Monday, December 08, 2014

Stephen Harper's Empty Words and the Betrayal of the Veterans

I have no idea why Stephen Harper lies all the time. I don't know whether it's compulsive, and he just can't help himself.

Or whether that grubby little man simply thinks that we're all fools.

But he does lie all the time, like he did last Wednesday. 

Only to be shown to be twisting the truth. Again.

Some of the biggest job cuts at Veterans Affairs in recent years have been in the disability awards branch — the division targeted in a recent auditor general’s report for taking too long to decide on the benefit claims of ex-soldiers. 

Departmental performance reports stretching back to 2009 show that roughly 897 positions have been eliminated across Veterans Affairs, with 33 per cent coming out of the section that administers pensions and awards.

Or lying like a thief.

Commemorations, the division that celebrates past wars and maintains memorials, was reduced by 17.2 per cent, while internal services — Prime Minister Stephen Harper described it last week as “backroom administration” — lost 71 positions, just 10.1 per cent.

But then why should anybody be surprised? When this is a government that is preparing to argue that nobody should believe Stephen Harper's empty words. 

The federal government will argue Wednesday that its social covenant to care for injured veterans was just political speech and not meant to be taken seriously.

So they can hurt the disabled, and violate what should be a sacred oath...

Six disabled veterans, united under the banner of the Equitas Society, hope to strike down the government’s decision to replace lifelong pensions for injured soldiers with one-time payments. They allege this breaches the sacred obligation to care for veterans wounded in the line of duty, which has been articulated as far back as the First World War.

The government will make its arguments Wednesday, but in written submissions has argued that “these statements were political speeches not intended as commitments or solemn commitments.”

And how does the grotesque Con regime respond when its lies are exposed?

Answer: by calling up the criminally incompetent stooge Julian Fantino, to twist the truth further...

Can you believe that? They really have no shame. They just don't care how many people they hurt.

Oh boy. I wish I could do more to help our veterans. I wish I could live up to what my parents taught me, to always try to do the right and decent thing. I swear I do my best, but it is never enough. 

But this is my sacred oath: 

I will meet the veterans on the battlefield of the next election campaign. Together we will drive the Cons and their depraved leader from power.

And then like the moral degenerates at Nuremberg, for their war on this country and its values.

We will make them account for their actions, and pay for their crimes...

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David said...

Stephen Harper Doesn't Support the Troops


How does Harper, Fantino, Gill, O'Toole and Nicholson sleep at night, knowing they misrepresent the real situation concerning veterans, whenever they "answer" in Question Period?

Or are their consciences so seared that they actually believe what they are saying?

Power & Politics (video)

These guys obfuscate, misdirect, and downplay so much that if they had been employed by the White Star Line during the Titanic disaster, they would all call it "a disappointing vacation", and say they are "moving forward" with plans to have more lifeboats and lifejackets on their other ocean liners!

e.a.f. said...

he can stop the lying, there just isn't anything in it for him to stop. It has worked very well for him. Remember all those positions the cons cut in Veteran Affairs, well harper and his cons have been cutting for some time. Certainly before the last election, and what did Canadians do? They re elected harper and his cons, with a majority? why? because they thought they could get something also. i.e. lower taxes Not only does harper not care about the Veterans, neither did the voters of this country. They didn't care about all the workers harper and his cons laid off. What did they think? That Santa would send his elves to do the work?

This is a government which when they first came to power de funded all the women's groups. That ought to have told people something. They ignored it and now we have what we have. He knew he could get away with what he did to Veterans, and he may yet.

If these Veterans, had been workers on any job site in Canada and sustained these types of injuries, they would have been in receipt of WCB. In the military, not so much. The Veterans are now in court. Harper and his cons are just betting the press won't give it too much coverage and most Canadians will forget. They may well as the price of oil drops, the fear sets in.

David said...

OWER AND POLITICS | Dec 8, 2014 | 15:42
Spending on veterans
MPs Erin O'Toole, Peter Stoffer and Frank Valeriote debate jobs cuts at Veterans Affairs.

Unknown said...

David how does Harper have the balls to wear military fatigues when he hides in a closet at the sound of gunfire?

Then there is this video of Major Mark Campbell:

Video @ bottom of first article today entitled "Erin O'Toole and "an insurance company like Veterans Affairs" my heart goes out to the man he lost both legs in an attack and almost died twice on the operating table. Harper through his tampering with Veteran's Affairs is treating the man like worn out garbage. Mark you are a hero to me and I support you in your battle against Harper's Goliath VA.

Harper you are a slime/slum dog coward. Go back into your closet.

Simon said...

hi David...I hate to use the expression, but they just follow orders. They park their critical faculties, if they have any, and do as the PMO tells them. And yes, what they have done to language is right out of Orwell. They are a bestial political cult like this country has never seen before, and hopefully will never see again...

Simon said...

hi mogs...yes I saw Mark Campbell on TV recently and he was magnificent. How he has been treated is beyond belief, and Harper is shameless...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I hope you're wrong and Canadians don't allow those Con thugs to get away with all their crimes against Canada. I'm still optimistic that in the end the desire for change will overwhelm everything else. But we in live in crazy times so I guess anything is possible....

Unknown said...


Harper and his cons are going to pay for violating The Canadian Constitution, The Canadian Bill of Rights and the well beloved Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It will take time but as in Nuremberg "I was only following orders" won't wash in The Supreme Court of Canada. Hefty fines and jail time is the cons and Harper's future. We are going to raise funds as soon as we have the lawyer on-board I want to represent a class action law suit against this evil empire that thinks it is unaccountable to the law.

Cheers All-Ways,