewing himself he he he...

  9. e.a.f.10:00 PM

    did like that, harper interviewing himself. no unfortunately they will hold a "gun" to the head of CBC and the interview will go ahead. it will be up to all of us not to watch, so it becomes the least watch t.v. segment in Canadian history.

    harper and his religious base won't sign onto anything which prevents things from becoming extinct, because they believe everything is god's will. if god wants it to live, it will live and if she doesn't well then it won't. of course god does want stevie slime to be P.M. but then stevie hasn't factored in he isn't the only one praying these days. even atheists are praying for stevie slime to slither away.

    I loved it when the N.L. premier said he could not trust harpercon. No doubt. When you look at the criminal cases around harper who the hell would trust him. even if he could demonstrate he knew nothing and wasn't involved, you'd still question his judgement.

    Even if Mulcair and Trudeau can't get their acts together, people might not like their fighting, decide harper has to go and they vote Green and Elizabeth May. if the boys can't get it together, perhaps a woman is what the country needs right now. At least Elizabeth May cares about the environment.

    1. hi e.a.f....I would enjoy seeing Harper interview himself, and Elizabeth May does impress me. But I'm afraid unless the situation changes, a vote for the Greens would do as no good. We have to vote for the progressive candidate who can best beat the Cons in any given riding, or in many cases risk splitting the vote and having a Con come up the middle. I don't knowhow it can be properly done, but we all should at least start thinking about it....

  10. Simon I think you will like this: A quote from the article:

    "So, which songs has Harper tackled? The list looks like something you’d hear at karaoke night at the Firkin—except only sung by a tuneless illuminati lizard-person (or something like that). Check the tracks below."

    Love that Illuminati lizard-person ;) How descriptive of Herr Harper.

    Link to article:

    Randy Bachman's take? Here:

    1. hi mogs....yes that is an interesting list. And I'm always glad to see a musician complain about Harper mutilating their songs. I'm actually amazed that Harper takes his ghastly act so seriously, and when I think of him practicing in his basement I can't help thinking of the Phantom of the Opera. It must be a scary sight... ;)

    2. Herr Harper is the sick phantom of Canada eh?

  11. Anonymous wrote: "Even Harper must know that he is toast unless he cheats (some would say, again) or the Liberals and NDP stupidly fight and split each others votes."

    The return of Pierre Poi--LIE--vre...... here's the Unfair Elections Act (Part 2):

    POWER AND POLITICS | Dec 11, 2014 | 11:57

    Pierre Poilievre on the Citizen Voting Act
    The Minister of State for Democratic Reform discusses proposed new voting rules for Canadians living abroad.

    1. hi David...yes I saw that interview or as much as I could stand. Poilievre was well prepared as usual, and more subdued than usual, but I still want to see the fine print....