Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Hidden Story of the Anti-Gay Judge

The other day I wrote about how appalled I was to see that Stephen Harper, and his ghastly stooge Peter MacKay, had appointed an anti-gay judge. 

A law professor named an Ontario judge this week wrote two years ago for a conservative, U.S.-based institute that the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada has harmed religious freedom and free speech, and led to the “indoctrination” of children in public schools.

Who sounded like he had sprung from the bowels of bigot America.

But then I decided to find out more about Bradley Miller. 

And now I'm even more DISGUSTED.

For not only does he in this essay for a virulently homophobic group, grossly exaggerate the impact gay marriage has had on Canada. 

Not only is it permeated with the clammy paranoia of crazy America's gay hating religious fanatics.

It has been argued that if same-sex marriage is institutionalized, new marital categories may be accepted, like polygamy. Once one abandons a conjugal conception of marriage, and replaces it with a conception of marriage that has adult companionship as its focus, there is no principled basis for resisting the extension of marriage licenses to polygamist and polyamorist unions.

The ones who compare gay marriage to someone marrying a dog.

Or a horse...

Not only does Miller dare suggest that the bullies are the victims. 

The bully has become the victim. That’s the latest thinking of religious and social right moralists who still can’t seem to grasp the most basic precepts of living in a pluralistic society.

And that gay love is less than straight love.

It is astounding a Canadian jurist in the 21st century would posit that stability, fidelity and permanence are somehow the exclusive domain of traditional marriage.

When in fact it's just as human and just as beautiful.

The worst thing about Bradley Miller is what most Canadians don't know, and the Cons are trying to hide: his writings are used by religious bigots to deny LGBT people their human rights all over the world.

From Taiwan.

To coincide with the annual Taiwan LGBTQ Pride Parade held this weekend in Taipei, the Protect the Family Alliance turned to one such study to make a purportedly scientific, or at least academic, case against same-sex unions. It did so with the translation (available on its website and Facebook page) of an article by Bradley Miller titled “Same-Sex Marriage Ten Years On: Lessons from Canada,” published by the Witherspoon Institute, a Princeton, New Jersey-based non-profit. 

To crazy America...

He's an anti-gay ICON. A beacon for bigots all over the world.

And the most disgusting thing is THAT is why the Cons made him a judge. To please their rabid religious gay-hating base who consider him a hero. 

To believe in your soul that those of differing sexual orientation are destined for the fires of hell is not a crime. To ban them from public events or actively whip up hatred against them is. The stakes are considerably higher when those who ultimately interpret the law seem to have trouble making this distinction.

Peter MacKay knew that, and that's why he now enters the pantheon of Con hogs...

Having finally hit rock bottom, and been reduced to crawling through the gutter.

And of course Stephen Harper knew all about Bradley Miller because he has always been a stealthy anti-gay bigot, who has voted against EVERY bill designed to make life safer and better for LGBT Canadians.

As I pointed out in this old video...

And the good news? Most Canadians don't share Stephen Harper's views. 

And while most gay people are gentle fighters for equality...

Nobody knows bigots better, or fights them as hard as they do.

As Stephen Harper is about to find out in the next election campaign

In the darkness of his own closet...

He has picked the wrong enemy. 

They will attack him and his foul regime like they have never been attacked before.

His ghastly bigotry will come back to haunt him.

And it WILL help destroy him...

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  1. e.a.f.8:49 AM

    he said we wouldn't recognize Canada when he was finished with it and he is on his home stretch. Having lost several cases in the Supreme Court of Canada, wait for this judge to now be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    This is not about what is good for the Country or the people who live here. This is about Taliban Steve and his right wing religious agenda. We can only hope this issue is raised in Parliament and have the appointment revoked before it is too late. With judges such as this, we will be left with Tabiban Steve's appointments long after he is gone.

    1. hi e.a.f...I can only hope that the opposition asks the Harperite cult why they appointed Miller a judge, but I'm not optimistic.What I will say though is that Harper seems to have thrown caution to the wind, and I can't decide whether it's because he is desperate to hang on to his base, or because he's planning to quit soon. Needless to say I'm hoping for the latter...

  2. Great article Simon, now Trudeau and Mulcair have some work to do to make dear closeted leader squirm when they ask him why he has not been honest with Canadians about HIS views. The time is now to start dismantling his carefully crafted facade.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...thanks, I do hope the opposition grills Harper about that appointment. since from what I have seen Miller had done nothing to deserve it. His hideous views on LGBT people seem to be his only distinguishing characteristic. And let's be clear, he may camouflage his views behind fancy words, but he is an appalling bigot...

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    And now that Mulcair is effectively dissolving the NDP to join with the Libs this year, harpie will take a serious hit in the next election because there are way too many "progressive" that have had to live with a split vote that have wanted the sick, fascistic cons gone and now they can vote their conscience without having to split the vote again thereby denying the con crime cabal any more chances at turning Canada into more of a dictatorship than it already is. I am sorry to see the NDP go the way of history but I can live with that to see us rid ourselves of the con regime that is hellbent on more suffering and degradation for so many of Canada's people at their whim and command.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your readers, Simon.

    1. hi anon...I'm not sure what you mean by Mulcair dissolving the NDP. But I do dream of the day when we have one strong progressive party. Or one mighty coalition. Because continuing to do what we are doing, and giving the Cons the ability to win a majority with just 39% of the vote is absolutely insane. I'm told that if the Liberals and the NDP merged some Liberals would join the Cons, but if so let them go, a united progressive party would still have the votes to beat them. I believe a new party dedicated to the resurrection of our true Canadian values would be both beautiful and very exciting. I hope I live to see that day. And thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours...

  4. For a judge, the shit-head seems amazingly unaware that "male" and "female" are not separate legal categories. Women vote, men vote. Women sign contracts, men sign contracts. A marriage is a contract that was available to a man and a woman. Two legal adults of equal status. It made no sense to deny the right to enter into this contract to two adult males or two adult females if it was open to one adult male and one adult female.

    Polyamorous relationships, polygamous relationships, did not have legal status before, whether between males and males, females and females, or one male/many females, one female/many males.

    Whatever the merits of that are, it's nonetheless simple legal logic that it all has NOTHING to do with extending marriage rights to same-sex couples. This man is a homophobic dunce.

    1. hi thwap...I agree with you completely, Miller's thesis is totally screwed up. But I can understand why the narrow minded love him so much, because he brings a veneer of reason to what is a nothing more than a cruel attempt to deny a small minority its human rights, and their cpacity for love. But it is stunning that the Cons are now so debased that they would appoint a judge solely for his bigot views. i thought that even they were beyond that but apparently not...

  5. I think Simon that Harper is the first Prime Minister whose politics is governed by his religious agenda and his evangelical fundamentalist religion is explicitly anti-gay. Although he tries to keep this under wraps, if in 2015 he gets 4 more yrs.he will make his beliefs explicit. The gloves will come off. To have appointed an anti-gay like Bradley Miller as an Ontario judge is no different for me than Harper himself stepping forward and announcing that he is anti-gay and against same sex marriage. Being the coward that he is however,he'd rather name someone to the Ontario court that has stated his anti-gay and anti same sex marriage stance. Knowing that the majority of Canadians disagree with him, Harper exercises his beliefs vicariously through appointing a person who shares his beliefs. He is also satisfying his base. If we do not get this thug out in 2015 we will be going down a road of tyranny, the likes of which Canadians have never seen. "The worst thing about Bradley Miller is what most Canadians don't know." Because of you Simon,now we know.

    1. hi Pamela...Harper has been very careful to conceal his religious views, even though he belongs to a church that believes that women should be "submissive" and that gays are an "abomination." But appointing a judge solely because of his bigoted views is a new low, and hopefully the opposition will make him pay a political price....

  6. So, his evangelical base is anti gay, yet they elected Baird, The Virgin Kenney, the closet man himself and his "wife" of rampant rumours. I don't get it.

    1. hi is a perplexing situation, but Baird and Kenney are for all intents and purposes eunuchs, and it's Harper's record that counts. The very first thing he did was remove the words "women's equality" from thousands of government documents. He forced a second vote on gay marriage which on an issue of equality was absolutely abominable.He has cut off all funding to gay groups, and has sent hundreds of gay refugees back to the countries they came from. So the man is EVIL...

  7. This is genuinely disgusting, Simon. Thanks for digging this out.

    1. hi Mound...thanks. I only stumbled across Miller's international record while trying to find out more about the man himself. But as I said above, it is striking that he would appoint a judge solely because of his bigoted views which seem to exist in a time warp, and sound more American than Canadian. I hope the opposition can at least use this appointment to embarrass Harper, but sadly I'm not optimistic...

  8. And the wheels on the bus go round and first thoughts after reading all the above!

    I can only speak for myself, but I will not be voting for the "Cons". I continue to tell people this and it is their responsibility to educate themselves.

  9. santon10:47 AM

    It is important to not make statements that "the majority of Canadians disagree with Stephen Harper", as obviously Canadians DO agree otherwise he would not have won the last election with a "majority"! I am thankful that he is leading Canada strong and will continue to support him to do so. He is not stating that he hates gays or lesbians...he isnt supporting the lifestyle and that is his right to vote and lead this country how he as a leader is compelled to. It appears from the comments I have read, that the bigatry and biased comes from those that are so quick to label others who dont agree with them and their lifestyle. As for this new judge...why is it so shocking and upsetting that a judge should be voted in who has morals, opinions and views that differ or even are against the LGBT views or opinions? Are we all expected to lay aside our convictions whether religious or not in order to make way for Canada to abandoned the very beliefs and values this country's forefathers created it on? I would hope not!

  10. Wake-up, santon........we are living in the 21st century!

    1. Does the 21st century have anything to do with living by our convictions or morals? I don't understand the point of the comment.