Thursday, October 09, 2014

Will Stephen Harper Win the War in Iraq and Canada?

Golly. If you depended exclusively upon some of the poobahs in our useless MSM to know what's happening, you might think that Stephen Harper was not only about to deal the ISIS crazies a crippling blow.

With six planes, and when they finally get there.

He's already dealt his chief political opponent a mortal blow, and is on his way to win the next election.

Because there's Chantale H├ębert, already declaring that Justin Trudeau is Harper's War's first casualty. 

By almost any standard, Justin Trudeau is the immediate political casualty of the war of words that attended the debate over Canada’s role in the international coalition against the Islamic State. It is not that Trudeau necessarily chose the wrong camp — the jury will be out on that for a while — but having picked a side in the most sensitive policy debate to have come his way since becoming leader, he then failed to distinguish himself in action.

Or the editorialists at the Globe and Mail lashing Trudeau with a wet noodle for his comment about Harper whipping out his CF-18 to show how big he is.

It’s hard to imagine what Mr. Trudeau was trying to prove when he said the government should provide humanitarian aid and non-combat support to the coalition taking on the Islamic State – “rather than whip out our CF-18s and show them how big they are.” Did he think his remark was funny? Hip? Accurate?

And suggesting he's not adult enough to be Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau’s opponents constantly try to brand him as unready for office, and the Liberal Leader keeps proving them wrong. Until lately, that is. Suddenly we’ve been hit with the temptation to say, Quiet, Justin. The adults are talking.

Or should that be not as old and out of it as Harper?

When in fact while Tom Mulcair did a better job of articulating the NDP's position on the war, Justin stands to lose nothing from failing to "distinguish himself in action."

Because for starters there's nothing distinguished about this little warlet. The debate was totally ridiculous. 

"Canada, we're not gonads. We won't take terrorism lying down," Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney declared in French, using a slang word for testicles (couillons) that roughly translates into "idiots."

"Simply put, it is to help defend this young boy's future in Canada; to help preserve his right to get an education in St. John's; to expect his younger sister, if he has one, to be treated equally in Canada; to defend his very way of life...," said Justice Minister Peter MacKay in response to a teen who asked NDP MP Ryan Cleary why Canada was going to Iraq.

As small as the war itself.

And Trudeau's comment about whipping out a CF-18 is the best description I've heard so far of the way Stephen Harper has been posturing as a Great Warrior Leader.

As this cover of the new Maclean's also makes clear...

Harper is just following meekly in the footsteps of the adults, his CF-18 is indeed a tiny one. No other leader has diminished Canada as much as he has or looked so ridiculous.

And only his Con clowns could mock Justin Trudeau's comment about the "root causes of terrorism."

"We must remind ourselves that the root cause of terrorism is the terrorist himself. He, and he alone, has chosen his path," said Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre.

Only to be panicked into chasing after the root causes of terrorism themselves. 

A day after committing six fighter jets and hundreds of personnel to the fight against the Islamic State, the federal Conservatives are commissioning five new studies into homegrown terrorism and terrorist financing.

And be exposed as hypocrites. Again.

Despite the government’s mockery of political opponents for searching for the “root causes” of terrorism or “engaging in sociology,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has committed around $5 million to similar research over the last three years.

Just like only the Harperite cult could use the war as an excuse or cover to ram through yet another flawed crime bill. 

A federal cyberbullying bill that includes controversial new surveillance powers – and immunity for telecommunications companies that voluntarily hand over private data to police – has taken another step toward becoming law, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that critics say is at odds with the bill.

Even though they know it will almost certainly be chopped to pieces by the Supreme Court like so many others...

And THAT is a Great Leader who will lead us to victory in Iraq, and lead his party to victory in the next election?

What happened to his CF-18? 

And what about his numbers or his power index?

Asked a series of independent questions for each party, 58.8 percent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, while 45.6 percent would consider the NDP, 40.6 percent would consider the Conservatives and 28.2 percent of Canadians would consider voting for the Green Party of Canada.

Uh oh, we need more BATTERIES !!!!!

Yup. My advice to the opposition parties is to ignore this little warlet as much as they possibly can.

Concentrate on all the other issues they can use to hurt to hurt the Cons.

Wait for the war fever to subside.

And let the war itself grind him down to size...

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Anonymous said...

Reference to Trudeau's Whip It Out comment.George Carlin had all that figured out years
.You needn't be a historian or a political scientist to see the Bigger Dick
Foreign Policy Theory at work. It goes like this: 'What? They have bigger
dicks? Bomb them!' And of course, the bombs, the rockets, and the bullets
are all shaped like penises. Phallic weapons. There's an unconscious need to
project the national penis into the affairs of others. It's called 'fucking
with people'
In the case of the Iraq,seems these people are in for an encore presentation.It all just boggles the mind of any sane thinking person.
As for Ms.Hebert's comment about Trudeau.Even she must know the first casualty of war is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Just across the border from that city which is under fire sits Turkey with one of the strongest militaries in the world. They are not fighting. Why is Harper sending my grandchildren and my friend's grandchildren to fight this battle half way across the world. AND why is he trying to make Canadians into frightened, cowardly rabbits with his false terrorism rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Remember Chantal Hebert predicting in the last federal election that the NDP would never do well in Quebec? She claimed that the NDP and the Liberals were on a teeter totter and that one would steal the votes from the other. Which in itself was not entirely wrong (at least it seemed to be the conventional thinking) except that she had predicted that the Cons would do really well in Quebec. The latter would have of course logically suggested that both the NDP and Liberals were doomed. Well, how did that go?

If Chantal could get it so wrong about the NDP capturing the large majority of seats in Quebec, and she is supposed to be an expert on Quebec, it reminded me of all those financial experts who had failed to see the financial/economic collapse in 2009. No, I am not surprised at what she just said about Justin when I put it into the previous perspective. Harper will wear this bad decision: even Leon Panetta, former CIA chief, had said that it would take 30 years to defeat ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Harper lied regarding, he was requested to play a bigger role in the war with ISIS. The US said, they did no such thing. What is Harper going to do, pound the rubble into pebbles? There is nothing left to bomb. Besides which, the bombing isn't doing the job. Now they are talking boots on the ground and we all know how, Harper treats our WW2 Veterans and our Veterans of to-day.

Harper was itching to bomb Syria. You know, the Syria where little children didn't wake up in the morning because, of poison gas? The fool Harper that called Russia and Putin evil Communists? And then, Harper sells Canada to Communist China? Are the Chinese evil Communists too then? Harper is stark raving mad.

Harper is a pariah and no-one wants him.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately there are people that do want him. we can only hope that the majority that don't, vote!

Lulymay said...

What I can't understand is why, if war is what Harpo has been pushing for and he considers it such a noble pursuit, why has he not already enlisted is eligible son to participate in such a 'noble' pursuit?
Methinks he feels that the 1% do not need their nobility.

e.a.f. said...

when people are busy discussing war, the dying, and the dead, they don't pay attention to the other issues. While harper is out banging his war jets, he is also trying to ram through changes to legislation which will enable the cons to steal what most feel is work product of media people. This man truly will not stop at anything. if they don't let him use their work product for free, he'll change the laws in this country.

war is simply a way for stevie to try to get a few more votes. most people know how it turned out last time.

If Turkey, with the second largest standing army in Europe, isn't move one tank, one inch, past their border into Syria to save the people in the city which is about to fall to ISIS, then why do we in Canada need to sacrifice our young women and men, not to mention a shit load of cash.

Things are very complicated in the middle east. Unfortunately harper and his herd don't appear to be able to do complicated. Ms. May, Mr. Mulcair, Mr. Trudeau, they know how to do complicated. .

Now its time to go check under the bed for that ISIS person. I've locked away the chain saw and hedge trimmer and my machete. Out here on the west coast you just can't be too careful. You know those trucks could drive across the ocean and then Canada and then the Salish Sea.

Simon said...

hi I said in my post I can't think of a better way to describe how Stephan Harper is behaving. And I can't understand why the darlings in the MSM are so outraged. After nine years of this filthy Con regime they should save all their outrage for them...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes it really is horrifying to see how the Turks are just looking on from their side of the border. I understand they don't want to help the Kurdish fighters who have fought them in the past. But if a massacre happens in Kobane, they will bear the responsibility for ever. And if the Turks did intervene they could help shatter ISIS in a matter of weeks...

Simon said...

hi know I have a soft spot for Chantal, we Quebecers must stick together. ;) But you're right she has been wrong a lot recently, and I thought that calling Trudeau the first casualty of this war was absolutely ridiculous. But then Ottawa is a small town, and the parliamentary media types move like a school of fish. They really need to stick their heads above the water and take in the bigger picture...

Simon said...

hi anon 1:29...yes harper is the pariah leader of a rogue nation. Even after so many years of writing about it, I still have trouble believing what he has done to this country. But the good news is, as Prince Philip himself once told me, the good thing about school is that it's like beating your head against a wall. It feels so good when it's over. And I will celebrate Harper's fall with the biggest party of my life. I've told friends to expect it to continue for three days. But I wouldn't be surprised if it goes on for a week... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon're absolutely right, it's one thing to rage against the Con regime, as I do all the time. But the important thing is to get out the progressive vote in the next election. I'm trying to organize my small neighbourhood, which since it's about 99 per cent progressive isn't that hard. ;)
But the key will be getting young voters to turn out, and that is my main objective...

Simon said...

hi lulymay....yes good point, why doesn't he sign up Ben AND Laureen. If he's too cowardly to go himself, it's the least he can do. But then it's always the same story, those who cheer the loudest for war are those that never go anywhere near it...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...yes that is the other danger. He will use this war to scare us into thinking we need him to protect us, and we need to give the police powers that they do not need to fight the threat of terrorism. When you can't checkout the Wifi at our airports without being tracked by the spooks at CSIS, you know we're heading in the wrong direction....

Anonymous said...

We don't need him to protect us. As a kid I remember hearing news broadcasts about Japanese subs being sighted off Stanley Park and U-boats near Halifax and blowing up our transport ships in the North Atlantic. . Hitler had a huge military better armed tan any others and planes that could fly across the Atlantic and bomb Ottawa if they chose. And we are supposed to be frightened by a few returning jihad fighters? How insulting to sensible and brave Canadians.

David said...

How many in the west know this?

ISIL opens 1st consulate in Turkish capital

For more articles, google: ISIL Consulate Ankara


Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO?