Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Night Stephen Harper Channelled Axl Rose

Well it must have been a scary sight. Stephen Harper at the Con Christmas party last night.

Channelling Axl Rose. 

Stephen Harper channelled Axl Rose for his musical encore at the annual Conservative Christmas party on Tuesday night. Harper was on keyboards and lead vocals with his new band the Van Cats (as in 24 in French, 24 Sussex), and played the Guns N' Roses tune "Sweet Child O' Mine" to round out the night. 

Even though Ol' Axl ain't the man he once was. These days he has a crazed look in his eyes.

But then of course, if you take a closer look, so does Stephen Harper.... 

Because as I pointed out in my last post, he's a real mess.

He's cracking up, falling apart, and so is his rotten and corrupt Con regime.

Because what else can explain that the number of people who work for the Con bosses is ballooning? 

The Conservative government’s enthusiasm for cutting costs and reducing the size of the public service appears to end at the elevator to the minister’s office. Data tabled in the House of Commons on Monday shows the number of political staffers working for cabinet ministers has ballooned under the Tories, up 21 per cent per cent from the last year of Liberal rule.

And nowhere more than in his own office.

In 2005, it took 68 exempt staff to run Martin’s PMO. This year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s command-and-control centre employs 94 people — 38 per cent more than Martin’s, according to the figures provided by Treasury Board Secretariat.

While savage budget cuts in other government departments are killing good jobs, and threatening our lives. 

Budget cuts have left safety-related engineering positions vacant in the Canadian agency responsible for overseeing shipments of dangerous goods, government records show, fuelling worries about trains moving oil across the country.

So now thanks to Harper we not only have to worry about being beheaded in our beds, we have to worry about being cooked in them as well.

And let's not talk about the disaster zone called the economy. Because even his musical shout out to his beloved Alberta...

Harper also sang John Denver's "Country Roads," changing some of the lyrics to refer to Alberta instead of West Virginia. 

Isn't going to make this problem go away.

Or convince any sane person that he knows what he is doing, and is a Great Economist Leader...

Not after he put all those economic eggs in one oily basket, and ended up with egg all over his face.

But it is interesting that he should close his set with the song Sweet Child O' Mine which ends like this:

Where do we go?
Where do we go now? 
Where do we go? 
Sweet child o' mine.

Because it does in a way sum up Harper's uncomfortable position. Or the decision he must make. The one that is driving him CRAAAAAAAZY.

Should he go now, and resign before the economic situation gets worse? Or should he strike before it gets really bad, and go for an early election?

And since Elections Canada just announced it will be ready for an election by March 1,  and he's desperate to avoid the Mike Duffy trial, and busy trying to steal that election with OUR money.

I'm inclined to agree with the folks from Leadnow.

Time is running out. We need to get ready. We should build a huge movement to defeat the monstrous Con regime.

For this grotesque act has gone on for far too long...

He really is crazy, desperate, and dangerous.

We can't afford to fail.

And we really do need to give him the HOOK...

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Anonymous said...

Steve needs singing, piano and thinking lessons - stat.

Unknown said...


Harper and his cons are going to pay for violating The Canadian Constitution, The Canadian Bill of Rights and the well beloved Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It will take time but as in Nuremberg "I was only following orders" won't wash in The Supreme Court of Canada. Hefty fines and jail time is the cons and Harper's only future. We are going to raise funds as soon as we have the lawyer on-board I want to represent a class action law suit against this evil empire that thinks it is unaccountable to the law.

Cheers All-Ways,
Luv Mogs

kootcoot said...

Harper should be an expert on CRAZY as he has mucho experience being total!y bonkers in an evil way. He isn't just the Ottawa town idiot but its biggest asshole as well, talk about multi-tasking!

Anonymous said...

I just listened to Harpo "sing" and now want emigrate to Europe. What an embarrassment.

Beijing York said...

I guess Harper is distancing himself from his former band that included an alleged child molester. "Sweet Child O' Mine" seems like an odd choice given that baggage.

Grant G said...

Heard a Stephen Harper ad on CKNW(Vancouver/British Columbia radio station)....It wasn`t a Government of Canada ad..It was a CPC ad...The ad had Stephen Harper talking..Harper was saying how the other parties, Liberals and NDP want to take money out of family`s hands and hire bureaucrats, wanting to take your hard-earned $dollars...It was definitely an ad you would hear during the writ period..

Get ready for a February election....And in other news...Nik Nanos is reporting Harper`s bump in the polls has now waned...Harper`s numbers are on the way back down..


The Nanos Party Power Index

After a decidedly positive trajectory of sentiment for the federal Conservatives, the trend may have abated. It is too early to tell whether this is a new trend but with the intensity of focus on Harper diminishing we have seen the positive movement stop in the latest Nanos weekly tracking and the index score margin widen in favour of the Liberals.

The Liberal brand strength registered at 56.9 points out of a scale of 100 points on the Nanos Party Power Index followed by the Conservatives at 52.3 points, the NDP at 49.7 points, 31.5 points for the Green Party and 26.9 points for the BQ (QC only).

The Nanos Party Power Index methodology is comprised of a basket of political goods that includes

ballot preferences, accessible voters, preferred PM views and evaluations of the leaders. It is

modeled similar to a standard confidence index.

In terms of accessible voters, the Liberals still have the greatest growth potential. Asked a series of independent questions 56.5 per cent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal while 44.5 per cent would consider voting NDP, 43.0 per cent would consider the Conservatives, 26.2 per cent the Green Party and 31.0 per cent of Quebecers would consider voting for the BQ.

Unknown said...

My eyes, my eyes.....!!!!

Unknown said...

This is a classic example of how we sound IN OUR HEAD vs. how we REALLY sound like

Anonymous said...

Where's a plastic water bottle when you need one.