Friday, October 24, 2014

Stephen Harper's Sinister Plan to Suppress Our Freedoms

I knew Stephen Harper wouldn't waste any time exploiting the senseless tragedy on Parliament Hill.

I knew he'd strike when many people were still in shock, emotions were still raw, the MSM in Ottawa was still making it sound like it was Canada's 911. 

And he could still scare some Canadians into believing that our country, and its values, were under attack.

And that only he can save us... 

But only if we give him the powers he needs to suppress the terrorist menace,
by surrendering some of our freedoms so he can protect us better.

And sure enough there was his hapless stooge Steve Blaney today, announcing some of the latest directives from the Con Ministry of Homeland Security designed to neutralize any wannabe jihadis AND the internet. 

While Great Strong Leader plotted to neutralize the opposition:

A senior government source told CBC News the government is considering a single bill that would introduce changes to the legislation governing both security officials and police. 

On Thursday morning, Prime Minister Stephen Harper reminded the House of Commons that his government had already announced changes to the law governing CSIS, Canada's spy agency, changes that would include anonymity for sources and increased information sharing with other countries.

By apparently planning to including in the same bill, measures to crack down on those wannabes, along with measures that would strip us of our civil liberties. So when the opposition complains about the latter, he can accuse them of endangering the lives of Canadians. Call them terrorist stooges.

And maybe even contrive to call an election over the issue of national security.

While he slowly turns this country into a police state...

Harper also said he believes police powers need to be increased. "In recent weeks, I've been saying that our laws and police powers need to be strengthened in the area of surveillance, detention and arrest."

They need to be much strengthened, and I assure you, Mr. Speaker, that work which is already underway will be expedited."

So that he can better control and intimidate his many enemies. Real or imagined.

And while it's obvious why Stephen Harper wants to rush that fascist bill through Parliament. 

Before emotions subside, and more Canadians get a grip on themselves, and understand that the gunman who stormed the Parliament building, while Great Strong Leader cowered in a closet.

Was not part of some great terrorist conspiracy...

He was a deeply disturbed mentally ill crack and heroin addict, who believed that devils were after him, charged through the doors with only four or five bullets in his ancient rifle, and was clearly on a mission of self destruction. 

Which only makes it more obvious, as Michael Geist Points out, why we need to resist this so-called quick fix. 

This week’s terror events will leave many searching for answers and seeking assurances from political and security leaders that they will take steps to prevent it from happening again. There will be an obvious temptation to look to the law to “fix” the issue, and if the past is a guide, stronger anti-terror legislation and warnings that Canadians may need to surrender more of their privacy and civil liberties in the name of greater security will soon follow.

It won't be easy. Harper has fear and emotion on his side. And he's milking them for all they are worth. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson attended a ceremony to pay respect to slain soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and mark the return of two ceremonial guards to the National War Memorial Friday afternoon.

But if the opposition doesn't speak up now, they could find themselves having to try to counter his propaganda in the middle of an early election campaign. Which needless to say might be fatal.

So we can't take any chances.

We've heard his fascist message before...

We've rejected it before, and hopefully most Canadians will reject it now. 

You know the other day Lawrence Martin predicted that Harper's stand on war and terrorism could win him the next election.

But I think he's wrong. I think most Canadians will eventually realize Harper's cheap game. 

Realize that Nathan Cirillo's death should not be used to undermine the freedoms he was proud to defend...

And they will make it clear to Great Ugly Leader that he cannot scare most of us in this country. Or seek to exploit a tragedy for crass political purposes.

And will work harder than ever to defeat that fascist pig.

Before he drags us all into his piggy darkness...

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e.a.f. said...

this suggested legislation is not at all unexpected. Of course harper and his herd will try to push through what every "laws" they can. Then there will be a challenge and they will be tossed out as unconstitutional. We don't even know yet if the shooter was a "terrorists" or whatever. But already harper and his herd have the leg. ready. They were simply waiting for an opportunity. They now have it. they have their election/erection issue. Bye, bye Canadian democratic rights, hello harper land.

What harper and his herd forget, you can pass all the laws you want, but if there isn't anyone to "enforce" them, it doesn't matter. Its like this, the shooter went from the statue to parliament and there was no one to stop him. Hello, was this budget cuts?

Anonymous said...

I think a brass plaque should be placed on the door of the 'Stephen J. Harper Memorial Closet', describing the Prime Minister's brave hiding during the shooting of October 22, 2014. The closet should also be included in the tours of the Parliament buildings so that all Canadians can learn of the personal heroism of this Prime Minister.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....while this is a scary time because emotion can trump reason, and fear can turn a crowd into a mob. I'm hoping that Canadians will get a grip on themselves sooner rather than later. Reason will prevail as it eventually did after the 911 tragedy, and just like the draconian laws passed back then they will be rolled back and calibrated if not by the Harperites at least by the courts. The problem is that Canadians will have to wake up soon, because Great Leader is looking for an early election...

Simon said...

hi anon....yes it is a special moment isn't it? I think we should erect a statue of Lord Harp in that cubbyhole, and include statues of five or six Cons who guarded their leader with home made spears. It would be the ultimate shrine to the Con regime. Never more savage, never more absurd...

David said...

What "fascist song"? My browser says "Blocked Plug in"

Marmalade said...

I confess "I am ignorant" when it comes to understanding politics!
Yesterday, I started to read Donald Gutstein's book "Harperism", and now I'm beginning to understand why the Action Plan for the economy is so vital to Mr. Harper's plan for with Economic Freedom and out with Democracy! Amazing and I haven't finished reading Chapter I .

Does Friedrich Hayek and/or Milton Friedman ring a bell? how about the Mont Pelerin Society?

Canadians need to start doing their "homework" NOW! After what has taken place within the past week, it may already be too late if an election is called in 2014!

Anonymous said...

He moves around in a cocoon of security that is getting thicker and thicker. I have always known he was a coward.

Anonymous said...

Simon - You might've seen this already but Russell Brand's analysis of Stephen Harper's speech post gunman attack is excellent. If everyone watching the news and listening to the messaging coming from this gov't had this level of scrutiny, we'd be in a much better place democratically today. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Russell Brand on The Ottawa Killings: Who Wins?
16m video - extremely funny
270,000+ views


e.a.f. said...

it was very funny, there was great warrior leader hiding in a closet, while taking this country into war after war. He expects others to do the fighting, out in front,. Not him, fire a gun and he is in the closet hiding. If he had been a true hero he would have gone out to see. Its not like he isn't expendable. He considered all those people in the Armed Forces expendable so why wouldn't he be expendable? Its like the young teacher in the State of Washington, on Friday, upon hearing gun shots in the school, ran towards them and disarmed a teenager with a gun, who had just shot 4 people. That's guts. The Sargent At Arms, he has guts. Heard shots and went out. The people who saw the young solider fall, they ran towards the shots. Our warrior P.M., not so much. He's in the closet and not the usual one.

Abel said...

It's interesting how soldiers as "targets of radicalized Mooselimbs" (in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and then 2 days later in Ottawa) appeared in consecutive mass media stories, what with Comrade Harpo's wanting to ramp up Canadian troops' participation in Middle Eastern ventures. Do you think the military is fooled by Harpo's current stunts? Probably not, eh?

David said...

This bears repeating:


Doug •
The conservative PM has been taking some of the most strident and one sided geopolitical and economic stands in Canadian history.

On the actions of Russia.

On the actions of Israel.


On climate change and forcing tar sands oil down the throats of the world.

On social justice issues.

All while acting in the most undemocratic fashion ever seen here...and somehow this isn't going to have an effect?

This is exactly what Harper has been waiting and hoping for, his chance to enact "war" measures acts to fully assume power in Canada. What we've seen before is going to be nothing compared to what's coming now.