Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Climate Change Charade

With every day that passes, the devastating consequences of climate change become more obvious and more alarming.

The galloping horsemen or signs of the impending apocalypse. 

Flooding, famine, disease and war to name but a few.

Only to be joined by the latest one: the fish are swimming towards the poles.

A study has produced the strongest evidence yet that climate change is forcing hundreds of valuable fish species toward the poles. The paper, published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science on Friday, concludes that Canadian and Arctic waters may end up with more species and greater abundance. But fisheries in the tropics, where people depend more heavily on seafood, may become hollowed out.

Which since it means the mass extinction of marine life in the tropical oceans in only about 35 years is an absolute disaster.

But will no doubt make Stephen Harper feel better about his criminal failure to do ANYTHING to fight climate change...

Because he will deny reality, he will lie and distort the truth, he is a ghastly oil pimp.

And with every passing day, as Jeffrey Simpson points out, his actions look more irresponsible and more of a charade. 

Those who care about reducing carbon emissions have stated the truth repeatedly: Canada will not meet the reduction target so often proclaimed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. Against all evidence, including its own numbers, Ottawa has insisted that the country remains on track to reduce emissions by 17 per cent from 2005 to 2020.

As the recent report by Julia Gelfand, the Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development makes only too clear.

Ms. Gelfand has just released an annual report so devastating that one wonders if any minister, let alone the Prime Minister, would have the gall to keep on repeating what can accurately be called a lie.

A report that will no doubt be ignored like all the others, because as the Commissioner  herself also makes clear, the Con regime isn't a Canadian government any longer.

 It's a sinister out of control petro state conspiracy...

Her description of confusion and failure inside the Environment and Natural Resources departments ranges between farce and tragedy. In fairness to those departments, since the Prime Minister’s Office directs the government, the blame should properly lie there. Mr. Harper’s environment ministers have been embarrassingly inept, but they have been expected to do little on the environmental file except repeat things that are not true.

And their depraved leader will lie, and lie, and lie even as the planet burns.

In the name of the prosperity of the Greater Alberta.

Even as his oily obsession leads us to economic disaster. 

Canadian policy-makers are trying to gauge the wide-ranging effect of plunging oil prices —whose impact on the national economy could be felt everywhere from the loonie, to imports and exports, government revenues and consumer spending.

And stands to hurt his precious Alberta the most.

A BMO bank analysis Friday concluded the trend could be particularly painful for oil-producing provinces, with Alberta seeing a three per cent dent in its provincial government revenue projections. The report titled, "Life With $85 Oil," concluded that the positives of cheap oil would be clearly outweighed by the negatives in the oil-producing provinces.

Because he is an oil pimp, he didn't prepare us for a greener future, and he doesn't know what he's doing.

But of course the good news is that because we also know that he won't change his ways, it only makes our choice even clearer and more obvious.

We will use all of the above against him in the next election.

We will apologize to the planet for inflicting this freakish leader upon it...

We will tell our precious little blue ball floating in the darkness of space, we have seen the monster. 

And in the name of the future, and human survival.

We're planning to get rid of him...

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David said...

re: CTV Question Period

David said...

Slide time bar to 34:12 for interview with Julia Gelfand.

She was also interviewed on The West Block (Global):

lagatta à montréal said...

Tony Abbott once again vying with Stevie for the planet-killer championship!

Well, they just need a Northern and a Southern division, I guess...

e.a.f. said...

This country voted for harper not once, but several times. now the chickens have come home to roost, as they would say. If people are concerned about climate change then they need to change the government of Canada. To date they haven't shown any inclination to do so, so they will have to live with it and some will die because of it.