Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stephen Harper, the Terrorist Scare, and the Police State

I warned that Stephen Harper was looking for a way to scare Canadians, so he could try to stampede them into believing that only a Great Strong Leader like himself could save them.

So he could use fear to try to save himself, and turn this broken country into a police state.

Well today he got his "terrorist incident." 

A 25-year-old man who injured two soldiers in a hit and run and was later fatally shot by police in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., was known to federal authorities as someone who had been "radicalized," according to the RCMP and the Prime Minister's Office.

And the way he handled it, and some of the strange things that happened today, should make all Canadians wonder whether we're still living in a democracy.

Because all you have to do is follow the timeline to realize that something is terribly wrong.

The hit and run occurred around 11:30 a.m. ET when two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were hit by a car in a parking lot of a commercial plaza. Both were injured, one critically. Police have not released their names.

Not long after the two were hit, the car that hit them was spotted by officers from the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu police force, who chased the vehicle for four kilometres.

The chase ended when the driver lost control of his car, flipping it into a ditch. Police said the man got out of the vehicle, and several shots were fired by officers. Police said the incident also involved a knife but did not elaborate.

Because when you calculate the amount of time all of the above took to happen, it couldn't have ended much before 12:30 pm. And by the time the news got out it was probably close to 1 pm.

Then you have to know that police on the scene were telling reporters FIVE hours later that they were still investigating and had no idea why the dead man had done what he did.

And neither had the RCMP or CSIS said a word about what had happened.

But much earlier than that, just after 2 pm, the Con operatives  in the PMO were already calling it a "terror attack" and sending out one of their caucus flunkies to ask a Stephen Harper a prepared question.

The hit and run was later raised in question period in the House of Commons by Conservative MP Randy Hoback, who questioned Prime Minister Stephen Harper about "unconfirmed reports of a possible terror attack" targeting members of the Canadian Forces.

Who although he is NEVER in Question Period on a Monday, just happened to be there today. 

So he could imprint himself on the story of the attack...

And look and sound suitably concerned on every evening newscast.

Harper, reading from a piece of paper, would only say he was "aware of these reports" and that they are troubling.

Which beyond the crass exploitation of tragedy for cheap political purposes, raises some very disturbing questions:

(1) How did the PMO know that it was a possible "terrorist incident" hours before the police in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu did ? And even longer before it was confirmed by the RCMP.

(2) Did the RCMP or CSIS consider it their first duty to inform their political masters before they informed other police forces? 

(3) Why are the Quebec Provincial Police still saying they have no reason to believe it was a terrorist attack? Don't the RCMP or CSIS share ANY information with them? Or what do they know that we don't know?

(3) Was the alleged terrorist being monitored, and if he was considered dangerous, why was he allowed to remain at large?

And of course the big question: In a country where a sinister and increasingly desperate regime is using government agencies like the Canadian Revenue Agency to bludgeon and intimidate its enemies.

Real or imagined.

And is seeking more powers to monitor their movements and invade their privacy. 

"We think that this is probably the most draconian step towards police interference in people's lives since George Orwell revealed the potential for it when he wrote 1984."

Are the police and the security services now also so politicized that they are putting the interests of that foul Con regime before the interests of Canadians?

Because if they are we are no longer living in a democracy. Period.

Needless to say all of these questions must be answered urgently if Canadians are still going to have confidence in those who are supposed to protect them. Because that confidence is now hanging from a thread.

But of course we already know why Stephen Harper is doing what he is doing.

Because the economy is scaring him to death, and he is DESPERATE...

Brian Gable/Globe and Mail

He would scare Canadians, to give them some other reason to vote for him. He would use fear as a political weapon.

And all I can say is that a leader who is capable of that, is capable of ANYTHING.

The lights really are going out in this country.

And unless all those who believe in democracy speak out and unite to defeat him.

He will take this country to a nightmare place.

And drag us all into his monstrous darkness...

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  1. You're right Simon. This is scary behaviour, even by harper's standards.

    1. hi thwap....yeah. it is really is another sign that the Cons are prepared to do anything to cling to power. And I can only imagine what they might do in this time of war and Ebola. I suspect we're in for quite a ride....

  2. All sounds "staged " to me! My first thought(gut feeling) was I bet the guy driving the vehicle wasn't expecting to be killed(silenced)??????

    Even if the 25 year old man was deemed as "radicalized" and was holding a knife, why was he shot dead?

    Too many questions that will never be answered truthfully..........

    1. hi Kathleen....I see like me you believe that in Harperland, paranoia can be a higher state of consciousness. ;) I don't know if it was staged but what I do know is that everything the Cons do now is for pure electoral purposes, and that they may be politicizing the security services. Which as I said in my post, would be the end of democracy as we know it...

  3. Replies
    1. hi Steve...I would call it more like an annoyance. I hold Harper and his regime in total contempt, and refuse to even think that he might intimidate us. If people don't speak out this nightmare will go on forever...

  4. the spinmonster Harper, probably staged this himself:P

    1. hi deb... I suppose that with the Cons in power, and no moral compass to guide the, anything is possible. But exploiting a tragedy as they did the other day tells us once again what kind of government they are. They are desperate, and none of this will help them...

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    What everyone seems to be missing here is that until yesterday, I'm pretty sure no one has ever been killed on Canadian soil by a radicalized person. Harper's War has changed that forever. Any whackjob that harbored thoughts of attacking us here will now have the added incentive to carry it out thanks to Harper's War.
    The sickening thought that Harper's doing this to portray himself as the great warrior/defender and will help him gain votes is unfathomable.
    Time will not be kind to Harper's war. When women and children are shown either dead or horribly injured from the inevitable collateral damage, and when things start blowing up across this country in retaliation, then the fruits of Harper's labours will be fully realized and their blood on his hands.

    1. hi anon...that's a good point. It is remarkable that Canada has exported so many young would be Jihadis, but that none of them have attempted to attack this country. I think it shows that there are moderating influences in this country, and of course that the police clearly have all the power they need to keep the situation under control. And yes by yapping his mouth off and going to war just to make himself look good, he has stirred up those ISIS maniacs, and made it more likely we could be attacked. I don't think the support for this war will last too long, it never does. Especially when people realize that we are now in greater danger of losing OUR lives to some crazy, and that the war cannot be won that way. I fear a lot of people in this country are going to learn a very painful lesson...

  6. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Simon: Have you heard about Operation Northwoods: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods ?

    Would you put in past Harper to resort to something similar? Personally, I would not.

    1. hi anon...I don't know if they would go that far. But the fact that so many people in this country think they might tells me that the Con regime is unfit to stay in office. And since Stephen Harper has shown himself to have no morals and no decency, he is probably capable of just about ANYTHING...

    2. Gonzogal7:24 PM

      I agree 1000% with you Simon that this was a flase flag event and I am also certain that it also applies to Wednesdays happenings on Parliament Hill. Perhaps the best similarity is with Operation Gladio

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Harper blatantly lied regarding, the US requested Harper to play a bigger role, in the war with ISIS. The US said, they did no such thing. What was Harper going to bomb, rubble into pebbles? Harper was an abject failure in Wales, Harper sold Canada to Communist China. Harper is a pariah, that no-one wants.

    Harper forced his way into the war with ISIS. He is desperate to redeem himself and all Harper looks is, a total fool. This so called terrorist attacked looks very contrived and set up. This is exactly something Harper would do. Everything Harper says is, automatically deemed a lie. Besides which, didn't the opposition say? All Harper will do, would bring on terrorist attacks? However, Harper declares himself a devout Christian. What an ugly farce.

  8. Anonymous6:35 AM

    "Radicalized"? Why doesn't the m.s.m. just call him a "sand nigger" and get it over with? That's what their intention is anyway is to get the old whities all riled up against anybody with brown skin (except the sand nigger behind harpie with the turban in all the photos in parliament, of course-he's a good 'un cause he's for masser harpie) and thus insuring that he gets them to the poles to make sure harpie will save them from being run over or otherwise slaughtered by a "radicalized", crazed, insane, bloodthirsty monster! And you'll be able to tell he/she's one just by looking at him/her because they're not white! It's so easy! Why didn't somebody think of this before? Oh, wait . . . the 'murkans have been doing this since the 90's and harpie just figured out how it works now. Okay, never mind. Have a great Wednesday and try not to get slaughtered by no brown-skinned "radicalized" individuals (a.k.a. "sand niggers" to all you rightwing fucking assholes out there).
    I know when it comes time to vote, I'm sure going to vote the christo-fascist, law and order, kill 'em before they multiply, white is right party's ticket and put harpie back in control for another four years!

    1. hi anon....a columnist in La Presse reminded me of the backlash against Muslims in Britain after two crazed jihadis killed a soldier in the street by also running him down in a car. So it definitely could happen here, and it would be horrible. But the good news is that Harper is so obviously trying to exploit the situation I'm confident that most Canadians will see through his act, and punish him accordingly. Because if they don't then they will deserve the country they get, and I'm applying for refugee status in Sweden or Scotland... ;)

  9. Anonymous6:47 AM

    The entire scenerio is just too pat and all tied up with a colourful bow on top. Too many questions, but we will never have the answers. In just a few short hours, the police, 'security agencies', media and CONS, were all repeating the same version of events. Initially, reports differed and the words 'terrorist attack' were not uttered until the scripted CON MP question and dear leader's answer in Parliament.

    Why was the suspect killed? Why was he not tasered or shot in the leg, arm or hand to get him to drop the knife? Killing a suspect (often without justification) seems to be standard operating procedure now. Kill first, collaborate on the convenient version of events, case closed. We will never know the truth.

    1. hi anon...yes as I said in my post something isn't right. Or to put it more bluntly, something stinks. I can't quite put my finger on it, but we should be concerned, and we definitely need to find out what's going on in the PMO. I've never seen a Canadian government as sinister as this one, and I hope I never see one again...

  10. And now, conveniently, we have the shooting events in Ottawa, hot on the heels of the other alleged "radicalised terrorist" event.

  11. e.a.f.7:36 PM

    P.M. "lets go to war and kill them harper" and his herd may want to refer to the man as a "radicalised terrorist". He may simply be some one who was mentally ill. Now we most likely will never know. This incident has served P.M. harper and his herd well. They have their election issues. how bloody convenient for them.

    I feel so sorry for the young man's family and that of the person who was killed in the car accident. This is a tragedy for two families, not a political opportunity for harper and his herd. Can't wait to see harper at the funeral. probably will get to do the eulogy, if he works it right.

  12. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I heard about the shooting in Ottawa before I read this blog and I immediately thought there was a conspiracy involving corporate and or government forces and a patsy to be the sacrificial lamb. Get ready for martial law being invoked before the next election if Harper keeps plummeting in popularity. Martial law would allow him to retain power in 'The national interests "

    1. Anonymous8:42 PM

      ... last year some twitter folk were speculating that if 'Harper Government' accomplishes all that's on its agenda we will indeed be stuck in their Canada with their harper for as long as they want us to be. this discussion grew out of the bill for the UNFAIR ELECTIONS ACT.... we tried to figure a way out of the spiral but it seemed hopeless. in the end everyone agreed with me: it seemed our only hope would be if the RCMP & the Forces get fed up with him. We shall see.. If QEII didn't approve he'd be gone, so obviously there's no hope there and I'm pretty sure it has to do with PM Cameron in UK. It doesn't matter which POTUS is smiling at the camera, the Military & Wall St run the USA. I'll say this: UK hates Cameron & Canada hates Harper; it might just be in the Royal Family's best interest to side with her Loyal Forces in seeing a political regime change in her Kingdom &its colonies...You know who is schizophrenic its PM Harper: one day he's the President Of Canada & the next he's Her Majesty's Fancy Soldier...

  13. Anonymous8:33 PM

    a few years ago I realized an overlay pattern in a geosurvey map of North America: areas that had taken environmental oppositions to mining, Fracking, pipelines - areas that protested or regions having passed moratoriums: all would, within 18-36 months of opposition, experience some form of horrific 'disaster'. South PQ had a moratorium on fracking. USA co.s hold rights to the drilling under that tract & Harper promised they'd get it if his friends in China can build all the pipelines. So when I turned on my TV and saw Lac Megantic ON FIRE, I actually fell faint away. after I came to I just cried and cried... Anyways, generally floods take care of stuff. not only do they demolish everything of value they poison everything that remains so it has no value beside commercial/industrial. goodbye Saskatchewan farmland-flooded. Goodbye BC fishing your rivers are full of POISON from 'accidental' mine spills and your First Nations land rights and environmental charter protections are MOOT in a wasteland... I've known of the checklist for a while. I said at beginning of summer: there will be an argument about assisted suicide its a RED HERRING to try and get 'quality of life' back into parliament so they can challenge #FreeChoice. There will be an attempt to draw an association between marijuana and violent criminal behaviour & mental illness. There will be sensational horrific victimization of some nature that provokes knee-jerk censorship of the internet, not to protect anyone, but, to enable unconstitutional expansions of police authority. In accordance with the agreements regarding 'sharing' a security network with the USA & setting up shared cross-border surveillance systems aka 'border security', it has been necessary for Harper to force through a number of unconstitutional changes that make these agreements with the USA possible. To say I'm relieved that it only took 2 human lives seems heartless but to be honest, I'd feared something far worse for the sake of impact and intimidation, to more easily influence the reactions & behaviours of the population in response to an event as a stimulus to effect illegal or unpopular policy. I AM relieved it was NOT 'Canada's 9-11'; it was 2 soldiers & not 3000 workers. It was a warning not from jihadists it was an indication of what we can expect if we resist the Govt agenda beyond its convenience and frustrate the global trade agenda we are all expected to gratefully submit to participate in. My mother & I shared tears as we watched opposition leaders kowtow to the Great Leader's line along with his caucus minions; I wept for the fallen, & wept for the fact that those we counted on to stand up against this tyranny fell back & bowed & I struggled to understand why - why stay silent? and then I realized of course: 'if Harper will go this far, how much farther will he go the next time? enough. Let him have his way' ...and magically from Washington appears Secretary of State Kerry to parade around and tell us what we will be doing next and that he approves. and it is done. So, BTW: I might add, don't waste your time or lives protesting the XL pipeline. It will be Harpers reward. And he warned us in February 'Canada is a friend of Israel' I took that to mean that we kill who they kill and Canadians better not try to stop it... I will be thinking about all of these things when I REMEMBER *_* 11/11 xo peace