Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who's the Real Immigration Minister Chris Alexander or Jason Kenney?

Ever since he was made a minister I've made it pretty clear what I think of Chris Alexander.

How he reminds of the character in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Who after selling his soul to Stephen Harper, morphed from a promising young diplomat into a ghastly Con monster...

But who knew he was so incompetent?

The federal government has granted an exemption to Microsoft Canada that will allow the company to bring in an unspecified number of temporary foreign workers to British Columbia as trainees without first looking for Canadians to fill the jobs.

A shabby Con who would bring in foreign workers, when our country is full of young computer science graduates who would give ANYTHING to work for a company like Microsoft.

"There is certainly no justification that I can see that would support granting an exemption to a large number of foreign workers to come into Canada to take away jobs that could easily filled by Canadians," said Toronto immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman.

But then when you examine Alexander's other recent decision to favour Christians over other Syrian refugees. 

You really have to wonder who is really running the Department of Citizenship and Immigration? The hapless Alexander or the man responsible for the foreign worker's scandal, the Christian fanatic Jason Kenney?

Who if you remember wasn't too happy that Alexander stole HIS job...

And still seems to have his fingerprints, or his tentacles, all over that department.

Even though he's now posing as the Minister of Labour, the Minister of Ethnic Banquets, AND the Minister of Slimy Politics. 

Jason Kenney, one of Stephen Harper’s most respected ministers, stood in the House of Commons last week and said an audio expert hired by the Conservatives has concluded the voice is that of Raynolds. It’s bad enough to be sending clandestine workers on these sting operations. It’s another when a top member of the party endorses it outright.

Consorting with the sleazy operative Alexandra Constantinidis...

Clearly something has gone horribly wrong when a governing party uses forensic analysis in open support of such morally depraved tactics. Furthermore, it only increases the suspicion that criminal activity like misleading robocalls and campaign spending violations did not occur in isolation.

And is now proudly building this ghastly monument to the Con regime.

Even though Shirley Blumberg, one of the architects who recommended the winning design, thinks the price is out of whack and the location is all wrong.

A prominent architect who was part of the jury that recommended the winning design for a major new Ottawa memorial to victims of communism says she has a “massive problem” with the chosen site and doubts the memorial can be built for anything close to its $5.5-million estimated cost.

Blumberg doesn’t understand why a memorial to victims of communism was given such an “incredibly prominent, almost sacrosanct” site. “It is so centrally placed that it would seem to quite overshadow Canada’s true history.”

And really what more can you say eh?

Except where's the monument to the victims of fascism? Who will build a memorial to all the victims of the Con regime?

Will a new progressive government please make it a priority to demolish this monstrosity?

Will somebody please fire Jason Kenney for losing jobs instead of creating them?

And will Chris Alexander finally understand that when he sold his soul to Stephen Harper he made the biggest mistake of his life?

Because the biggest mistake we ever made was electing that foul un-Canadian Con regime.

And in the name of all that is decent.

We can't get rid of them soon enough...

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Unknown said...

Simon have you seen this?:

Marmalade said...

Oscar Wilde would have a field day if he were living!

Anonymous said...

What does it matter, what Harper and his gang of thugs are doing to this country? Harper is the worst entity Canadians have had to deal with, since Hitler and his henchmen in WW2. Harper's minions back that evil monster dictator to the hilt.

Harper sold Canada to Communist China for a minimum of 31 years. Our opposition have done what? They were far too busy squabbling with each other while that disgusting evil monster Harper, sold our country to one of the most hated countries on the planet. What has the opposition done regarding, Jason Kenny and Harper bringing over cheap foreign labor? What have the opposition done about, Harper cheating to win?

Then they wonder why people don't vote. Vote for what, a useless opposition?

David said...

On both the arrogance and double-speak scales, Costas Menegakis gets a 10/10:

POWER AND POLITICS | Dec 5, 2014 | 14:39
Syrian refugee crisis
MPs Costas Menegakis, Andrew Cash and John McCallum debate Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

POWER AND POLITICS | Dec 12, 2014 | 13:12

MPs on Syrian refugee crisis, MPs Costas Menegakis, Paul Dewar and John McCallum debate Canada's prioritizing of Syrian refugees.

e.a.f. said...

The blog "Creekside" did an excellent post on the Microsoft job scam here in Vancouver. Microsoft is prohibited from bringing in more foreign workers for their American operation. So they opened a Vancouver office, which is close to their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. There will be 400 jobs, but they will not be available to Canadians. Microsoft will be recruiting foreign workers which will be able to enter Canada easily under Canadian immigration laws, which provide for "fast entry" for "skilled workers". American laws do not. The foreign workers will be provided training and they can have the jobs which Canadians and Americans can't have. All brought to you by harper and his herd.

when it first became public in Vancouver the news got about 2400 complaints. but the B.C. Lieberlas, led by "snookielander" Christy clark and herr harper and his herd think this is just all so wonderful. you see they are bringing jobs to B.C., just not jobs for B.C. workers.

So where did the money come for that piece of junk? They might try spending it on Veterans and building a memorial to them, or better yet, build a memorial to the 1,200 missing/murdered First Nations women. Like I don't recall anyone being killed in Canada by communism, perhaps by RCMP and such, but communism, like give it a rest. The P.M. is clearly deluded. what a waste of money. Next he'll be building a monument to his good friend Bennie N.

Simon said...

hi mogs...yes I have and in fact I was planning to write another post about Harper's war with Wynne, but I got distracted. I'm watching that one closely since she seems to be leading the charge against Harper on many fronts. The federal opposition parties are all but helpless these days, but the provinces could form a very effective resistance...

Simon said...

hi Kathleen....I suspect poor old Oscar would stare at the grubby Cons with horror, and make some VERY cutting remarks....;)

Simon said...

hi anon...the opposition may not be as effective as we would wish them to be, and they certainly are not aggressive enough for my liking. But they are still our only hope of getting rid of the Cons, so we must do all we can to support them...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...As far as I can see Microsoft has set up shop in Canada for the almost exclusive reason of getting around the regulations in the U.S. As I said in my post, it's a bitter blow to our computer science graduates, who are a very bright bunch. And considering the state of youth unemployment it's simply appalling. I was feeling a bit guilty about having more Apple stuff in the house, but not any longer....

Unknown said...

Hope you are right Mr. Simon we need to rid ourselves of these con creeps...