Monday, December 15, 2014

Is Stephen Harper's Golden Ride Finally Over?

The other day I told you that Stephen Harper's roller coaster rise in the polls appeared to have finally ended.

And today there is more evidence of that.

This poll from Ekos...

And this even more encouraging one from Forum. 

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are in majority government territory, according to the latest survey from Forum Research.

The Liberals now sit at 41 per cent, a five-point jump from Forum’s polling in November. The Conservatives were second, with 33 per cent of respondents saying they’d vote for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party.

And while we should feel relieved, nobody should be surprised. Not with war fever fading, the petro-state economy heading for the dumper.

And Canadians more and more concerned about the state of the economy, the state of the planet, and who is really CRAZY.

Public opinion is shifting. More than half of Canadians expressed deep concern about climate change in a poll conducted by the Environics Institute in October. Three-quarters said they were worried about the legacy they were leaving for future generations. 

All of this — combined with increasingly bleak economic forecasts — casts doubt on Harper’s assiduously burnished reputation as a prudent manager and undercuts his rationale for sacrificing the environment to spur economic growth. 

As Canada heads into an election year, the prime minister might want to stop tossing around words like “crazy.”

And with Stephen Harper now trying to pose as a consumer champion...

Which as I also pointed out the other day is absurd, with the looney also diving...

Which will make imports more EXPENSIVE not cheaper.

So if you think things look bleak for Harper now, just wait until January when the bills start coming in and the price of food starts escalating.

Because that's when he'll really start to feel the heat.

I'll have more on all of this, and what progressives need to do now to take advantage of the situation, later today.

But right now all you have to do is remember this:

The economy's golden ride helped create him.

But now that it's tanking it WILL help destroy him...

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Gyor said...

As a New Democract, I see nothing to be happy about, yeah another lying rightwinger!

I'm sick of pollsters "herding" people over to a man who does not have the policies or competency to run a gas station never mind a nation.

Look at how much better Tom Mulcair is at his job, look at his experience, look at his policies, look at the heart, soul, and intergity he puts into the job, and it should be clear who should be Prime Minister, but Justin Trudeau has the media, the rich and powerful, and his daddies ghost, so why would anyone want a qaulity leader?

Sorry if I'm not excited by the idea of the Liberal Party ruining this country even more, the last time they were worse then Stephen Harper, they slashed the social safety net by 40%, caused a fincial crisis in the provinces, sold the last half of petrocan and did nothing but lie about Kyoto, even Harper has better enviromental record then that and at least he's honest about his enviromental beliefs.

hinofan said...

We need UN Observers for the next Federal Election - sign the petition !

Marmalade said...

It appears to me that politics is a "dirty racket" .........there are no displays of any sort of old-fashioned INTEGRITY!

Money leads to power and sees this Worldwide on a daily basis. Need I say more?