Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stephen Harper's Scary Year End Horror Show

I tried to put it off as long as I could, I was having too much of a good time to spoil it. 

Humming Christmas tunes, fixing one of my little robots, and playing with my neighbour's puppy.

But eventually I figured I better check out Peter Mansbridge's interview with Stephen Harper. And oh boy did that ruin my evening.

Because it was an absolute HORROR show.

Not just because Harper looked like death warmed over. With even several thick coats of make-up unable to conceal his desperate state, or the bags under his eyes.

And not just because he told Mansbridge he wants to keep his job so he can keep changing Canada beyond recognition:

I think we’ve got the country on the right track but I’d like to take some more time to really put it on that track in a very permanent way.

Even though that did send a shiver down my spine, because it's now clear that he does intend to cling to power, like a remora clings to a shark's belly.

And if he thinks this country is on the right track, we're in big trouble, and he must be out of his mind.

But what really bothered me was when he was asked whether he still believed that climate change was the biggest threat to the future of humanity and he replied like this:

I think it’s a significant threat. Geez, where does it rank in terms of our economic challenges, in terms of the Jihadism that we now face globally. It’s still a big threat.


I don’t know about that. I mean since then we’ve had the global recession and we’ve had the rise, you know, the kind of second phase rise of the, of the global terrorist movement so I would put those up there as well.

Because anyone who believes that a horde of hairy religious fanatics pose a greater threat to this planet than climate change is as deranged as they are.

And this also had me questioning his sanity. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper disappeared into a caucus room closet during the Parliament Hill attack on Oct. 22 in order to ensure Canada had a functioning government in the event of a catastrophic attack.

Because this is outrageous:

Harper said while some of his colleagues feared for their lives, as prime minister he lived the experience a little differently. "As prime minister I have access to obviously all the government's intelligence, all security risks that are faced by the country and by me personally, so you're in a different headspace than most people who are suddenly facing this situation for the first time," the prime minister said.

And this is laughable...

Harper would not say whether he was frightened by the incident, saying instead he doesn't like to talk about himself and that he has received "training" from the RCMP. He said the training consists primarily of drills that are meant to simulate this type of event.

But what is even more disturbing, is what he said in a French-language interview on the TVA network.

Stephen Harper says the two men with jihadist sympathies who launched separate attacks in Quebec and on Parliament Hill might not have been acting in isolation.

"It's possible that there were other people who were around these men. And there's been an arrest in Montreal, as we've already announced." Harper was referring to the recent arrest of a 15-year-old boy who had allegedly robbed a convenience store in order to participate in terrorist activities. The youth had allegedly been in contact with Couture-Rouleau through Facebook.

Because if he's trying to use the case of that Montreal teenager as evidence of a terrorist conspiracy, he's fishing in shallow waters, and should be arrested for fear mongering or FRAUD. 

The reality of this case is that a confused 15-year-old boy allegedly held up a convenience store owner at knife-point. I’m sure that for those few moments he was being robbed, the victim was terrified, but no more so than any other victim of crime. 

And simply having enough money for a flight does not make a plan to travel to the Middle East actionable. Because the boy is under the of age 16, he would not have been able to obtain the necessary passport or visas without parental consent.

And so should some in our shabby shuffling MSM.

Tagging this incident with a terrorist label, based upon what a 15-year-old fantasized he might do, gives this case a magnitude it does not deserve.

We are now dropping the word terror at every opportunity, and that only serves to frighten the population into believing we are all in imminent danger.

For hyping the terrorist threat, and helping Great Fearless Leader scare Canadians into voting for him...

While he turns this country into a sinister surveillance state, and his monstrous JUNGLE.

But then we knew that. We know what he wants to do, change Canada as he says, "in a very permanent way."

And I for one have seen all I need to see...

It's a joke, it's a nightmare. The man is crazy, and he is dangerous. 

And in the name of safety and sanity.

He can't be defeated soon enough...

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Marmalade said...

Man's Greed as never been more apparent.

Unknown said...

"...terms of the Jihadism..." "...rise of the, of the global terrorist movement..." Can you say "of the" one more time moron? You Harper are loosing it because you cannot reconcile your religious fanaticism with your unholy actions. Take that Harper cons you have a pathological liar as a leader, you like that?

Yes sir Harper if you did not bomb Islamic and Muslim countries perhaps we would not have this 'problem' you caused it now I think we should turn you over ISIS as a prisoner of war and perhaps when your head rolls off you may realize what a rude Jew loving idiot you really are, eh?

thwap said...

That's about all I am probably able to take. Your summary of his ravings. I could never sit through 5 minutes of this idiot babbling his deluded, ignorant responses to the softball questions from that pompous asshole Mansbridge.

Forgetting his colossal madness about how "the economy" and how mentally-ill Canadians are beginning to incorporate "jihad" into their crackpot world-views (kinda like harper, really) is on the same level as global warming, I think the most sickening thing is Mansbridge letting harper get away with his laughable lies about his cowering in that closet.

"I am privy to ALL the information." (Presumably he knew there was a crack-addicted schizophrenic hoping to bring fundamentalist Wahhabism to Canada?)

"I am trained." (I'd love to see a movie about a team of heroes who, when terrorists strike, respond by all running into a closet together to wait for the danger to pass.")

Mansbridge letting those idiotic rationalizations pass like that was part of his craven service to a stupid system that he only serves because he's a stupid idiot.

Unknown said...

thwap stop it already I'm ROFL okay don't stop it's all good um Mansbridge would probably hide in a closet too. As for the training the RCMP taught Harper to hide @ the first sign of danger. What I don't get though is that the US media was reporting on the murders before they happened? Huh?

mizdarlin said...

I never believed for a minute that Harper would take a walk in the snow, off a plank, first...
He seems insane with power, I would guess certifiably so, and his calmness belies his inner turmoil..
If Mansbridge wasn't such a servile wimp, I'd almost feel sorry for him..
I couldn't have taken the torture of watching that interview..whenever Emperor Steve is on the tube or the 'net I tend to switch away...because I get so angry it ruins my day..
Of course, lucky me, I have lil' Stevie in the form of Crusty Clark, Empress of BC, who just approved still another dam, despite all evidence to the contrary regarding need and full opposition from those tribal councils affected by having their lands flooded, even if Steve isn't on the box mouthing profanities, we here in BC always have his mini-me to drive us deeper into the depression most Canadians must be feeling...

e.a.f. said...

flipping channels I saw the interview at the point he talks about "the training" Ya right, he knows some of us see him as a coward hiding in the closet. they need to put a spin on this so it doesn't become a problem in the election, so they are "re working" it. He did as part of his training so he could continue to "lead" Canada. Give me a break, the guy is a coward and he hide in a closet and that is all there is to it. We know Trudeau got in a boxing ring and won against a con senator. Stevie won't ever be able to do that and he can't get into a verbal sparing match with Mulcair because he'll loose that also.

They must have threatened CBC to get that interview done. I couldn't watch it beyond the "hide in the closet" routine, being spun into something ............less shitless.

Now that Obama has made peace with Cuba, that leaves harper out again. Those godless communists and all. Of course Communist rule in China is good, Communist rule in Cuba bad. jezus h Christ that guy is bad shit crazy. he is building a "monument to the victims of communism" and signs a 31 yr trade deal with Communist China. Well perhaps it is reasonable. It will be a monument to us in Canada who will be negatively impacted by China's "rule" in Canada.

There isnt' enough booze in the country to get me to sit through the whole interview. the man looks ghastly.

Lorne said...

Thanks, Simon, for taking the hit and exposing yourself to something I am not man enough to. Your summary and commentary convince me that I was wise to pass up viewing the 'hard questioning' that the most Reverend Mansbridge is famous for.

Anonymous said...

He also apparently said that his first task when the shooting began was to get out alive. Fair enough, that is what many ordinary people (people who are not leaders) would also think.

But consider this:

There were over a hundred of his own caucus members in the room, many of whom were apparently so terrified, they were desperately shaping spears from flagpoles to protect themselves.

There was a paraplegic MP, Fletcher, and there were many female MPs, including our redoubtable Michelle Rempel. It seemed the latter was no longer feeling as brave as she did when she twittered us a picture of herself in her bedroom: I.S.I.S., what I.S.I.S. or something like that. In fact, poor Michelle was twittering her mom that she was hiding .... bravely hiding, we would think based on her courageous bedroom challenge to I.S.I.S.

You'd think that if there was only one place in the closet, it would have been for the MP in the wheelchair. Or for poor Michelle. Especially since those two must also be thinking about getting out alive too.

You'd think that a leader would at least stay to help his troops shape the spears. Or to hold poor Michelle's hand and tell her it is going to be alright. Just as Mulcair was doing with his own troops on the other side of the hallway ,,,, helping them carry furniture to barricade the door.

But we know who got the closet, eh? And left poor Michelle desperately twittering her mom. And the paraplegic MP probably wondering how he was going to defend himself.

We also know that these are not the actions of a Great Hero Leader.

In fact, I suspect many would say that abandoning his troops and hiding in the closet was the action of a coward.

In other words, the actions of a Great Zero Leader.

Simon said...

hi's greed it's corruption, it's a total absence of morality. But as I always say, the worse they behave, the more motivated we shall be to defeat them...

Simon said...

hi mogs...yes his remarks on the "terrorist threat" were deeply disturbing especially on the French-language broadcast. But they are so transparently false, I doubt he will be able to fool most Canadians for very much longer. And the only reason he loves the Jews is because he wants their votes. Thank goodness all the Jews I know hate him with a passion...

Simon said...

hi thwap....yes it was not a pleasant interview to watch, and like you I thought Mansbridge allowed him to get away with murder. It couldn't have been a softer interview if the Cons had scripted it themselves. That nonsense about how he wasn't afraid because he was "trained" by the RCMO has to be one of the most absurd things he's ever said. And that's saying something. But that's the MSM media, too craven and cowardly to confront him. History will judge them and the verdict will be a harsh one...

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin....from what I hear he was considering stepping down, but then the war and the terror threat came along, and he obviously changed his mind. I will say this though, he did clearly claim that he intends to stick to his election law timetable. So if he does jump the gun there will be hell to pay,,,,

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....I think the CBC is too afraid to do a number on Harper and his gang. They are in a critical financial situation so they spend a lot of time trying to appease them, on shows like Power and Politics.
And yes, I found Harper trying to take credit for the Cuba development particularly revolting since he has always taken a teabagger approach to the problem, and if it was up to him there would be no rapprochement. It's just lucky I don't drink because after that interview I would probably have been too smashed to do anything but leave the room crawling on all fours...;)

Simon said...

hi're welcome, it was a dirty job but SOMEBODY had to do it. Actually it was twice as bad as advertised because I watched both the CBC interview and the one in French. So I want you to sponsor me for TWO Orders of Canada... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...I just thought his answers about how he felt when the shooting was going on were pathetic. I wouldn't have held it against him if he said he was afraid. But claiming that others might have been afraid but he wasn't because he was "trained" by the RCMP was the absolute limit. I've never seen any leader with more bodyguards than he has, so he is clearly afraid of his own people. But yes, I couldn't help smiling at the idea of Rempel in a panic, after her absurd "safe in my bedroom" challenge to ISIS. I only hope somebody gave her a home made spear...;)

Lorne said...

Consider it done! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your comments, it made me laugh so much i had tears in my eyes, thank you thank you thank you. I agree with pretty much everything said. Harper's out of the closet now and his hands are just rubbing together like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons thinking about his next scheme.

cheena1 said...

Hi Simon - this post was just about over the top for me - I dislike him so much - just looking at those pix and reading the lying bullshit he was spewing - uggh! I mean how much is a person supposed to be able to take without upchucking?! Gawd, I wish your blog could be circulated to every Canadian on the net! They'd sure wake up in a hurry! this guy is such a bullshitter - well, it's hard to believe he has the guts to spew that crap! Is he sick? Oh, I'd bet on it! His remarks are past stupid! 'so he can still run the country' - WTF??? Does he really think he's that special? More likely he said that because he's still wanting Canadians to believe he's the 'king' of Canada or something! The thug is a legend - in his own mind! ROFLMFAO!! Me commenting here didn't succeed in getting it out of my system and I still have a sour stomach - you'll have to excuse me, I gotta go hurl!