Saturday, October 11, 2014

Harper's War and the Song of the Chicken Media

Well it's the Thanksgiving Day weekend in Harperland, and we all have so many reasons to give thanks.

Especially Great Leader.

He finally got some good job numbers.  

As short-lived and as dubious as they may be.

"As a stand-alone report, this is no doubt highly impressive, but given the rising turmoil in the rest of the world, not to mention growing questions over the reliability of the jobs data, these results may not have much lasting impact," BMO economist Doug Porter said in a note to clients.

And his war numbers are so good, the MSM is singing his praises, and suggesting that while he may lose the war, he WILL win the next election.

And it is hard to argue about the war numbers. With seventy percent of Canadians supporting Harper's War, including many Liberals and NDPers, it's clear that his fear campaign is working...

He is reeling them in like suckers, and drawing them into his depraved embrace.

But who can blame them eh? When even our Colonel Blimp, Andrew Coyne, is flapping his chicken hawk feathers and asking why SHOULDN'T we be afraid? 

Let’s put it this way: Why wouldn’t Islamic State be a threat to Canada? What precisely is stopping them? Distance? They’re already here. Resources? They’re swimming in cash: an estimated $3 million a day in oil revenues. The sheer illogic of it? This is a group whose stated aim, complete with maps, is to establish an Islamic caliphate stretching all the way from south-west Russia to Spain.

Logic does not much enter into it. What, then? Fear of retaliation? Death cults are not to be deterred. Or is it our general inoffensiveness, the fact that, Lord love us, we’re not Americans? Apparently this does not seem to matter as much to them as it does to many Canadians.

Even though we fought Al Qaeda and their surrogates in Afghanistan for YEARS, with a much much bigger force than we are sending to Iraq, killed THOUSANDS of them. And they NEVER attacked us.

Even though the deranged threats of some hairy religious fanatic shouldn't scare most people, like they don't scare me. Not even a tiny little bit.

And even though as Simon Jenkins points out, repeating the same mistakes in Iraq, really does beggar belief. 

It beggars belief that further military intervention by the west in Iraq is now being considered. 

Yet the yearning to intervene, to bomb someone even if just to "send a message", shows how thin is the veneer of sanity cloaking great power aggression. War still has the best tunes. How glorious it must seem to certain politicians to somehow turn 10 years of disaster in Iraq into a final victory.

But then of course, Stephen Harper thought the FIRST war in Iraq was a good idea.

He is whipping his tiny CF-18 out to try to make himself look like a Great Strong Leader, or scare people for crass political purposes.

And so infatuated is the MSM with his phony act that some are even suggesting he should strike while the iron is hot, or while so many Liberals and NDPers are supporting him.

And call a snap election. 

The Prime Ministerial nose must be twitching, the spine tingling, dampened finger held in the air the better to test the winds. Is this the time? Arguably, we are at a textbook moment for the calling of a snap election.

Because you know, Justin Trudeau didn't consult the old farts in the Senate, which is apparently bad not good like I previously thought.

And by jingo the time is NOW !!!!

This particular Canada-in-the-world concern has the legs to dominate a campaign of just a few weeks. This looks like Mr. Harper's best shot unless he has some very secret platform plans that might compare. Will he roll the dice?

But I don't know eh? While I'm sure that Great Strong Leader's nose IS twitching...

Sniffing for a political opening, like a hog's nose twitches for truffles.

Like Michael Harris I tend to blame the MSM, for cutting back on its foreign coverage, and failing to do a proper job of reminding Canadians of the lessons of history.  

This is why you can’t remember the last time you saw a foreign correspondent reporting from the ruins of Tripoli or the war zones of Benghazi showing what really resulted from our ‘noble’ mission there. The allies flew away from the pandemonium they created and declared victory. Since then, there have been precious few stories or pictures to say otherwise. 

Which may be why Stephen Harper — who has been a thundering bozo on foreign policy — believes he can go into another senseless war and not worry about paying a political price.

I blame them for fanning the flames of IGNORANCE.

And despite their frantic cheerleading for Great Warrior Leader, I don't believe the war will play a big part in the next election. Because there are so many other issues at play, and in that regard the omens are not promising.

Not when despite last month's dubious job numbers, the trend is still heading in the wrong direction.

After eight long years of scandal, brutality, and political perversion, so are Stephen Harper's numbers...

The war won't be enough to reverse that trend, or heal those wounds.

And that's BEFORE I cook my Thanksgiving turkey...

Because the last time I tried to cook one, I almost killed some of my friends eh?

Who knew you had to cook it for TWO more hours if it wasn't completely thawed ??!!#@!!

So I'm pretty sure that old Duffy bird WILL help kill the Cons. If the police don't arrest them first for one of their many other crimes against this country. 

Yup. Don't despair people. The universe is still unfolding as it should.

Don't listen to the song of the chicken media.

We will win the War for Canada.

And the tyrant WILL be toppled...

But hey, watch out for those turkeys, because they are REALLY dangerous.

Carry on bravely.

And have a great weekend !!!

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Anonymous said...

Harper out and out blatantly lied, he had the gall to say? He was requested to play a bigger role, in the war against ISIS. The US said, they did no such thing as, everything that could be bombed already was bombed. What was the fool Harper going to bomb, rubble into pebbles or what? They already knew bombing wasn't working.

Harper forced his way into that war, he is desperate to play the big shot. Harper was a total abject failure in Wales as, his speech to the UN, was to an empty room.

Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists, then sells Canada to Communist China? Harper was frothing at the mouth to bomb Syria you know? The little children of Syria that didn't wake-up in the morning? The children that were dead from poison gas? Now Syria is Harper's friend?

Hitler had Goebbels as his propaganda machine so, there was no other media permitted in Germany. That is what Harper wants in Canada. Hitler did not want his dirty murdering deeds, to get out to the public either.

There is no such thing as, good honest journalism in Canada. Our media, are a disgrace to their professions.

Obama thanked all of the countries for their support, in the war against ISIS. Harper didn't even get a honorable mention. Harper is a pariah, that no-one wants. That Harper did such evil to Canada and the people, to sell Canada to Communist China. China is one of the most detested countries on the planet.

Unknown said...

The MSM for the most part supporting Harpers decision to go to war and actually saying he may get elected in 2015 because of this decision is absolutely ludicrous. So his behaviour and decisons particularly from 2011 up to the present day will not be a factor that Canadians will consider when judging Harpers electability in 2015. According to the MSM all Harper has to do is pull a rabbit out of the hat, in this case the rabbit being Canada going to war and he will get elected in 2015. His ignorance and avoidance of dealing with climate change, his continuously creating of unconstitutional legislation,his muzzling of scientists, his total incompetence in negotiating beneficial trade agreements on behalf of Canadians will not matter. Whether it's the temp. foreign workers, grain transportation, EI, Veteran affairs, refugee immigration, unquestioning support of Israel, etc. etc. all of his policies and programs when implemented are complete fiasco's. Does the MSM not know that the US created ISIL and the US coalition including Canada who have agreed to bomb targets and ISIL which includes innocent civilians, are really just advancing the U.S's total control of the middle east. If so then why don't they know?.Are they really that lacking in knowledge? With the exception of very few journalists like Michael Harris there has been very little critical thinking among the MSM. When this secretive, vindictive, Lying tyrant who is our PM is thrown out in 2015 it won't be because of the MSM, but because Canadians rightfully despise him. What a bunch of lap dogs they are. Harper has been giving them the finger for years, but they keep coming back wanting his approval.They are like the insecure abused spouse who stays in the relationship because he/she's lack of self-esteem requires sporadic or continuous attention, even if it's abusive.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people faces glued to smart phones making foolish choices . Walking zombies unable to ask what is happening how and why. Look up wake up follow the money and watch the hands not the mouth. Behold the delivery system of Harper and Co. Your country liquidated for their profit. Nothing left but the crying. Pathology normal. Impunity assured. Sabotaged by the smug righteous ignorant apathetic antisocial paranoid.

Words fail.

David said...

The political realities of the vote to send CF-18 fighter jets to Iraq hit the Liberal party hard this week. How will Justin Trudeau manage the controversy? In House panelists Terry Milewski and Emmanuelle Latraverse join us with their take.

Simon said...

hi anon...we're not living in Nazi Germany, but Harperland is bad enough in its own right. And yes most of the MSM has let us down badly. But that's OK we will defeat the Cons with our media, and we don't need them...

Simon said...

hi Pamela...I completely agree with you. It seems unbelievable that the MSM could ignore Harper's sordid record, and pretend that this shabby little war can make a difference. The Cons lost the right to govern a long time ago. And the MSM is as bad as you say. I understand that war fever can cloud the mind, but the verdict of history will be a harsh one...

Simon said...

hi anon...well said. Sometimes the idiocy and democratic complacency of many Canadians makes me despair about the future of this country. But when I pick myself up or stop shaking my head and rolling my eyes, it only convinces me that progressives should be far more aggressive in explaining to those Canadians what Harper and his gang are doing, and why they've got to go. We need to shake up the grazing herd, and stampede them to the polls...

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for the links, I'll check them out when I have time, probably when I'm waiting for that damn turkey to cook properly.... ;)