Friday, October 10, 2014

The Day Stephen Harper Was Accused of Flirting with Fascism

I always knew he'd lead this country to a very dark place, from the day he came to office.

And the very first thing he did was order the removal of the words "women's rights" from thousands of government documents.

I knew then that he was an alien beast like we had never seen before. 

And now of course it's even worse. The country is bleeding from a thousand wounds, and he's crazy desperate, and trying to scare us into submission.

The Conservative government pressed its case Thursday for tougher anti-terror powers for police and spies by raising an alarming American news story dismissed by Canadian security sources.

NBC News reported Wednesday night that Canadian officials are concerned about potential Islamic State sympathizers threatening “knives and gun” attacks on “malls and embassies” here.

For there was his hapless stooge Steve Blaney today trying to extract maximum advantage from the apparent threat to behead us in our bedrooms malls.

“Our national security agencies are constantly reviewing the threat to our country and taking action to keep Canadians safe,” Blaney said. In French, he added he wouldn’t comment further, but said it’s “clear the Islamist terrorist threat is a serious one and we must remain vigilant.”

To try to scare us into believing that the police need more powers to invade our privacy, read our e-mails, and track our movements. 

With a little help from Great Strong Leader himself:

In Whitby, Prime Minister Stephen Harper weighed in when asked what kind of threat is posed to Canada by the scores of Islamic State supporters identified by national security agencies here. “I’m not going to speculate on specific threats other than to just say this all should remind us that these threats are very, very real.

When in fact the apparent threat to behead us in our malls was NOT real. 

Later in the evening NBC scaled back its initial report, dropping the reference to threats on Canadian malls as well as to embassies.

It was "aspirational" and was apparently foiled YEARS ago.

The only "real" threat to Canada came in a rambling 45-minute audio tape made by some hairy religious fanatic who sounded like he was high on drugs, in which the threat to Canada consumed about TEN seconds.

Neither Blaney nor Boss Harper can explain why if the threat is so great have dozens of would be Canadian jihadis been allowed to go and return from Syria, as if they were just holidaying in Cancun?

And it's only too obvious Great Strong Desperate Leader is only trying to use anything he can, to scare people into voting for him. 

While at the same time slowly turning us into a police state...

But then what else can we expect from a sinister regime that would accuse the MSM of "censorship"? 

For having the nerve to object to the Con plan to steal their footage, so they can use it to make attack ads. 

The very term chills. It shouldn’t be so easily tossed out in a democracy, certainly not from our leaders.

If Harper has his way, his Canada in 2015 will include a media that becomes an extension of the government, dutifully collecting news footage that can be twisted and used for partisan purposes, then thrown back as an ad at the network that covered the news in the first place.

What else can we expect from a leader, who as Don Martin said today, is flirting with FASCISM...

You know, I never thought I'd hear a member of our timid MSM accuse Harper of flirting with fascism. But now that one has, all I can say is it's about time.

Because there really is no other way to describe the way he behaves. And it does say something about how low we have fallen. And what him and his foul un-Canadian regime have done to our poor country.

And the good news?

As Don Martin points out, like I did yesterday. we have a LOT more material to use against Harper and his criminal gang, than they have to use against us.

And we will use ALL of it to fight him harder than we ever have before.

Until the light returns to Canada. 

The alien Cons have been beaten.

And this grotesque tyrant is defeated...

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David said...

As one person said in the comments section of the Toronto Star article Simon posted, the fear-mongering is right out of the neocon playbook.

Remember these classic quotes from Bush Jr.:

(2001) "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

(2003) "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

David said...

Is Stephen Harper displaying fascist-like tendencies?

Anonymous said...

Canadians are like the proverbial frog in the pot. They won't realize what is happening until they're almost cooked. It'll take a big shock like another recession to wake them up.

Scotian said...


Here is a tidbit for you I picked up off of CBC Power and Politics Power Panel, it appears that despite knowing who those returnees from ISIS are, knowing they broke the laws, knowing they should be in jail (all according to our government), and are of such serious threat to all Canadians that we need to further reduce civil liberties and freedoms and act in a combat role against ISIS somehow not only are they free, they are not even on the No Fly list!!! This according the the Maclean's journalist on the panel, alas I'm not sure I can spell his name properly but it was Patriquin. Assuming he is correct (and these days I'll trust any journalist outside of the Sunnews network more than our government to be telling us the factual reality aka truth) that shows the reality of how serious a threat these folks really are. I've said all along that I do not see the security threat posed by ISIS/ISIL to Canada domestically any more than any other radical extremist group against Western nations whatever the flavour. If the government that claims these people are such a danger to us that they leave them to roam free and still fly without impediment, well then the actions speak far louder, clearly and more truthful than any of their words, hmmm?

As to the media attack, I have a problem with the idea in general, because it will add the credibility of a news service to such ads, and destroy what little credibility such services have over time. This is not just the obvious corrosive to the political dialogue in elections, it also further weakens the fifth estate from being able to provide any credible oversight and credibility as an information conduit on the actions of those in power whatever their political flavour. This is yet another attack on our basic democratic structures not just for the obvious aspects against the current crop of opponents for Harper but it further continues his war on the media for daring to show truth and reality for what it is whenever it conflicts with Conservative/Harper propaganda/fiction. The main reason the media in this country has had a "liberal bias" is because the modern conservatives have had an increasingly distant connection to factual reality/truth, and those pesky media types (at least some still) are actually trying to show the reality instead of the fiction. Imagine that, you'd think they took the idea that a free press has a responsibility to the citizenry to show what the powers that be want to hide serious. What a horrible thing that is for a open society/democracy where the votes of the citizenry decide who holds the power, we all know that an informed citizenry is not what the Harper CPC desires, their entire history as a government with the greatest secrecy in our history (with no close rival in second) shows the truth of that.

to be concluded...

Scotian said...


Personally, I think the short term point to this idea is that they see their own Trudeau attack ads lack credibility with the average citizen/voter, so they are increasingly desperate to find material that will impact, and they think using news footage with the voices of trusted/credible journalists will help them slip their poison into the minds of the voters about Trudeau. They clearly recognize Trudeau as their greatest electoral threat (which in a nation of centrist is hardly surprising, I keep saying the NDP are deluded in thinking they have a shot at government federally, there are simply not enough "progressive" voters to give them a realistic shot, and as much as Trudeau may be pulling from the NDP soft left he is also clearly pulling at least as much from the CPC center right, and those votes are the ones that will make the real difference in who win government next time out I believe), but the tool they used to destroy the Lib leaders in the last three elections is failing them. They simply cannot negatively define Trudeau as a potential PM no matter what they try, nor how hard they try, and for all their confidence publicly in saying it is working and will prove so by election time, their actual actions show the truth, they know it isn't working anywhere near as much as they had wanted, expected, and especially needed.

It is clear the Harper CPC expected it to be much easier to define Trudeau negatively, but the record proves they were wrong. It is also clear they expected a tighter competition for anti CPC support between Mulcair and Trudeau than has been seen as well. So they are now trying to find anything they can to tilt the balance in their favour, even something as blatantly obvious as this action. The fact they planned on burying the change in a budget bill only underscores just how disgusting and clearly bordering on fascist this truly is. I think Don Martin has a point (although given this is clearly affecting his professional interests one must clearly keep in mind that obvious conflict and potential for over stating just as we should for anyone in a conflict situation whatever the case may be) regarding this having the tinge of fascism to it, but then so has many other things this government has done, and where was Martin in calling out those examples, hmmm? Is it only when it touches his bailiwick that suddenly he is willing to call out such? It certainly has that vibe, yet that does not make him wrong in this case, only showing he acts more out of self interest than he would want his viewers to believe.

David said...

Macleans journalist Martin Patriquin said Friday on CBC's Power & Politics that NOT ONE of the 80 plus Islamic State sympathizers identified by Canada's security agencies are on Canada's no fly list! NOT ONE.

And a day or so ago Steven Blaney (Minister of Public Safety) said on TV that while some people are put under surveillance once they ENTER Canada, no one is ever put under surveillance once they EXIT Canada!!!

Simon said...

hi David...yes it is an old tired act, and if you read what's happening in Britain, both Harper and David Cameron are practically in synch, doing the same things for the same reason, and even using the same words. And hopefully more people will soon realize that repeating the same mistake, with no hope of a different result, is the definition of INSANITY....

Simon said...

h know I wouldn't be surprised. We are a horribly complacent people. We've been sitting in that pot for almost nine years, and STILL some don't get it. Maybe a big shock is in order...

Simon said...

hi Scotian...yeah, there is a gigantic gap between what the Cons are saying about the threat, and the little they are doing to reduce it. I can't decide whether they're actually trying to make it easier for some crazy to attack us, for obvious political reasons. Or whether they're just hopelessly incompetent. As for their media grab it only shows how fixated they are on the politics of personal destruction, which is not the way they are going to make Harper more popular. And yes, it was good of Martin to accuse the Cons of flirting with fascism, but where have him and his colleagues been for the last eight years?

Simon said...

hi David....yes Patriquin knows Blaney well, as I do. He knows that he is an absolute idiot, whose only distinguishing characteristic is that he swims across the St Lawrence near Quebec City every year, like a seal. And while he claps his flippers like a good Con stooge, if he's our first line of defence we're in real trouble...

David said...


Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney outlined the coming legislation in a television interview that aired Sunday.

“We as politicians have a very important responsibility to enable our national security agencies to have the capability to track terrorists abroad,” Mr. Blaney told CTV’s Question Period. “That’s why I will table a bill … to make sure that those individuals, we can track them so we can exchange information all within the scope of the law, on one part.”

Anonymous said...

All Canadians must remember the anti democratic behaviour of Harper and his political and corporate cronies, during the election of 2015 and at the ballot box. Urge every Canadian of voting age, youth to seniors, to cast their ballot against this dangerous party and its leader. Return Parliamentary Democracy to Canada.