Thursday, December 04, 2014

Stephen Harper's Depraved Plan to Destroy the CBC

He has always hated the CBC. He hates what it represents, the Canada he despises. Our Canada.

You can see it when he takes questions from CBC reporters. The insane hatred in his cold dead eyes, the way he purses his thin cruel lips, or licks them. The barely repressed violence bubbling below the surface.

But over the years Stephen Harper has successfully managed to conceal how he REALLY feels about the CBC. 

Until it seems he could no longer restrain himself, and his depraved plan was finally revealed 

“‘Well, first we’re going to get them on their knees and then we’re going to restructure them,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reported to have said recently about the future of the CBC.

And really what can any sane person say? Except that they don't call him Mr Handcuffs for nothing eh?

And I'm going to have to frame that quote and hang it on a wall next to the quote about screwing changing Canada beyond recognition. Because they both come from the same screaming voice in his head, or the same orifice.

I mean how kinky can he be? When he already has the CBC in BONDAGE.

While Canada is one of a very few where the public money comes directly from the government, the Broadcast Act has given CBC some insulation from political interference by guaranteeing CBC’s editorial independence. But last year, for the first time in its near 90-year history, the CBC was pushed into state broadcaster territory. 

The Harper Government’s 2013 Omnibus Budget Implementation Legislation placed the CBC under the purview of the Financial Administration Act. Now, Treasury Board is authorized to supervise, manage and actually sit in on CBC’s labour relations and negotiations, moving it along the grid from public to state broadcaster.

And he's already strangling it...

While his Con board holds them down.

And the good news? We can use all of this against him in the next election campaign. When we ask Canadians to choose between our Canada and Harper's kinky alien nuthouse.

And in the meantime, the message to all those who work at CBC couldn't be clearer: clean up your own sordid scandal, fire all the managers who need to be fired. Rent a school bus if necessary to come and pick them all up.

Because he will use your weakness as a weapon to try to destroy you. 

That's why I portray him like this...

As everybody should.

Because he is monstrous, he is dangerous. And he's a threat to everything decent in this country.

And now we know how he really feels about the CBC, and his depraved plan to destroy it, the message to the rest of us couldn't be clearer either:

If we want to save our CBC.

First we must save our Canada.

And defeat that ghastly leader...

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David said...

Here's one of a zillion reasons Harper hates the CBC. It reveals what he's up to:

Should you worry about government monitoring of social media?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Citizen Lab's Christopher Parsons joins guest host Piya Chattopadhyay to discuss the Canadian government's growing interest in the real-time contents of social media and the degree to which they're monitoring hashtags and online conversations.

Is the government simply trying better gauge reaction to its policies? Or do Canadians need to be much more careful about what they say online?

Click here or on the listen button above to hear the full segment (audio runs 17:36).

Big Brother is watching you

Marmalade said...

I would like to see more investigative journalists who don't bow down to pressure from governments and "tell it
like it is"! Let the facts speak for themselves! If they are stating their own opinions, then they should make this perfectly clear!

There will always be the naysayers who only believe what they want to believe. There are very few of these "ij's" who I have faith in to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

There are a lot of Canadians who do not like the my personal experience........but, is it necessary to "put all our citizens in one basket"??????

Look at the bigger all boils down to MAN'S GREED!

Anne Peterson said...

The BBC is paid for by every -person who owns a television set. They get enough money to be world class. Even though David Cameron has them in his cross hairs. CBC radio was world class and can be again if there is a will.