Monday, December 01, 2014

What We Can Learn From the Ruined Cities of the World

I've always been interested in ruined cities, from those buried in the sands of Egypt to those like this one in the jungles of Belize.

For beyond the thrill of exploring them, I'm fascinated by what they tell us about the follies of humanity.

And what we can learn from them, at a time when the very survival of the planet is threatened.

Especially the lesson that when we challenge nature, we can only LOSE.

For it is not only powerful enough to destroy us. It will also reclaim the ground we once stood on, bury it in sand or greenery...

And make it look like we never existed.

Like it's slowly doing in the deserted Ukrainian city of Pripyat, nearly thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

As this stunning new video shows...

And what I take from all I've seen, is that these ruined cities are warnings from Mother Nature:

If you think you are so clever, you're not clever enough.

Destroy those who would destroy me. Like Stephen Harper and his planet burning Cons.

Or I will destroy you puny humans. Kill your children and your future.

And bury you ALL...

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  1. Fort Mac Alberta is next as oil boom goes bust...--

    1. hi mogs...yeah I've been reading about the situation there, and about those with $400,000 homes. I don't wish to see ordinary workers hurt, but as for their greedy bosses and the incompetent Harper government they can drown in the tar ponds as far as I'm concerned...

  2. e.a.f.1:54 AM

    It is interesting to see the area around Ch. Nature has returned. The radiation is still there and they are building a new "tomb" for the plant.

    There are areas in the middle east which were once thriving cities, and then the drought came and the cities are no more. We shall see what happens next in California.

    1. hi e.a.f...the Chernobyl ruins are truly frightening, as are the ruins of Detroit. But the picture at the top of the post are the ruins of Caracol, the last of the major Mayan cities to be discovered, which I have explored with my brother. And it finally solved the mystery of the decline of the Mayans Empire in the Yucatan. It was a case of human greed, environmental catastrophe, and above all war. Which as you can imagine sounds all too familiar. Humans have this delusion that the world belongs to us, but actually we belong to it, and Nature can destroy us any day she wants...