Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Day of the Con Planet Burners

It happened during Question Period in the middle of the debate about whether Canada should go to war.

So most did not notice and it will soon be forgotten.

The moment when Tom Mulcair quoted Stephen Harper's infamous 2002 statement on Kyoto:

“Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations."

And the Cons rose to their feet clapping and cheering and laughing loudly. 

On the same day that this scathing report was released. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is not doing enough to reduce carbon emissions, fight climate change and regulate oil and gas emissions, a series of audits from a federal watchdog have found.

The audits, contained in a report published Tuesday, say Canada has no detailed plan to meet its emissions reduction targets, is on pace to fall well short of meeting them and has made no long-term commitment to environmental monitoring in the oil sands region, the fastest-growing source of emissions.

Which showed that the Cons are still climate change deniers and planet burning criminals, whose promises aren't worth the paper they're written on.

“My biggest concern is it does not look like Canada will meet its international [emission reduction] commitment. I think that when you make a commitment, you need to keep it, and it’s very difficult for us, for Canada, to expect other countries to meet their commitments when Canada can’t meet its own.”

And this on the same day that we also found out that the Cons have managed to pressure the Europeans into stop calling our gooey bitumen dirty oil. 

The European Union has backed off a plan to label oil from Alberta's oilsands as dirtier than other oils and to make it harder to import.​ The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, published a proposal early Tuesday that removes one of the biggest hurdles that was standing in the way of Canada exporting its oil directly to Europe, something that isn't currently happening in any significant way.

Thanks to Harper's good buddy Jose Manuel Barroso.

Environmental campaigners and Green politicians criticized the EU's move Tuesday as a step backward. Greenpeace accused the European Commission under outgoing President Jose Manuel Barroso of putting trade ahead of the environment.

The one he just happened to lend his airbus to last month. 

And stuck us with the tab.

But then of course we will pay for all of this. And so will Harper.

For how can he claim that ISIS is a greater threat than climate change? When his dirty oil would burn us in our beds. 

A major train derailment has occurred near Wadena, Sask., prompting authorities to keep people well back from smouldering railcars and smoke that may be toxic.

And the amount of oil shipped by rail continues to grow out of control.

According to Transport Canada, the number of railcars that carried crude oil and diluted bitumen through B.C. increased from 41 in 2011 to 3,381 in 2013.

“In Canada in 2009, there were only 500 carloads of crude oil shipped by rail; in 2013, there were 160,000 carloads.

And so does the danger of another Lac-M├ęgantic disaster...

But of course Harper doesn't care, for he would do ANYTHING to make Alberta richer no matter how many lives it costs.

No matter how much he damages the planet, and our reputation in the world.

And really what more can I say? What more can anyone say?

Except that either we will defeat the Cons and its depraved leader.

Or they will burn us ALL...

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Steve said...

Two places the Federal Government should have Fat Steve. Saving the bees and forcing US Steel to live up to their contract.

David said...

Leona Aglukkaq just sticks to the Con talking points. She has zero credibility and sidesteps questions about regulating Canada's oil and gas sector.

"Mr. Speaker, responsible oil sands development is a priority and a responsibility of both the federal government as well as the provincial government."

A-glu-caulk: Gloppy Fix-All Gunk (from Harpcon) Available at RONA'S: