Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Who Is Surprised That Jason Kenney Should Jump Into the Gutter?

Well you all know the sordid story. How Jason Kenney used a tape secretly recorded by the sinister Con operative Alexandra Constantinidis, to go after Marlo Raynolds, a Liberal candidate in Alberta.

Who the Con Mata Hari told Kenney had criticized his beloved income splitting program, the one he designed to keep women at home barefoot and pregnant...

Only to discover that he had gone after the wrong guy.

But rather than admit his mistake, produced a so-called audio expert to try to prove a voice on the tape was really Raynolds.

Well now another audio expert has come forward to question that analysis and by implication question Kenney's credibility. 

Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, an academic and forensic audio specialist, is questioning the credibility of an audio analysis that backed the Conservatives' version of who said what in a secretly recorded conversation the party has used to pillory Marlo Raynolds, the Liberal candidate in Banff-Airdrie.

And of course none of this surprises me, because for me Kenney has always had ZERO credibility.

What does surprise me is that a journalist like Lawrence Martin would call Kenney a "star" and wonder why he would jump feet first into the GUTTER. 

On the question of ethics, you might think he would want to nurture an upright and honourable image in contrast to many in his party. Unlike other Tories, he’s got enough clout to tell the toadies in the Prime Minister’s Office what they can do with their talking points. 

So what did he do last week? He jumped into the gutter with both feet. He showed himself to be all-in with the bottom-feeders.

When Kenney is just another member of the grubby Con cult that is holding this country hostage, crawling through the sewer of dirty politics, and grinding our values into the muck of their filthy ideology.

And he has always been a religious fanatic, a bitter enemy of women and LGBT rights, one of the most partisan Cons in the Harper mob...

Who uses his own staff to churn out that kind of propaganda.

And is in addition to everything else a far right extremist.

Who helped created the foreign workers scandal, to destroy unions and lower wages... 

Then had the nerve to claim claim that he was the solution, not the problem.

Only to have that one end badly as well...

But I do agree with Martin when he says this:

From Mr. Kenney, it seems all fine and well. This is the guy who may be the future of the party. This is the guy who could change its ways. But, if last week is any indication, don’t look for it to happen.

And that if Kenney is the future of the Cons, then they don't have a future.

Unless chastity should for some strange reason become a burning issue...

And for me that's all that counts.

For he is no "star" in my book. He has clearly shown that he CANNOT control himself.

And unlike so many in the MSM I don't forgive or forget.

Mr. Kenney was fortunate because, while this newspaper ran a stinging editorial on the sting, the controversy didn’t generate much news coverage. Stories on the Harper gang’s abuse of power are so common now that they often get relegated to the back pages. Logic might suggest that the more a government engages in this kind of politics, the bigger the story would be. But the opposite is often the case: Yawn, what else is new?

So I will do what I can to keep this scandal alive, all the way to the next election.

For it tells us so much about the real nature of the Con regime. 

And the ghastly Jason Kenney deserves the same fate as all the others...

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Anne Peterson said...

They are all so scary when you watch them carefully. Perhaps capable of anything.

Unknown said...

Capable Anne? You might mean perfectly willing no?

e.a.f. said...

that "ad" he sent out comparing Trudeau and Harper-good work! It will do the job. We may not like it. It may be very wrong and misleading, but it will work. This is the age of "instant information", whether its incorrect or not, people will have that in their minds. The opposition parties need to do a similar thing. If they don't, they won't win the next election and we will simply have another 4 years of harper and his herd.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. I agree with you 100%. Why doesn't the Opposition wake up, for crying out loud, and fight back with the same weapons they are being attacked with. Everybody knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. If they don't start filtering those pictures, they will be defeated. They need to fight dirt with dirt when it comes to the Cons! People are so often just too tired after a long day at work to start reading articles but a picture they can look at and it will stay in their subconscious! If they can't afford to advertize main stream then let them go on social media. It won't cost them anything. I seriously think it's the only thing that can save them.