Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott, and the Great Terrorist Conspiracy

It all looks and sounds so familiar. A wild looking gunman terrorizes a cafe in Sydney, killing two people, and traumatizing a city and nation.

And even though police say there is no evidence the man was a real terrorist, the country's Prime Minister is quick to plant that idea in the minds of his people. 

The gunman killed in a 17-hour siege in Sydney overnight identified with the Isis “death cult”, Tony Abbott said, as he warned that Australia was not immune from political violence. 

 “As the siege unfolded yesterday, he sought to cloak his actions with the symbolism of the Isil death cult. Tragically, there are people in our community ready to engage in politically motivated violence,” the prime minister told reporters on Tuesday morning.

Constrained only slightly by the abundant evidence that the gunman was mentally unbalanced.  

Mr. Monis had brought a flag with him, and during the hostage taking he put it in the window of the café . But at some point he seems to have realized or been told that his alleged ISIS flag was, in fact, something else.

Imagine someone claiming to be the world’s most passionate Montreal Canadiens supporter – while proudly wearing a Maple Leafs sweater. Or expressing one’s profound love of all things Irish – by cluelessly hoisting the Italian flag. Or extolling the lyrical virtuosity of Eminem – while waving around a picture of Vanilla Ice.

Just like the gunman who stormed our Parliament.,,

Like Canada’s Parliament Hill shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Mr. Monis may have been less political terrorist, and more mentally unhinged runaway train. He had a long history of criminal involvements, most having nothing to do with radical Islam.

But of course, Tony Abbott the right-wing climate change denier is Stephen Harper's really good friend...

So no doubt Harper was quick to send him his prepared script.

“While Canada mourns with the people of Australia, we are also outraged by this barbaric act of depravity on innocent civilians who were merely going about their daily routine. “Canada and our allies will stand firm and will stand together against those who would threaten peace, freedom and democracy and all of the values we so cherish.” 

And also make it sound like some huge terrorist conspiracy.

But why should anyone be surprised? When that version of reality has served him so well since that terrible day on Parliament Hill.

And those dark moments in that closet...

Given him a huge boost in the polls like nothing before it...

And the only difference is that in Canada the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has been helping him keep the terrorist story alive, by claiming that the Ottawa gunman had "ideological motives." 

But refusing to release the videos Michael Zehaf-Bibeau made, so we can make up our own minds...

Even though what's true in Australia is also true here:

We don’t mean to make light of what happened on Monday in Australia. Three people are dead. Others are injured. A country is traumatized. But it’s important to try to understand who the gunman was, and what moved him. A runaway train can be as dangerous as a hijacked one, and maybe more so. But they are not the same, and different threats call for different responses.

You know, as I was walking home last night the mist from the lake was playing tricks on my cell phone camera.

Making it look like some kind of northern lights were dancing around in the gloomy darkness...

And I couldn't help thinking that almost nothing in this ghastly Harperland is what it appears to be. 

And never has it been more important to cling to the truth. For not only will it set us free.

Those who would twist it to suit their purposes.

Will sooner or later use their lies to enslave us...

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  1. Ya no kidding Montreal Simon I can make a terrorist out of any shadow like Stephen Harper for instance. He is the real terror. A dark and disturbed personality. How did he come to run this country? With a little help from his friends as he likes to croon...

  2. mogs, Harper has friends, nope I don't think so! All he has is accomplices and co-conspirators!

    1. Yes kootcoot those are his friends?

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Still trying to figure out if the hostages were killed by the police or the mentally imbalanced guy. Everything I have read so far seems to indicate the hostages were killed after the police stormed the cafe.

  4. It is my understanding that it wasn't police that stormed the cafe, but some army special forces.