Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Umbrella Revolution and the Hypocrisy of the Harper Cons

It's an amazing sight, thousands of young pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, defying the old guard in Beijing. 

Daring to lecture them on the limits of power, in their own backyard.

In the shadow of Tiananmen.

The young members of the Umbrella Revolution, lighting up the darkness with their cell phones...

And needless to say, sights like that one have sent my spirits soaring. Because I believe that only movements can change this world. 

And that even when they fail, every one brings us closer to the day we will rise TOGETHER.

And also because I support any uprising by young people, whose future is being destroyed and who have every right to demand a better world.

And they are very young and so is this amazing leader.

But sadly my enthusiasm for democracy and freedom doesn't seem to be shared by Stephen Harper and his grotesque Con regime. Surprise, surprise.

Because although they are always blabbing about democracy, in places like Ukraine, while strangling it at home. They haven't said word about what's happening in Hong Kong.

Nothing from Stephen Harper, not a word.

Nothing from Jason Kenney, even though he hates the godless regime in Beijing with all the passion of a religious fanatic.

And from John Baird, the Con Foreign Minister, only this solitary tweet...

Which makes you wonder whose side he's on eh? The kids or the communists.

But then of course Harper wants to visit China in November in one last massive photo-op aimed at capturing the Chinese-Canadian vote, before the next election.

He knows if he opens his mouth the Beijing regime will disinvite him. And since he signed the sellout FIPA deal just to make sure he was invited.

He's not about to blow it now...

Or stop acting like a stooge. 

And his shameful hypocrisy, like his moral depravity, knows no bounds.

Oh well, I hope Stephen Harper finds out some day what it's like to face a movement determined to defeat him.

And in the meantime, I thought I'd make a little video to pay tribute to the young freedom fighters in Hong Kong.

I heard that along with their umbrellas and their cellphone candles their favourite song is Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Miserables.

So I took the song from the 2012 movie, some amazing video shot by a drone, and some pictures of some of my newest heroes.

And this is my salute to the Umbrella Revolution...

Shine on Hong Kong. Know that millions are with you.

One day we will defeat our own tyrant.

One day we will rise together.

And change the world forever...

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Anonymous said...

Simon, this is a great post. I loved your video. Thank you. It gave me shivers and filled my heart with love for all those extraordinary brave freedom fighters. May victory be theirs!

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks a lot. I enjoyed making the video and with that kind of material it wasn't too hard. Although I'm annoyed that I botched the ending by not bringing down the sound. That's what happens when you're tired AND lazy. ;)
But yeah, I hope it reflects my admiration for those gentle revolutionaries. We need more uprisings like that one if we're going to make the world a freer and better place...

jrkrideau said...

I second Anonymous: An outstanding video