Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Day the Con Clown Circus Became a Ghastly Freak Show

Well as you know, I have been calling the Harper government a Con Clown Circus.

But I'm afraid I was wrong, and I want to apologize. To the clowns of the world.

Because after closer inspection, and after what happened in the Commons yesterday,  I think it's safe to say that the Con regime is now more like a FREAK SHOW.

Where yesterday's mutant stars were Leona Aglukkaq and Julian Fantino. 

Mr. Fantino returned to the House of Commons on Monday after an official trip to Italy to face questions about an announced $200-million for mental-health initiatives that Veterans Affairs documents said would be spread over six years. 

Staff in his office later told The Globe and Mail that $140.1-million of the money will be spread over the duration of a program for operational stress injuries. And that, they said, could take 50 years.

With Fantino ignoring all calls for his resignation. And when asked to explain how SIX years became FIFTY years refused to answer that simple question.

But DID faithfully read his PMO talking points...

And when asked to explain why he flew off to Italy the day after the Auditor General skewered his department. So he could escape the heat.

And why he stayed so long...

Did have to nerve to suggest it's because, unlike the opposition, HE doesn't forget veterans.

“I attended a very moving commemoration in Italy involving the soldiers who were there during the war. I saw them visit the graves of their comrades in the various cemeteries and I am very proud of having done that. 

In my world, ‘lest we forget’ means something.” 

To which Mr. Mulcair said: “How about showing up for work and taking care of them when they are alive?”

Only to be humiliated by Tom Mulcair. Or made to look like a big baby.

And that even though Fantino now has a PMO babysitter...

Stephen Lecce, one of Mr. Harper’s own communications people, has been dispatched to serve as Mr. Fantino’s interim chief of staff in an effort to get things back on track.

To tuck him gently out of sight. Or failing that, muzzle him with a pillow.

But if you thought THAT was a freak show you had to see Leona Aglukkaq. 

Because her performance was even MORE bizarre...

After denying that some people in Rankin Inlet were so hungry they were scavenging food from the local garbage dump. And trying to muzzle her critics, and heckling the opposition crudely, like she always does.

Yesterday, in the middle of an angry exchange on that very subject, she just sat there reading a NEWSPAPER !!! 

And really what more can you say eh? Except how crass can those Cons be? Why don't they care about the hungry children of the Arctic?

Or our long suffering veterans.

Is it rabid ideology or criminal INCOMPETENCE?

Or are they all CRAZY?

And thank goodness Stephen Harper will soon be back from the Francophonie Summit, where he has been cozying up to some of the worst dictators in the world.

So we can all be reminded again who created this ghastly freak show....

And that we will not be a decent, sane, and serious country.

Until the day we defeat those monstrous Cons.

And finally get rid of him...

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  1. Tom Mulcair is too good..I laughed out loud when i heard about his remarks to Fantino..poor ol Fantino, he can't fight a political war with someone articulate and intelligent when he goes into battle unarmed with either quality...as for Aglukkaq, I just can't get my head around her at all...she should be a heroine for her people, someone with the power to help them...have to wonder how they feel....

    1. hi mizdarlin...yes Mulcair was good, and unless Harper fires Fantino, expect to hear a lot more of that in the future. As for Aglukkaq, I have painfully admitted that when she was first appointed I actually hoped she would do OK. Being the first Inuk to be appointed to a federal cabinet. But she betrayed her amazing northern people, she blew her chance to make her mark, and her performance couldn't be more disgusting...

    2. She is a sellout plain and simple.....

      Harper appointed her for northern votes plain and simple but very very did I say that loud enough? Very sad...

    3. Right wing lunatics have taken over my county we are going to take it back...

  2. e.a.f.1:28 AM

    People in this country really do not care for the people in Rankin Inlet. The cons are simply reflecting the situation. The Cons know they don't have to ensure the people of Rankin Inlet eat because even if people start to die, who in Canada really will care. You see this problem, in the north isn't all that new. And Canadians returned the cons how many times to parliament? Mulcair was good in Question Period, but really how many politicians of any party made food security a campaign issue. Not one because it won't get them elected.

    I would suggest several hundred would have to die from inadequate food, and it be brought up at the United Nations before this government took any action.

    Fantino is just another e.g. of how the cons treat people in this country. This too will fade from the MSM. Only if the Vets and the opposition parties make this an election issue will something be done. The cons simply did not tell the "whole" truth about the funding. What exactly is going to happen? Not much. The news cycle will end, Christmas will come and in the new year, something else will happen and the Vets along with the people in Rankin Inlet will fade from the news. It is sad but true.

    If the opposition and unions were smart they would give a grant to a couple of the Vet organizations to ensure they keep up the fight. The CLC is running a bunch of dumb ads right now. The money would be better spent on an issue which might get rid of the cons. Their ads won't do that.

    1. hi e.a.f...I hope you're wong, and that most Canadians do care about people starving. Because if they don't then they deserve the country they will have. I am absolutely outraged at the plight of so many Inuit, I can't imagine anything more shameful. And every time Harper poses as a Great Northern Leader, I at least intend to throw that scandal in his face.
      Canadians need to raise their moral values, or forever be known as a grubby little people...

  3. Leon Agluqaak is an opportunist. She is an MP merely for her own personal gain and glory. In fact there are more just like her, where the idea of public service is lost on them. I suspect many new nominees for the Liberals has brought out a new set of opportunists as the pickings are easy. To bad voters can't tell the difference, but their history tells the story of who they are and I wish they would take the time to find out.